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Oct 10 2017

British Census May Stop Distinguishing Men From Women, Which Is Allegedly Transphobic

The progressive War on Reality is accomplishing a key objective by making it more difficult to collect factual information. From Britain:

The “sex” question in the next census could be made voluntary after claims it discriminates against transgender people.

The “tentative” recommendation has been made in an Office for National Statistics (ONS) report on gender identity. …

The proposed change for the 2021 census could leave Britain without an accurate figure for the number of men and women living in the country.

Research carried out by the ONS found the “sex” question included on the 2011 census, which requires respondents to choose whether they are male or female, “was considered to be irrelevant, unacceptable and intrusive, particularly to trans participants, due to asking about sex rather than gender”.

No one needs to know how many men and women live in Britain, because according to moonbat dogma, gender is a fluid yet arbitrary concept, so men and women do not really exist.

Soon other data will vanish for reasons of political correctness, e.g., the percentage of violent crimes committed by persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

We are all androgynes, according to leftist ideology.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Science deniers!!!

  • ed_in_tx

    Indeed they are. There seems to be an issue of chromosomes, or something.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    The sad part is that these moonbats, when you get down to it, separate sex and gender and will usually admit there are two sexes while gender is a spectrum. Therefore, they should not be opposed to a question called “sex” only having two choices but, scorpions being scorpions, they’ll do what they do, won’t they?

  • Watchman59

    Haven’t said it in a couple weeks, but Western Civilization is dead. The corpse just won’t admit it.

  • Saxon Warrior

    How about two choices to select from:

    XX or XY?
    There can be no dispute then.

  • MAS

    Well you KNOW, that’s gonna be a racist thing to say.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Yes only White people are science-deniers!

  • RKae

    They invented this sh!t five minutes ago, and suddenly it’s on every government form.

    Think about how fast the left moves on this stuff: stuff they didn’t even know that they wanted a year ago. It’s as new to them as it is to you, and they’ve managed to shoehorn it in EVERYWHERE.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Good point. They were born yesterday and they think that everybody else was born yesterday, and that nothing existed before that (except for bigotry barbarism and a perpetual dark age).
    They’ll invent some lie tomorrow, demand that everybody believe it…. and then try to normalize it as if it’s always been that way.
    They are evil, stupid, and intolerant.
    They are also stupid. Oh, did I tell you that they are also stupid?

  • Pi Under Grad

    Discrimination against those with Klinefelter syndrome and Jacobs syndrome!

    /sarcasm off

  • randian

    This serves to hide stats on the UK’s Muslim population. It’s grossly male-skewed in terms of incoming invaders, and they practice polygamy.


    Iz fluid gender. Iz phuck white people, blak peoplz and brown peoplz. Dont touch no muzslims.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    No dispute, but I suspect a large number of people will have no idea what the question is asking.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    “Soon other data will vanish for reasons of political correctness, e.g.,
    the percentage of violent crimes committed by persons of politically
    preferred pigmentation.”

    According to many, that’s happening already.

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