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Nov 18 2017

Will Joe Biden Be Next?

With all this blood in the water regarding allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior, it is surprising that Joe Biden has a big lead against Trump in a 2020 battle of the geriatrics, given his roving hands and habit of swimming nude in front of female secret service agents.

The “mainstream” media would like to pass off Biden’s creepy behavior as “a new alt-right fake news meme”:

Since Nicole Perlroth is a reporter for the New York Times, she could probably use a clue. Here you go, Nicole:

More clues:

Biden has tried to inoculate himself by appearing in a video with moral paragon Lady Gaga denouncing sexual assault and another done in the unwatchably annoying style of virtue signaling B.S. videos out of Hollyweird. But then, Senator Stuart Smalley made numerous pious proclamations regarding sexual assault not long before his downfall.

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