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Jan 10 2018

A Peek Behind the Scenes at Google

James Damore, who was fired from Google for expressing centrist views where only far-left views are permitted, is suing the company for discriminating against white ideologically noncompliant men. The lawsuit offers insight into just how wacky things are in Googleland:

Tucker Carlson got his hands on a copy of the filing and began breaking it down on Twitter, pointing out the most notable sections. One in particular is turning heads.

“Page 27, Footnote 3: ‘For instance, an employee who sexually identifies as “a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin” and “an expansive ornate building” presented a talk entitled “Living as a Plural Being” at an internal company event,’” he tweeted.

Lunatics like this are celebrated at Google, whereas daring to suggest that failure to achieve gender equity in the tech industry could have something to do with men and women being inherently different is considered so far beyond the pale that it got Damore fired.

[The lawsuit] also pointed out that two female employees demanded that Google consider gender and race before promoting people to leadership positions on new projects.

“During the event, [Ruth Porat] and [Eileen Naughton] also discussed that when looking at groups of people for promotions or for leadership opportunities on new projects, Google would be taking into account gender and ethnic demographics,” it reads. “They then mentioned that Google’s racial and gender preferences in hiring were not up for debate, because this was morally and economically the best thing to do for Google.”

How systematic discrimination against white men is supposedly moral and economically beneficial is something you would need a PhD in Social Justice to explain.

Google is a private company and has every right to be a coven of kooks. However, if a private company were to take the opposite stand and systematically discriminate against qualified black women, all hell would break loose, and Big Government would intervene.

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