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Oct 26 2017

Fair Wage Pizzeria Quickly Goes Belly Up

Again we see that moonbattery and economics do not mix:

Two years ago, a popular pizza shop in Boston opened its doors promising fair wages to its employees. On Wednesday, Dudley Dough announced it will close at the end of the year, the Boston Globe reported. …

The restaurant pitched itself as “pizza with a purpose,” according to the Globe, the restaurant offered above-average pay as well as culinary and leadership training.

No wonder moonbats hate capitalism — and math.

Moonbatty nonsense doesn’t work on a coercive national scale either, as we have learned most recently in Venezuela.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Eddie_Valiant
  • Torcer

    Socialism Success Story: Venezuela May Be In Default In 48 Hours… #SOSVzla #SocialismSucks #NoMasDictadura

  • Mark Henderson

    If they only had the state behind them enforcing the people to guy their pizza’s then they would not have to close their doors.

  • BiffWellington

    who could have guessed that people won’t pay $35 for a pizza?

  • Take The Red Pill

    ESPECIALLY those who are willfully stupid, no matter what…

  • Take The Red Pill

    Or the state buying the pizzas that they couldn’t sell (which the state would then immediately throw away).

  • geeknerd

    I just saw Prager University’s video on the restaurant industry. These moron’s learned its lessons the hard way.

  • 127guy

    Most of them probably didn’t want to pay anything.

  • littlefish

    don’t go to Seattle cause that’s what a Domino’s cost ya

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