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Jan 10 2018

Stamford Abolishes Pronouns

Formerly, only individual words were banned, like “stewardess” and “Chinaman.” This was found to be inefficient. Now Stamford, Connecticut has revolutionized the imposition of goodthink by abolishing whole classes of words, starting with pronouns:

The Board of Representatives voted last week to remove “he/she” and “his/her” from its rules of order, replacing them with specific titles…

The change was proposed by three Democrats elected to the 40-member board in November, including Raven Matherne, the state’s first openly transgender elected official. …

“It’s an act to acknowledge the members of this board, just as in each of our districts and the city at large, cannot always be described as he or she,” Matherne said.

Using “it” would of course be regarded as insensitive.

Promptly see that pronouns are struck from your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary.

On a tip from J.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Cognitive clownery reigns once more….

    and so it shall, for a short while!

  • geeknerd

    Another school whose graduates one should NEVER HIRE

  • daPenguin

    so freak would still be allowed? asking for a friend

  • Bully

    How about Connecticut banning the use of vowels?

  • magic1114

    Are all these schools engaged in some kind of contest to see who can come up with the stupidest proclamation?

  • Number 6

    Never will, and I avoid ALL Ivy League schools as a general rule.

  • Mack

    What schools?

  • Mack

    Stamford is a town, not a school.

  • Steve

    It amazes me that the science is settled with regard to climate change, but is not settled with biological sex.

  • Anonymous

    Whoah, déjà vu! (Left/libtards ain’t very original… )

  • KHarn

    I’ll simply address “them” as “fuck off dumbass”. As in:
    “Fuck off dumbass demanded that I address fuck off dumbass as ‘zee’.”

    I’m willing to go to court over this issue. I may lose, but I can LEGALLY raise all kinds of hell.

  • KHarn

    The schools that started this madness and spread it to the community.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Freak is a non-gender specific noun. So in one respect it would be allowed. However, college students hearing such a term, if not applied to President Donald Trump, would withdraw into their safe space.

  • ICEvictim

    in a word magic1114, yes

  • ICEvictim

    UConn is located in Stamford

  • ICEvictim

    how about – Denny Dimwit, or Lucy Lackwit, or just dumbphuque, as in, “Hey! dumbphuqe!”

  • Tom

    He..She ..and It

  • Pork_Soda

    Or word use for that matter.

  • Pork_Soda

    Actually UConn is in Storrs, CT. Stamford is a smallish city not too far from NYC. I used to go to school at Eastern Conn. State University. not to far away from UConn.

  • Billy TwoKnives

    So, ordinary stupid just wasn’t good enough for for the Flightless Loons in
    Stamford Connecticut.

  • BPatMann

    Oh zhit!

  • geeknerd

    You wish to be referred to as “they” and “them”? That’s a microaggression against people with multiple personalities!

    By the way, in most languages there are 3 genders, masculine, feminine and neuter. In biology, there are 2 sexes, male and female. Therefore, gender and sex are two entirely different concepts.

    I once asked in Spanish class why the day (el dias) is masculine while the night (la noche) is feminine, or why even the rock (la roca) is feminine. Never got a satisfactory answer.

  • Frank

    “Comrade” would suit their purposes and agenda perfectly.

  • Frank

    In French every object has a gender. I never understood why pens are feminine. They’re round, much longer than they are wide and contain a finite amount of fluid that, used up, renders them impotent and unable to perform their most important function.

  • Frank

    Seattle will probably beat them to it!

  • James McEnanly

    I think the issue is more spelling than anything else. tha it why we talk about an apple or a banana

  • James McEnanly

    The board of Representatives does not have the knowledge possessed by the Lord of the Jungle.

  • MiloMason
  • JAO
  • ICEvictim

    Ok. I just scanned for U’s near Stamford and UConn came up.

  • Stamford, Lincolnshire; Stamford, CT and Stamford, NY are towns. This post is about Stamford, CT, so you are correct. The Stamford discussed here is not a school, it’s a town. I would have thought that was obvious – and it seems it was to you.

    However, Stamford International University is a “school”, but not what this thread was talking about. So you’re still correct.

    And perhaps “geeknerd” thought this post referred to “Stanford”, a moonbat institution of higher indoctrination in the bay area – Palo Alto, to be precise. I hesitate to consider moonbat overrun propaganda and indoctrination institutions “schools”.

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