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Nov 12 2017

How Critical Theory Ruined a Generation

Bill Whittle provides a concise history lesson on cultural Marxism (which is now passed off as “liberalism”). Critical theory is the sword; political correctness is the shield:

The ideology of moonbats isn’t just wrong; it is malevolent. It is a tactic designed to destroy America and replace it with a morally depraved oligarchical collectivist dystopia.

  • dds100

    Bill has a point, but he has still not come out and admitted to himself and others that: ‘Its okay be White’

    Until then Bill is still asleep and a little cucked.

  • Frank

    Excellent explanation!

  • MAS

    So because Bill didn’t jump on your whites only band wagon he’s a cuck? Race really wasn’t the point of his lecture and Bill has the ability to think in more than a one dimensional manner…

  • Wilberforce

    There’s no such thing as ‘race’.

    Only varieties of people, humans.

  • Steve2

    Marxism isn’t about bringing “paradise”, it’s a jewish plan to destroy the hated gentile. Start looking up members of the Frankfurt school, you’ll be amazed at how many were jews.

  • MAS

    Those rascally Jews at it again?

    Moench’s rules for the conspiracy theorist to keep more sane;
    1-Your enemy isn’t as organized as you think he is.
    2-You are not as important as you think you are.

  • ICEvictim

    Jeepers!! and here I thought it was those darn Amish! Well, what do I know?

  • Trebuchet

    Get lost, you leftist troll.

  • Steve2

    I’m far from a leftist, care to refute my claim?

  • Anonymous

    More from Bill Whittle on Frankfurt School and political correctness:

  • Trebuchet

    Then you’re an anti-semitic supposed conservative, and still a troll. No better, IMO.

    Either way, I’m Blocking you. I don’t have time for hateful @$$holes.

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