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Sep 24 2017

NFL Takes Its Hate America Show Abroad

NFL boycott

Already the NFL has been taking a beating regarding attendance for allowing Black Lives Matter moonbats to turn it into a soapbox from which to denounce America. Now these overpaid, ultraprivileged goons have taken their despicable act international:

[P]layers from both Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens dropped to their knees as the national anthem was played prior to the match in London.

No players were kneeling during the playing of ‘God Save The Queen’, which followed the Star Spangled Banner.

Back at home, the Colin Kaepernick antics are spreading. An ever-increasing percentage of players kneel theatrically or skulk in the locker room while the national anthem is played, rather than pay respects to the country that made it possible for cognitively subnormal Neanderthals to make vast fortunes playing a game for a few months of the year while pretending to be oppressed. The NFL puts up with it and even encourages it, as do owners. The fans don’t like it, but fans are taken for granted.

The news media predictably sides with those who make a pageant of disrespecting the U.S.A. Since the Kaepernick types have no legitimate argument, one has been invented for them. We are told this is a freedom of speech issue. Their flamboyant display of hatred for America is an exercise of the constitutional rights that make America great. This is a steaming load of crap.

True, it is a reflection of American greatness that these cretinous ingrates are not dragged away and shot by the government. But it is a symptom of America’s current sickness that the league and the owners do not insist that the players show some respect in order to draw their extravagant pay.

Both are counting on fans to swallow the sh** sandwich, just like we always do when we have something politically correct rammed down our throats. They are counting on fans to forget the Star-Spangled Banner was ever played before football games, after it stops being played in the near future.

It would be nice to think the fans will surprise them.

Some people have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon than watch spoilt moonbats spit on their country. These people, for example:

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