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Feb 10 2018

An Islamic Conqueror Reveals the Battle Plan

Muslims have tried to conquer Europe before, but they were stopped by Charles Martel, at the Battle of Lepanto, and at the gates of Vienna. This time, though, they are succeeding. They have adopted a new battle plan, which they see no need to keep secret:

On a tip from Anonymous.

  • MAS

    Europe is committing suicide right before our eyes. Maybe, like the Dodo bird, its gene pool has depleted enough to be insufficient to continue.

  • magic1114

    A good jab between the horns might have taken a little of the humor out of the goat humper… German men. *spit*

  • TrojanMan

    Yeah as my recent trip to London has proven with my own eyes that Europe is finished! Even in the “non-enriched” parts of the town i found myself in, there were still enough of them to make me uncomfortable, especially when riding the underground which they have been known to enrich with their culture.

    I urge all those who have the means and the opportunity to go see the great sites of Europe before they are either demolished or turned into Mosques.

  • QuintusFabiusMaximus

    Christian Germany and Germans are NOT committing suicide. Christian Germany was long ago targeted for destruction by an anti-Christian cabal who have murdered hundreds of millions of Christians and profited from it over the last hundred years. The filthy savage in the video above is merely one of their many paid agents.

    Benjamin Freedman explains:

  • FromNJ


  • Lovekraft

    An interesting parallel in the animal world to what is happening to the West. Would imply that should the west realize this simple truth, the dominoes will fall swiftly.

    TL/DR: GloboJihadInc has nothing but the worst of intentions in mind.

  • Jack Bauer


    Not to be a stickler for historical accuracy, but Charles (The Hammer) Martel stopped the Muslim invasion at the Battle of Tours, a.k.a. the Battle of Poitiers, near the border between France and Spain.

    The Battle of Lepanto was a naval battle (with vessels with oars no less… off the coast of Greece, fought by Christian allies from a number of countries. Like Tours though, it was also a victory for the European Christians.

  • JackisBack

    Not much difference between Muslim colonists and black Hebrew Israelites and the Nation of islam and black Lives Matter

  • George Lortz

    Too bad he can only carry a camera, and not a Glock.

  • Anonymous

    Not that progressive politics isn’t helping ’em…

  • Yeah I know. I was giving separate examples of when Europeans stopped Islamic expansion.

  • Sheila

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    There’s an unblurred version of this which I saw several months ago. The guy COULD have been identified and expelled based on that one. But then, they refuse to expel any of them, no matter what they do or say.

  • Jack Bauer


    Got it…..I get what you were saying now.

    Good stuff as usual….Carry on!

    And as Emily Litella used to say:


    We will need The Spanish Solution before too long, or it’s over.

  • SuicideChickenWing

    They were stopped at the Gates of Vienna by Polish King Jan Sobieski III. And the Polish are not caving in to the EU’s demands that they take their “fair share” because they remember what it’s like to live under tyranny. In fact, all of the Visegrad 4 nations are keeping them out at this point.

  • Scattergood Baines

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