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Nov 02 2017

Knee-Taking Baseball Player Bruce Maxwell Was Abusive Toward Cops

Not only does the execrable Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland A’s refuse to stand for the national anthem, not only is he an egregious hate hoaxer, not only was he arrested last weekend for sticking a gun in the face of a delivery girl, this is the respect he shows officers of the law:

When cops confronted Maxwell, he reeked of booze, cussed like crazy and couldn’t keep his story straight. …

As the investigation continued, cops say Maxwell “began making anti-police statements and utilized excessive profanity.” When cops decided to arrest him, he initially refused to comply. …

Maxwell was transported to a nearby jail, where he continued to cuss out police officers…

What a charming guy. A real role model for youth.

Seriously, Maxwell must have some amazing stats to justify keeping such a conspicuous lowlife on the team.

Or maybe not. Last year he batted .237, with three homeruns and 22 RBIs.

That’s lousy. The A’s need to do the right thing by cutting him loose. It won’t even cost them anything, since Maxwell is not performing anyway.

MLB has standards to uphold. So far Maxwell is the only knee-taker. His contract should be canceled for that alone.

Congratulations to the world champion Houston Astros, who won the World Series last night.


    Come on now, he is oppressed. The lowest paid player on a MLB Team is only making $400,000+ to play a child’s game, be ferried on team planes and housed in luxury hotels. It is a terrible price to bear.

    He, just like his NFL counterparts are very oppressed. If they were in a more just society, they would be just like everyone else – groveling for toilet paper.

  • MAS

    A total ass to the LEOs and yet still alive and not beaten into a coma. So much for that systemic police brutality against the negro…

  • Mr. Freemarket

    What??? No tasers?

  • Hungjumper

    Kapernick of the the Major Leagues?

  • FromNJ

    Nobody likes a bad drunk, son..

  • itsatax

    Cops have to deal with people like this on a daily basis.

  • itsatax

    Baseball has beanballs and hockey has bare knuckle fighting. I think those two things are keeping the disrespect in check. Plus hockey has a generally more respectful players to begin with and all the international guys in baseball must think domestic blacks are insane for bitching about living in America.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Of course the internationals think that way. Think about it – play baseball in the Dominican Republic for $10 a day or $5 million a year in the USA.

    I know it’s a tough decision but I’m sure most make the decision at just under light speed.

  • bobdog19006

    Kinda makes one wonder what makes this clown worth $1 million a year.

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  • master of sinanju

    He is a knee grow, in other words, a sacred cow. Hand slap back on the team.

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