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Mar 19 2012

Millions Live in Caves in Collectivist Utopia

Maybe the Establishment Left that now runs the country isn’t so foolish in trying to impose socialism on America. True, it has failed miserably everywhere else it has been tried, but there is one exception that the Moonbat Messiah, his hard left compadres, and his enablers in the media clearly regard as a model: communist China. Tens of millions were killed in the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, securing Mao the title of most blood-soaked tyrant in world history, but you can’t make an omelet without breakings some eggs. Now China has a humming economy, first-class infrastructure, rulers that can get things done because they aren’t “scrutinized,” a nouveau riche class driving around in Buicks, millions of peasants living in… living in caves?

More than 30 million Chinese people live in caves, many of them in Shaanxi province where the Loess plateau, with its distinctive cliffs of yellow, porous soil, makes digging easy and cave dwelling a reasonable option.

If caves are good enough for the ChiComs, they ought to be good enough for us — especially since living in caves serves Gaia:

In recent years, architects have been reappraising the cave in environmental terms, and they like what they see.

“It is energy efficient. The farmers can save their arable land for planting if they build their houses in the slope. It doesn’t take much money or skill to build,” said Liu Jiaping, director of the Green Architecture Research Center in Xian and perhaps the leading expert on cave living. “Then again, it doesn’t suit modern complicated lifestyles very well. People want to have a fridge, washing machine, television.”

But appliances are indulgences that according to liberal ideology make the climate unsuitable for polar bears. Besides, a few more years of Obama and no one will be able to afford them.

Liu helped design and develop a modernized version of traditional cave dwellings that in 2006 was a finalist for a World Habitat Award, sponsored by a British foundation dedicated to sustainable housing.

Next moonbats will grant each other awards for suggesting that we go back to living in trees. This may be our only option if the government continues to expand its control over housing.

Interior decorating in a people’s utopia.

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