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Dec 04 2017

Whites Explicitly Excluded From Evergreen State Opinion Column

The college/mental institution Evergreen State, best known for its Day of Absence during which whites are banished from the campus, further advances racial harmony with a section in its student newspaper that explicitly excludes Caucasians:

The anonymous column, known as “POC Talk,” debuted in the bi-weekly Cooper Point Journal last year and returned this fall to the newspaper’s pages following racial unrest that erupted at the public university this past spring.

The point is not merely to exclude whites, but to taunt and berate them, as the editors make clear:

“Dear White people, please take a step back, this isn’t brown-people-answer-white-people’s-questions-hour, we’re asking specifically for submissions from POC,” the section’s editors added in their September intro. “As being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all I await your emails about the Irish, how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility) and how we need to view people through a color-blind lens (just lol). You will 100% not get a response!!!”

To provide balance, the Cooper Point Journal will also feature a section devoted to giving a pro-white point of view. Ha ha, just kidding of course. Whites are not “oppressed,” and therefore are not allowed to have their own interests or point of view.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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