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Feb 01 2018

Cure for Priapism: Feminist Fight Club Femme Feral

The first two rules of Fight Club are, don’t talk about Fight Club. But this does not apply to the feminist fight club Femme Feral, because moonbattery is largely about exhibitionists drawing attention to themselves by making an obnoxious pageant of their tasteless eccentricity. Here less than lovely feminists resist Theresa May and the rest of the patriarchy by dressing up like prostitutes in a surreal nightmare and then wrestling:

On a tip from Steve T.

  • Maurice Miner

    For God’s sake, do it ladies!

    Build up that “collective rage” and “throw it at each other!”

    I’d pay to see that – almost better than mud wrestling, in my view!

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Cure priapism? Hell, being around that crew would cure your desire to live!

    And in breaking news from the once glorious United Kingdom:

    Queen Elizabeth has begun claiming she is a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and has instructed BBC News to begin pushing this idea in the Muslim world, according to BBC staff.

  • sandyaz

    OMG!!!! What are they oppressed about? They are doing what they wish. There is no oppression. Oppression would be rounding them all up and taking them to the loony bin where they rightfully belong.

  • Swordie

    The first rule of Feminist Fight Club is: You talk about Feminist Fight Club. The second rule of Feminist Fight Club is: YOU TALK ABOUT Feminist Fight Club.

  • Swordie

    “Our Great War is a Cultural War. Our Great Depression is becoming wives.”

  • gregtuco

    I noticed that there weren’t any real solutions being offered. But, then again, tantrum-throwing children aren’t known for that.

  • Franklyfrank

    More women hating the fact that they’re women.
    The fact that they can indulge themselves in phony oppression proves two things: they aren’t oppressed & they need to get jobs.

  • Frank

    The SHRINKAGE FACTOR is right around 101% after viewing the fight club dolls!

    I think the feminazi goddesses below are safe from being groped even without the sign and costume.

  • That Rapscallion…EtoculusDei

    No wonder millennial men prefer robots. These gals couldn’t even make a decent sandwich.

  • Otis Donkey

    when the musloids reach high population levels they’ll see and feel REAL oppression.

  • mmmkay… Beat the crap out of each other as a form of resistance to being mistreated.

    Moonbat logic.

  • Lady, I wouldn’t touch your vagina with someone else’s hands…

    Nothing like protesting being objectified by dressing up as a big sexual object.

    But then again it makes EXACTLY as much sense as engaging in fascist behavior while claiming to be anti-fascist.

  • So, in other words, the Muslims already own England.

  • But they need hotter wrestlers. These we can do without.

  • Maurice Miner

    Too right! Mud wrestling (in its finest form) requires hot female bodies, otherwise it is just “yuck!”

    And (as you point out), these we can do without.

  • Betty

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  • Eddie_Valiant

    According HRH Elizabeth, it would seem so.

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