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Jan 12 2018

Pink Pussy Hats Denounced as Politically Incorrect

You might think nothing could be more politically correct than the pink pussy hats associated with Women’s Marches, which promote all things moonbatty in the name of feminism. Yet not even these silly hats can withstand liberals’ obsessive search for crimethink:

The Women’s March chapter in Pensacola, Fla., posted to its Facebook page that it is discouraging marchers from wearing the hats to this year’s event.

“The Pink P*ssy Hat reinforces the notion that woman = vagina and vagina = woman, and both of these are incorrect. Additionally, the Pink P*ssy Hat is white-focused and Eurocentric in that it assumes that all vaginas are pink; this is also an incorrect assertion,” it posted to its Facebook page. The post has been shared more than 1,200 times.

According to liberal dogma, not all women have vaginas, because some of them are actually men, although only from the point of view of transphobes who refuse to accept that if you pretend to be a woman, you literally are woman. Also, the hats being pink discriminates against black women, who evidently have differently colored private parts. Therefore, the hats are now seen to represent “exclusionary white feminism.”

Nothing can stay at the cutting edge of liberal absolutism for long. The voracious condemnation of all things tainted with ideological impurity will not stop until there is nothing left but the weirdly sanctimonious malice that drives it.

On a tip from TCS III.

  • BPatMann

    One good thing about the women’s march is that women learned how to knit once again. I hope the that next march will be about making sandwiches.

  • grayjohn

    Trying to make sense of the Left and feminism is like trying to read this article through a kaleidoscope while tripping on acid.

  • MAS

    Fetching a fresh beer and foot rubs too!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, poor snowflakes… realizing self-embarrassment is so hard!


    QUICK: before the lunatic-left nut-jobs BAN them, get your today from the GOPe RINO Store, where there is still a good supply as they wait for another d-cRAT president !!!!!

  • Oh wow! I guess all of that breast cancer awareness paraphernalia is racist, too. They are going to have to come up with a new racially-acceptable color. Red seems to be the color leftists love most.

  • im4truth4all

    “The first effect of not believing in God is that you lose your common sense.” – G. K. Chesterton

  • James McEnanly

    To me, the hat in question looks like what Catwoman’s henchmen ( They were all men in those days) wore, except for the color. When you start taking fashion cues from the 1966 Batman TV series, you are already calling down a rabbit hole.

  • ICEvictim

    they start something stupid then lurch from more stupid to every greater stupid, all the attempt to stop something that pretty much doesn’t exist except in the LSM and these moron’s clouded minds

  • Henry
  • saturn


  • Catherine

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  • Otis Donkey

    so when left starts attacking left (physically not just passive aggressively on social media) it’s Trump’s fault, right? and us deplorable’s fault.

  • Jester

    I love it when the far-left eats itself.

  • Shelby

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  • Take The Red Pill

    They just do what they always do: blame someone else, usually men.

  • Brian

    No one was thinking of Andrea Dworkin’s vagina, or the hats would look like Tiny Tim with a head wound.

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