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Jan 12 2018

Male Singer Denounced as “Transphobic” for Not Wanting to Kiss a Guy in Drag

It is no longer enough to accept homosexuality as normal. Now you must engage in it — publicly:

R&B singer [Ginuwine], appearing on the U.K. reality show “Big Brother,” is being slammed as a transphobe for refusing to kiss his male-to-female transgender co-star India Willoughby on live TV.

When discussing dating, Willoughby complained that Ginuwine would date women but not him, claiming he really is a woman. When Ginuwine conceded that he would not date Willoughby if he knew he were trans, things escalated.

Before long Willoughby had grabbed Ginuwine by the neck and was leaning in for a homosexual smooch.

Ginuwine appeared to be extremely uncomfortable at this moment and quickly pulled away.

The reaction was natural — and therefore not politically permissible.

Ginuwine’s rejection of the advances came with backlash; he’s now being accused of transphobia.

Despite this highly inappropriate advance made in front of any number of witnesses, don’t expect Willoughby to joint the long list of guys whose reputations now lay in tatters due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Ginuwine is the one getting pilloried on social media.

You know how the saying goes, “No means no — unless a transgender person is making the advances, then you better comply or you’ll be labeled a transphobic bigot.”

At this point it is hard to imagine how the culture fed to us by our television sets could become more depraved. But it will manage somehow. Progressives always find a way to “progress.”

Not being a pervert is thoughtcrime.

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  • rpp618

    “Transphobia” is a sign of mental health and emotional stability.

  • Anonymous


  • rpp618

    You should change the headline to “Male Singer Denounced for Resisting a Sexual Assault by a Guy in Drag”

  • hoagie111

    Then I submit that if you have a sexual preference that discriminates against straight men or straight women, you are heterophobic. This too is a fact.

  • BPatMann

    “if you have a sexual preference that discriminates against transgender men or transgender women, you are transphobic.” OK, I’m transphobic — so what’s the big deal?

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Apparently no doesn’t mean no when people of preferred orientation are involved.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    But it is OK to be heterophobic, just as it is OK for people of color to be racist.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    I will have to admit to enjoying the Schadenfreude of blue-on-blue attacks.

  • TheChaoticStorm

    Thank goodness people are calling this Twitter buffoon out on their BS.

    I find it ironic in the age of the MeToo movement, no one is speaking out about the unwanted sexual advance that occurred. I’d deck someone who tried to kiss me without permission regardless of who they were.

  • MAS

    I’m not afraid of mentally ill people like drag queens and the sexual mutilation volunteer versions of the same therefore I’m not phobic. I’m also not afraid of septic tanks but that doesn’t mean I want to swim in one…

  • That Rapscallion…EtoculusDei

    OK…so tell me if I got this right. If a heterosexual male sexually assaults you……it’s BAD. But if a LGBTQ (whatever) sexually assaults you and you stop them…..then YOU are BAD…right???

  • J-

    The era of mandatory homosexuality is upon us.

  • chris black


  • BPatMann


  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Correct. You always have to be aware of how equal you are relative to others. Or, in terms from another regressive social system with slightly different window dressing, “know your place, peasant.”

  • Sandy Reardon

    Should have kicked him in the ba…. wait– never mind

  • Nick Testa

    Of course, sexual assault is just fine if it’s a transsexual moonbat committing it. You know – because it’s the progressive thing to do..

    I fucking hate these progressives and I wish death on all of them….. It’s only going to get worse too, it’s only a matter of time before progressive teachers start giving students assignments such as “having a gay relationship”…. Because that is truly how stick and twisted they are and if we don’t stop them it’s only a matter of time.

    They need to be rounded up and put in labor camps, because it’s the only way… We’re past the point of no return…

  • Otis Donkey

    Off to the gulag for you. And they call us fascists.

  • sandyaz

    So I won’t eat liver. Does that make me liver phobic. It’s a choice. For a group of progressives that scream “choice” all the time, they mean their choice is the only one that is allowed.

  • Alisa

    Oh, HELL NO!!!!

  • Professor Hale

    So. Being transphobic is a good thing. People need to accept that discrimination is normal. Everyone does it. EVERYONE. Stop acting like its a bad thing. The point of civil rights is that people are treated equally under the law. People should be satisfied if others treat them with basic courtesy.

  • Catherine

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  • master of sinanju

    No sympathy here , if you are in hollywood or the recording industry, you know DAMN well the total and utter depravity of both. You know what they say about what evil needs to triumph. If that makes me transphobic so be it, made up b.s. word and make believe butt hurt anyway, My God in Heaven is not down with that crap , neither am I.

  • master of sinanju

    Wellif they murilate themselves and later commit suicide, oh well , one lesss pervert on earth. , just remember that the so called psychiatric profession up to the 70s classified all this depravity as a MENTAL DISEASE !!! And thrn after enough money was spread around, it was not anymore.So much for so called professions ethics.

  • Area man

    So homosexuals are heterophobic.
    I am transphobic.
    Grass is green and Barney is purple.

  • I’m not transphobic; I’m trans-hostile.

  • glamdeluxe

    So sexual assault is permissible if your are trans. No one is allowed to reject your advances . Women who reject rape from straight men are victims straight men who reject rape from trans men are bigots. Liberals?

  • glamdeluxe

    You got it. Stopping trans rape is the move of a bigot. You gotta take it or else you are damned.

  • glamdeluxe

    The liberal cast system of revenge. They figure they metaphorically sodomizes the proletariat. Convince them that’s ok so you can violate their bodies too. Submission complete . Freudian socialism.
    Reagan closing the federal funny farms makes more sense everyday.

  • That Rapscallion…EtoculusDei

    Refusing sex with a tranny is a hate crime.

  • glamdeluxe

    But it’s Trump that the rest of the world is laughing at! The Euro’s relay that message to the liberal Americans all the time.

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