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Nov 08 2017

USA Today Teaches Us to Fear the Chainsaw Bayonet

An AR-15 was used by a maniac for the horrific killing in Sutherland Springs; another one was used by a private citizen to stop the killing. Don’t expect the second part of that story to receive emphasis from the “mainstream” media, which has been on a jihad to ban America’s Rifle for years. In the video below, USA Today shows just how terrifying an AR-15 can be if you add various attachments — including a chainsaw bayonet. This appears to be completely on the level:

There really is such a thing as a chainsaw bayonet. Like the liberal media establishment, it is a joke:

See MRC for more, including information on how you can add a chainsaw to turn a standard bicycle into an assault cycle.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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