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Nov 22 2017

The Nation Hates Thanksgiving More Than Ever This Year

The NFL has driven a large percentage of its fans away by encouraging the showy anti-American antics of players motivated by far-left Black Lives Matter ideology. You might think Roger Goodell & Co. would at least get a pat on the head from radical leftism’s flagship publication. But no. The Nation is enraged because the Redskins are playing on Thanksgiving:

That means as we finish our food, slip into sweatpants, and to gather around the television to watch NFL football, a tradition only slightly less ubiquitous than pumpkin pie, the R*dskins slur— a name that exists only because of genocide and displacement—will have center stage.

They spell it “R*dskins” because according to the Thought Police, the term is an obscenity now that it has joined “squaw” and “Chinaman” on the growing list of innocuous words they forbid us to utter.

Refer to George Orwell’s 1984 for details on how totalitarians control thought by limiting vocabulary. The main objective here is simply to demonstrate their dominance. Forbidding the word “Redskins” is like the power rituals that take place in prison. Later they might declare that all words beginning with the letter “R” are racist — just to demonstrate that they could make us stop using them.

The idea that naming a team after Indians insults them is preposterous. It is an honor. You don’t name a sports team after something you despise. Imagine a team named the Washington Moonbats.

The Redskins playing on Thanksgiving is particularly galling to progressives because the holiday not only celebrates America, which they hate, and God, whom they hate, but also references friendly relations between settlers and Indians. True, the Stone Age savages who inhabited the Western Hemisphere before civilization arrived often inflicted horrific, pointless violence on settlers — raping, mutilating, murdering, and enslaving the innocent, looting and burning down settlements — but according to tradition, on the original Thanksgiving there was no savagery but only thanks and brotherhood.

This conflicts with the liberal narrative, according to which the pilgrims were evil, destroying Eden by poisoning the noble savages with Christianity, property rights, manufacturing, medicine, representative democracy, advanced agriculture, horse-riding, and so forth. Thus was America born in sin.

While we are giving thanks this Thanksgiving season, let’s remember the patriotic Navajo code talkers who helped us win WWII. Unsurprisingly, it looks like some of them are Redskins fans:

Click to pause.

On a tip from Varla.

  • MAS

    Well I’ll pass on the football and settle for an epic nap anyway. The NFL is dead to me…

  • JanderJ

    Literally laughed out loud at “Washington Moonbats”. Someone needs to do a mock-up of a fitting logo!

  • FromNJ

    Every year I look forward to the parade of leftist websites posting their annual “Why Thanksgiving Sucks” articles in the days leading up to the holiday.
    It’s so predictable now.

  • Bostonirisher

    What baffles me is that the term “redskin” probably refers to the warpaint that the early Indians put on their faces, not the color of their skin.

  • Tchhht!!!

    Would it be racist for the Redskins to change their logo to depict a Spanish peanut?

  • CRC60

    Note even WaPo found 9 out of 10 American Indians don’t consider the name a problem.

    Of course the WaPo writer cannot understand why American Indians don’t think the way white liberals want them to think.

  • Nick Testa

    These fools don’t care about any of this, they just like telling people what to do.

    Progressives are textbook authoritarian narcissists.

    As a libertarian I don’t understand why people get pleasure telling others what to do – not only that but oppressing those that tell them to fuck off.

    Cant these idiots just do what any normal person would do and not frequent places or ideas they don’t agree with?…. I hate progressives, hence I don’t go looking for them or go to places I know they will be – but these fuckers go out of their way to find things and places they disagree with… WTF…

    If they don’t like the Redskins then don’t watch football or don’t watch the Redskins….

    But like I said, that’s not what this is about – this is about control – they believe the world should revolve around them, they believe the world should cater to them, that if they don’t like something it’s not up to them to ignore it but it’s up to others to change….. That type of attitude is a mental disorder known as narcissism.

  • Nick Testa

    They’re miserable narcissists that enjoy shitting in others cereal..

  • JackisBack

    So does the black nation, the hispanic nation, the asian nation. Wasn’t it Chris Rock that said Thanksgiving is a White devil holiday or was that Rev Al?.

  • Nick Testa

    Look at the top of the page, the site logo would be perfect – I could imagine that on a football helmet. lol

  • apeiron

    Gratitude is a threshold requirement for joy…ingrates never know joy. They are to be pitied…and shunned.


    “The Nation Hates Thanksgiving More Than Ever This Year”
    –I’m really, really, really looking forward to their CHRISTMAS HATE this year !!!!!

  • JanderJ
  • Raise you hand if you’re having racist, white, mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving!

  • Nick Testa

    LOL, excellent!!

    You should actually save that and send it around because it’s fitting.

    Good job tho, what did you use? cs6?

  • Take The Red Pill

    A good long walk in the crisp autumn air is always nice after a Thanksgiving meal — follow it up with reading a good book (instead of watching the idiot box).

  • Eddie_Valiant
  • Eddie_Valiant
  • Eddie_Valiant

    No pity from me…just ignored.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    You’ve perfectly described the mental illness called liberalism.

  • No, it would be racist if I said they were white on the inside!

  • Nice work! Finally a team Dems in D.C. can rally behind.

  • Here we go

    Using them to build a wall on my plate.

  • Here we go

    Must make them really mad a number of high schools on reservations also have named their football teams the Redskins and are financially supported by the Washington Redskins.

  • Make it good ‘n high. Use the gravy to build a moat!

  • ChrisLongski

    “That means as we finish our food, slip into sweatpants, and to gather around the television to watch NFL football…”. No NFL football this T’Giving or in the future, The Nation !

    I watched some holiday-themed movies and saw some old TV-shows with holiday themes. Worked just fine for me…

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