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Sep 14 2017

Yet Another Person of Color Anonymously Threatens Persons of Color

When someone makes threats against sacred Persons of Color, the police can narrow down their list of suspects straight off by assuming that the culprit is himself a PoC:

The online posts — the death threats, the racial slurs — weren’t a hate crime.

They were hateful, yes, and ugly, but West Goshen Township [Pennsylvania] police said the posts — one of which mentioned three black students and said, “If you guys come to school tomorrow, you will die” — were not motivated by racial prejudice.

A 14-year-old fellow West Chester East student was charged Tuesday with harassment, cyber bullying, and terroristic threats, but not with a hate crime. The boy who made the posts is black.

Anyone who finds this even remotely surprising is directed to the Hate Hoax List.

The posts referred to blacks with the forbidden N-word and Puerto Ricans as “dirty Mexicans.” But the author’s name cannot be displayed on the List because authorities are shielding his identity. No matter; he will have plenty of opportunities in the future.

Just because the hoaxer has been revealed as a person of politically preferred pigmentation doesn’t mean others can’t seize on the incident as evidence of racist oppression.

[S]everal parents said they were concerned by the school’s response. Some said they wished they had been notified in the morning with phone calls giving parents the option to keep children home. Others said students’ concerns were “brushed off” and “dismissed” by the administration.

“Because they are minority students, the school district does not want to say, ‘We have a problem,’” Dayna Spence said, echoing the sentiments of several other parents who said they believe school officials do not value the concerns of minority students.

No matter what happens, whites are malevolent racists, nonwhites are the victims.

In the West Chester Area School District, the student population is about 79 percent Caucasian, 8 percent Asian, 7 percent Hispanic, 5 percent African American, and 1 percent multiracial, according to its website.

But in terms of noise generated, the racial percentages are no doubt very different.


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