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Dec 07 2017

German Socialist Calls for Government-Subsidized Feminist Porn on TV

Under leftism, that which is not banned is coercively subsidized. Leftists sure aren’t going to ban pornography, consequently:

[Heike] Hoffmann [deputy head of state for the Young Socialists of the German Social Democratic Party] suggested that the government should pay for pornography on the grounds that it is not endorsing the actions, but presenting educational information to the people.

Taxpayer financing would apply to porn both on DVD and on television — but only feminist porn.

Feminist porn can include bondage, sadism, male homosexuality, and various other forms of depravity. Hoffman distinguishes it from “sexist” porn, which she says “depicts unrealistic lust.” Emphasis is placed on consent and communication. She says that watching more feminist porn will help us “avoid sexism.”

Maybe that is the antidote for the porn epidemic that is rotting away people’s morals, self-respect, and ability to develop healthy relationships with the opposite sex: put moonbats and bureaucrats in charge, so they can take the fun out of it.

On a tip from J.

  • TheChaoticStorm

    So let me get this straight…

    The government paying for porn is not endorsing it. However, heaven forbid a government put up the 10 commandments because they are clearly endorsing Christianity.

    Porn is all about “unrealistic lust” – that’s why it destroys so many relationships. It doesn’t matter what flavor you subscribe to, it’s unrealistic.

    Our world is upside down.

  • Franklyfrank

    The stupidity of this aside, anyone else have a problem with the term: “Democratic Socialist”?
    True, the Dems in this country are big fans of Socialism, BUT Democracy as defined,itself isn’t even close to Socialism.
    I guess this is the term that the Left will use to entice the young & stupid to get on board.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Commies have used this ploy for decades. Notice that North Korea is officially termed the ‘Democratic Republic of Korea’.

  • Saxon Warrior

    But according to moonbats; sado-masichism, female dominance and homosexuality are not unrealistic. Only traditional patriarchal porn is.

    You are correct. Our world is upside down.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    The leaders of communist countries are regularly re-elected. As memory serves, there is a better than 95% turnout for those elections, too. Of course, if you vote for someone other than “Dear Leader” you may have a substantially shortened lifetime, but you can vote for whomever you wish.

    That being said, democracies favor socialism. There are always more poor people than rich people, and poor people generally favor taxing the rich to subsidize the poor. So, yes, democracies often embrace socialism, and it is why the democrat party loves both…so long as the dead can also vote.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Porn is like football…..
    Men love football and are willing to pay for it.
    Women…not so much. Which is why there are so few women football teams.

  • MAS

    Democratic Republics are never either one. Its like a secret code for Repressive Dictatorship…

  • ICEvictim
  • Franklyfrank

    True. Funny though, my very poor ancestors liked to work; it gave them purpose, dignity & self determination.
    Pity more folks don’t think this way.

  • J-

    Feminist porn: two lesbian go on a date, have a nice meal while complaining about men, then go home and not have sex.

  • Franklyfrank


  • Mr. Freemarket

    Silly people. They probably believed in the statement that God made to Adam about working all the days of his life.

  • BiffWellington

    take a knee….

  • CharlieJ

    My Eyes , My Eyes!!!!

  • Troy McClure

    Then they have to move in together after knowing each other for 2 weeks

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