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Jan 09 2018

Yale Professor Suggests That Trump Should Be Locked in Loony Bin to Save Human Race from Extinction

Bandy X. Lee is a clinical psychiatrist and an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale School of Medicine. She has a dire warning regarding the President’s sanity:

Trump’s mental health might lead to the extinction of the human species, the Yale psychiatrist briefing lawmakers on the president’s psychological state told Newsweek on Friday. …

“As more time passes, we come closer to the greatest risk of danger, one that could even mean the extinction of the human species,” she said. “This is not hyperbole. This is the reality.”

Trump’s refusal to admit he is insane proves her diagnosis to be accurate:

“Usually, as someone becomes mentally impaired, they lose the ability to consider the possibility that something could be wrong.” Vehement denial is almost a sure sign of illness, she said.

The threat of total human extinction justifies radical steps. Even impeaching Trump may not save humanity. Dr. Bandy X. Lee continues:

“That’s why forcible commitment is permitted—because it is their illness speaking, not their own healthy decision making.”

Professional ethics entail abiding by the American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater Rule, according to which those in the psychiatry field do not comment on the mental health of people they have not even examined. But who has time for professional ethics when the human race faces extinction?

While we are commenting on the psychiatric health of people we have not personally examined… Bandy X. Lee accuses Trump of “projecting.” Could she be projecting herself? We should ask her if she is crazy, and if she denies it, lock her up in a rubber room — along with the demented educrats at Yale who have sacrificed the school’s reputation by hiring to fill diversity quotas, and the rich parents of Yale students, who pay $66,900 per year undergraduate tuition so that their kids can have their heads stuffed with hysterical moonbattery.

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  • geeknerd

    These are the same headshrinkers who back in the Sixties shut down all the loony bins and let all the loons go. You can’t lock up a raving nut-job unless you can prove he’s a danger to himself or others. So, we’ve got untreated mental patients living in cardboard boxes under overpasses because it’s their right.

    Releasing a psychiatric patient and telling him to take his meds is like an ambulance driver telling a man with a broken leg to walk to the hospital.

  • vera

    They are getting moonbattier by the minute. All for the good. They are red-pilling people all over the place. Applause!

  • Charlotte Wiggs


  • JackisBack

    Chairman Mao would be proud of her

  • Mack

    Don’t complain about the doctors.
    I am old enough to remember – this is what The People – bless them – wanted. A sympathetic individual, usually a beautiful young woman, being hospitalized against her will by a manipulative spouse was a common theme in weeper movies of the 1940s and 1950s.

  • Anonymous

    Professional ethics are “racist” and only for restricting enemies of progress, comrade!

  • Charlotte Wiggs

    Acknowledge your comment, however, I don’t think it was ever the plan that a person who is mentally ill (truly mentally ill) should be able to decide whether or not to take their meds.
    Once the person feels better because of the meds, then the person has the overwhelming feeling that they are not mentally ill. Then the person stops taking their meds and reverts back to the original mental illness, often putting both themselves, their family & their friends at risk.

  • geeknerd
  • Frank

    Obviously a frustrated hillary supporter who can’t wait to vote for oprah.

  • Anonymous

    Methinks she doeth project too much… you know they say about Psychology folk:

  • vladdy

    haha. Once again, GEOTUS makes fools of them all by doing his congressional meeting before the public, so everyone can see he’s not at the least unhinged or auhoriarian. He always wins.

  • vladdy

    me too. But both doctors and “free-thinkers” agreed. It was not due to budget cuts in CA or elsewhere.

    Oddest comment of all is,the best proof someno is insane is if they say they’re not. Did she think before she spoke? Heh.

  • vladdy

    thanks for that. Revisionists now try to say it was the fault of the Reagan budget. Nope.

  • BPatMann

    “The sailors said, Brandy you’re a fine girl;
    What a good wife you would be…”

  • Jester
  • Henry

    She’s desperate because her book never gained any traction.

    (In the article, take note of Dr. Allen Francis, and what he says about “Dr.” Lee’s screed.)

    “Vehement denial is almost a sure sign of illness, she said. That’s why forcible commitment is permitted—because it is their illness speaking, not their own healthy decision making.”

    Sounds like she’s in a hurry to bring back the days of the psikhushkas.

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