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Nov 13 2017

Syrian Rapes Pony at Berlin Children’s Zoo

The massive influx of refugees has broadened the horizons of German experience:

A young man allegedly sexually assaulted a pony of the “Children’s Farm” in Görlitzer Park. An employee of the institution confirms this to Berliner Morgenpost. The incident occurred on [November 3] around 3 PM. Amanda F. (name changed by our editorial staff) described the incident to Berliner Morgenpost. “My babysitter took a walk with our son through Görlitzer Park. They had to witness the man sexually assaulting the pony.”

The Syrian perpetrator must have reasoned that there could be no better place to engage in zoophilia than a zoo. This particular children’s zoo is located in a park infamous for being overrun by drug dealers largely imported from Africa.

Innocence will not survive Germany’s colonization by the Third World.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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