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Nov 02 2017

Former WNBA Player Camille LeNoir Denied Coaching Job for Having Christian Views on Homosexuality

According to liberal ideology, homosexuals deserve special privileges and elevated legal status because they are discriminated against for making a pageant of their perverse inclinations. Actually, the opposite is true — at least in women’s basketball:

[W]hen New Mexico State University’s head coach saw a video in which Camille LeNoir said she was no longer gay, he rescinded the offer for LeNoir to become an assistant coach at the school. …

LeNoir was a former player at the University of Southern California and with the Washington Mystics in the WNBA.

NMSU’s coach at the time was Mark Trakh, who admitted that the views expressed in the video were the reason LeNoir could not have the job. Turning away from homosexuality would supposedly make her unable to recruit players. According to LeNoir, he even said, “Take down the video or you’ll never be able to work in this industry.”

Trakh is probably right on that last point. In the video, LeNoir commits a major thought crime by refuting the liberal dogma that people are “born gay” and therefore have no choice but to indulge in depraved sex acts. Worse still, she embraces Christianity.

If LeNoir is driven out of basketball for rejecting homosexuality, she won’t be the first. Candice Wiggins comes to mind.

On a tip from Steve A.

  • KHarn

    Had a reasonable comment; too pissed to post it.

  • obozo1

    Praise God for the conviction of the Holy Spirit! He loves all of us and wants us to know Him.

  • MAS

    Went straight and bows to Christ not the state? Oh yeah public enemy number one…

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  • Mr. Freemarket

    “….admitted that the views expressed in the video were the reason LeNoir could not have the job.”

    Humm…..this sounds like a sexual discrimination suit just waiting to happen.

  • 127guy

    Who in the WNBA isn’t lesbian?

  • ICEvictim
  • The male coaches. And maybe that guy selling popcorn.

  • Yup. That’s why He created One Church for all of humanity.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so they want lesbian coaches who’ll think of their players THAT way? (Oh, wait, Harvey Weinstein was okay until his sleaziness went public… )

  • Nope. The popcorn guy was in the coach’s office during halftime.

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