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Oct 22 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Admits He’s “One of the Biggest Phonies in the World”

Even moonbat demagogue Jimmy Kimmel, CNN’s conception of America’s moral conscience, has his redeeming qualities. For example, he has enough self-awareness and sporadic honesty to admit that he is one of the biggest phonies in the world and lies for a living:

  • Watchman59

    That’s news?
    Reminds me of a Daffy Duck cartoon. A Nazi spy pigeon caught him, and when he swallows his message she uses a fluoroscope to show what it says to Hitler using something like television. The message reads, “Hitler is a stinker!” Hitler sputters, “That’s no secret!” To which two of his lackeys say, “Ja, everybody knows that!” Hitler spins to glare at them as they clap their hands over their mouths, then draw guns and shoot themselves in the head.
    Daffy ends the cartoon by saying, “They lose more Nazis that way!”

  • MarkInKansas

    He sure can act though. His crying routine is worthy of an Academy award.

  • MAS

    “Comedy routines “, really!? Dude you ain’t funny you’re just another leftist hack…

  • Remote Chance

    Remember chicks on trampolines from The Man Show?

  • 127guy

    Second biggest. Al “Bucket of Prunes” Franken is the pole sitter these days.

  • Anonymous

    Worse half of The Man Show– Adam Corolla had all the talent.

  • FromNJ

    Jon “Daily Show” Stewart used to do this when his punditry got him too much attention and criticism…
    “Hey, I’m just a comedian!”

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