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Mar 20 2012

Aborted Babies’ Brains Used in FDA-Approved Experiments

The nice thing about progressives is they don’t have ethics that might get in the way of interesting scientific research. They will even use the corpses of children killed in abortions:

Scott Fischbach, the director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life uncovered the information showing a clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration uses brain tissue from aborted unborn babies to treat macular degeneration. StemCells Inc. will inject fetal brain stem cells into the eyes of up to 16 patients to study the cells’ effect on vision.

In its press release announcing the clinical trial, StemCells Inc. was careful to refer to the fetal brain material as “purified human neural stem cell product” or HuCNS-SC cells, rather than “fresh human fetal brain tissue,” a description which can be found elsewhere on its website.

“StemCells Inc. is not using embryonic stem cells. A five-day-old human being at the embryonic stage does not have a brain, but a fetus at 10 or 20 weeks of development with visible fingers, toes and ears has a functioning brain,” said Fischbach. “Developing human beings in the womb are treated simply as raw material for laboratory experimentation by StemCells Inc. and other companies seeking to monetize aborted unborn children.”

This is the road the liberals who just seized control of the healthcare system have us traveling down. Josef Mengele would be delighted.

At least its brain won’t go completely to waste.

On a tip from Mattius Maximus.

  • Mattius Maximus

    Thank you, Dave.

  • wingmann

    “Josef Mengele would be delighted”

    A rank amateur by today’s standard.

  • StanInTexas

    Liberals grab onto any excuse they can find to dehumanize children and make them nothing but a commodity.

  • geeknerd

    O’Bama is God’s punishment upon this country for its sins such as these.

  • SNuss

    Obviously, Leftist Liberal brains don’t function well enough to use for these experiments. Such a waste, since they are mostly unused.

  • Spider

    Aren’t these the same leftist cretins who are always whining about “the children”? Maybe now people will realize that to the left, children are simply political props, as are gays and blacks.

  • Proud Kuffar

    I don’t know about this.. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    The fetus is already aborted by some irresponsible woman who exercised her “right to choose,” and terminated her pregnancy. Usually the fetal human remains are kept frozen in the back of the clinic or some lab. I would rather have these fetuses used in scientific research rather than frozen in some fridge given these circumstances. Stem cell (adult and embryonic) therapies have already yielded promising results.

  • Sinister66

    Proud Kuffar says:

    I would have to agree.

  • StanInTexas

    Proud Kuffar,

    And how long will it be before there are not enough aborted fetuses (also know as dead children) to satisfy the research need? Will we pay women to get pregnant and abort FOR SCIENCE? Or maybe we will follow the edict of other Liberals and allow abortions up until the child is 12 months old FOR SCIENCE?

  • Proud Kuffar

    @ StanInTexas

    As you surely know, there are already enough terminated fetuses right now. Would you rather have them permanently stuck in some fridge or let some innovative companies grow organs in vitro or develop knew therapies to alleviate human suffering from different diseases?

    Scientists can already perform in vitro fertilization in the lab setting and grow embryonic stem cells. There is no need for the payment scheme that you proposed and I would vehemently oppose it of course. I am against all forms of late-term or partial-birth abortion and only see it valid in certain extenuating circumstances (i.e. life of woman is in clear danger as determined by OB/GYN).

  • StanInTexas


    I oppose experimentation on humans. I do not want children to become a commodity.

    There is a limit to what can be done to “alleviate human suffering”. The scientific community had no problem refusing to use the result of the Nazi human experimentation. Why shoudl we jump back into that by using children for humen experimentation?

  • Proud Kuffar

    @ StanInTexas

    You seem to miss the point that the fetus is already dead due to a despicable set of circumstances. There is no experimentation on live humans occurring. Say someone dies in a horrible car accident. Should we not have organ donors?

    Your Nazi analogy is specious. The Nazi docs performed inhumane and grotesque experiments on live humans suffering in concentration camps.

  • StanInTexas

    The Nazi comparision is appropriate, as the children in question here are being killed and their bodies used for experimentation.

    Organ donation is a specious argument as one has to CHOOSE to be an organ donor. No one is going around to morgues and taking the bodies for experimentation on the gounds that the flesh is being wasted.

    There are enough fetuses for experimentation RIGHT NOW when there is only one company in the market. Will there be enough when there are 10 companies, or 100, or 1,000?

    This is human experimentation and it should not be allowed!

  • son of a preacher man

    Nazi doc: The SS has determined that Jews are not really human and are putting them to death in concentration camps. Must not let an opportunity go to waste to advance science.

    You know the old saying dealt lemons make lemonade.

  • Proud Kuffar

    You are uninformed about the Nazi experiments. They basically inflicted grotesque torture on inmates in concentrations camps in their experiments. No major scientific organizations now or in the past have applied Nazi studies or consider them valid in any way. The children and adults were not always killed before experimentation.

    You bring up a very interesting and valid point about choice. Sadly the terminated fetal human had no choice when it was cruelly killed. That is why I am against abortion in the first place as I believe the fetus is treated like a commodity instead of an autonomous human being and the most fundamental natural right: the right to live is ignored.

    I already explained there is no need for fetus termination payment scheme when more companies enter the market, so that argument is moot . Research firms can already create a fetus in a lab through in vitro fertilization. Instead of dying in vain and stuck in a fridge, the fetal human should live on through important medical breakthroughs.

  • StanInTexas

    You explain NOTHIN, Kuffar. You said there were enought fetusus to fill the need NOW. What happens when more companies get in the market and the demand increases?

    And as far as living on through important medical breakthrough, are you going to have the same feelings when they strat using the bodies of deceased adults? Why just stick them in the ground when we can use the corpse for something. And who cares about choice if the STATE says it is OK.

    I don’t care how they dies, they are still human children and they deserve the same respect as all humans do. We do not harvest organs from car accident victims unless they have consented, nor do we dissect cadavers unless the person has willingly donated their bodies.

    You may try to dehumanize these children and consider them trash, but this is human experimentation. It is a road we should NEVER go down.


  • Someone Once

    Not only do they exploit them, liberals eat their dead. It’s a “green” thing.

  • geeknerd


    Would you also support cannibalism of murder victims if they are fresh enough when found? After all, they were already killed; it’s not as if anyone killed them for the purpose of cannibalism (at least not yet). What about extracting usefull organs from criminals on Death Row, like the Chinese do? Or maybe we can experiment on them while they’re still alive?

    Cruel and unusual? Sure, but if we get throw away the due process rights of the unborn like we do, we can amputate that part of the living Constitution as well.

  • Proud Kuffar

    @ StanInTexas

    What part of in vitro fertilization do you not understand? The companies can already create fetuses in the lab and do not have to pay women in the preposterous payment schemes that you proposed.

    Right now as the law stands, the State does not consider the fetal human beings’ choice in the matter of life. This is most unfortunate. Of course they deserve the same respect as you and I. Not once did I say we should treat them like trash or dehumanize them. That is why I do not think they should be kept in a fridge for near eternity like you seem to do.

  • StrangernFiction

    “I think [Obama] is great.” — Matt Romney

  • StanInTexas

    Kuffar, how do those labs “create” fetusus? Where do they get the eggs and sperm? And you continue to ignore the increase in demand.

    And I never said anything about keeping anyone in a fridge. If you are not able to stick with what I said, then please spare me your lies.

    So your position is that the fetusus are dead and that is unfortunate, so lets use them for some good and experiment with their bodies. I have asked you if you have an issue with that sentiment towards adults who die and you have dodged the question. It is clear why.

    By opening the door to experiment on humans (of ANY age), you are turning dead bodies into a commodity that can be used as those in power deem “necessary”. I amnot willing to let that happen.

  • Proud Kuffar

    @ StanInTexas.

    1. Have you heard of sperm and egg donors? I should not have to teach you about in vitro fertilization. Google it.

    2. I am of course against experimentation on cadavers of adults who have not consented to scientific experimentation. Adults can make clear choices on this matter. Right now, the State does not consider the choice of the Unborn to life as indicated by Roe V. Wade. This is most unfortunate.

    As I said originally, given these circumstances (legalized abortion), the dead fetal humans are better off in research experiments than stuck in a fridge. This is my opinion. You are free to disagree. However, disagreement with this stated position implies that you believe the fetal remains should stay in the fridge since abortion is currently legalized.

  • son of a preacher man

    Exactly my point once you start down the slippery slope of quantifying human value, where do you stop?

    You bring up a very interesting and valid point about choice. Sadly the terminated jewish human had no choice when it was cruelly killed. That is why I am against terminating Jews in the first place as I believe the Jew is treated like a commodity instead of an autonomous human being and the most fundamental natural right: the right to live is ignored…

    Feel free to draw out implications of that line of thinking.

  • Bob Roberts

    Proud Kuffar says: March 20, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Stem cell (adult and embryonic) therapies have already yielded promising results.

    My understanding is that experiments using embryonic stem cells tend to go horribly wrong, while you are correct that stem cells harvested from consenting adults have in fact had some measure of success.

    Please provide any links, ANY LINKS, you can that actually have some PROOF that fetal stem cells (I’m not talking about from cord blood, but rather cells from aborted babies or from experiments where they used artificial/lab methods to get a human life started then killed it to harvest cells.) have EVER had clinical success AT ANYTHING. My understanding is that simply has not happened.

  • StanInTexas


    1) Donating sperm and egg is differnt from knowingly creating a killing a child.

    2) If you can dehumanize a child and remove their rights, why can’t that happen to adults as well?

    3) By saying that I am in favor of keeping children in afreezer forever presupposes that I support any form of artificial creation or abortion. Neither are the case. If you can blow off topics with a simply “I do not favor abortion”, then please allow me the same consideration.

    Again, human experimentation is not a road we EVER need to go down!

  • Proud Kuffar

    Gladly Bob. Currently I am a research assistant in the lab of neuroscience professor at a medical school in California. His area of research is neurodegenerative disorders (in particular Alzheimer’s). The difficulty with growing neuronal cells is they are typically in G0 (arrested phase) and do not replicate continuously like other cells in the body which undergo mitosis at different rates.

    HIs research has shown that harvested human fetal stem cells have actually spurred neurogenesis (growth of nerve cells) in lab rodents. I have observed this occur firsthand. This neural differentiation of fetal stem cells can be used in therapies to slow or reverse the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s through brain retransplantation therapies.

  • Bob Roberts

    There’s a good argument for not allowing experiments with either aborted baby products or products from lab-started life:

    If you actually find you can make money from murdering unborn babies and harvesting the products of that despicable act someone, somewhere, will make a business of it – will commercialize the murder of the unborn.

    It’s already done way too often with irresponsible people choosing murder of the unborn as their preferred method of contraception.

  • Bob Roberts

    Proud Kuffar says: March 20, 2012 at 1:59 pm
    My bad – I don’t meant to “move the goal posts” on you, but what I was saying, and I said it improperly and I apologize, is that IN HUMANS every attempt to use actual fetal products has led to disaster.

    I’m not talking about rats, mice, pigs or whatnot. Do whatever you want with them.

    I’m talking about humans. Don’t go there.

    Your example doesn’t involve humans, it involves mice. It does not meet the conditions I specified, which I admit I was not really that clear about. I think I did make it clear I was talking about humans, not other animals, and you did NOT meet that condition.

  • Bob Roberts

    Plus, you apparently missed this (and other) bits:

    “Detection of human cells transplanted into the rodent brain has been a major limitation in determining the cell fate of engrafted human cells over the long term. “

  • Bob Roberts

    I checked your link and don’t see ANY support for your allegation that:

    “This neural differentiation of fetal stem cells can be used in therapies to slow or reverse the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s [in HUMANS] through brain retransplantation therapies.”

    Do you have any direct clinical evidence of actual success of FETAL ONLY cell use IN HUMANS that led to success? NOTE I already stated that I’m aware of ADULT stem cells being used with some success, but my experience has been that use of fetal tissue, IN HUMANS, tends to lead to disaster.

  • Bob Roberts

    Plus I fail to see how you claim that “Cells [that] were transplanted into the lateral ventricular space of neonatal mouse brain” which then proliferated in a neonatal mouse proves any chance of any treatment or cure of adult humans suffering from Alzheimer’s.

    I want to suggest that looking for treatments and cures that do NOT use fetal products and never could lead to commercialization of harvesting murdered babies would be a much wiser & more ethical path to take.

  • Bob Roberts

    And, last (for now, anyway) you might want to re-read this sentence for more complete understanding of the implications, which you seem to be missing:

    “Over the past decade, self-renewing neural stem cells (NSC) have been shown to reside in both fetal and adult brain (for review see Gage, 2000).”

  • Bob Roberts

    StanInTexas says: March 20, 2012 at 12:15 pm
    I’m afraid lao would say, correctly, that anyone with a functional brain and an above room-temperature IQ would basically make this an echo chamber on that issue.

    Well said Stan.

  • Sam Adams

    Bob Roberts, from what I have read, there isn’t anything that can be done with a fetal stem cell that can’t be done with an adult stem cell.

    An unborn baby has a functional heart and brain activity at roughly 6 weeks of age. If a heart beat and brain activity are enough to justify keeping an adult alive, it should certainly be enough to qualify an unborn baby as a “person.”

    I also agree with your ethical position. We could make all sorts of products out of dead babies, helping to justify or mitigate their slaughter. I think we should not go down that road.

  • AC

    You explain NOTHIN, Kuffar. You said there were enought fetusus to fill the need NOW. What happens when more companies get in the market and the demand increases?

    Then there is simply a shortage, just as there is currently a shortage of organ transplants to go around. When a waiting list for organ donation grows excessively long, they don’t begin harvesting organs from the healthy.

    Because life is precious we must do everything to preserve it, even in horrible circumstances which we didn’t create and can’t control. If a massive stroke renders a person brain dead, there is nothing we can do to bring that person back, however we can take measures to ensure that their passing was not in vain, such as making the gift of life available to those who need it.

    One of the proudest moments of my life was acting as next of kin in completing a consent for organ donation under that exact set of circumstances. Despite a horrible situation and a crushing burden of grief, all it took was one piece of paper to save two others from certain death. The pink carbon copy they gave me is framed and hanging on my wall, as are the letters from the families.

    We aren’t responsible for that which we can’t control. We are responsible for what we do given the available choices.

    If your objection is to abortion, then express it by advocating against abortion itself. If you can’t achieve the end result you want (respect for life), then choose to respect and protect life in the best way you can. In this case, that’s allowing doctors to work to bring life to others.

    Life is not preserved by fighting against this as a proxy for a disagreement ab initio with abortion itself. That’s an act of self-righteous flagellation which sends others to an unnecessary grave.

    When organ donation was first pioneered, there was a widespread fear campaign concerning potential harvesting. That didn’t happen here or in any other developed capitalist nation.

  • AC

    If you actually find you can make money from murdering unborn babies and harvesting the products of that despicable act someone, somewhere, will make a business of it – will commercialize the murder of the unborn.

    Organ harvesting only became a problem in ghoulish communist regimes and undeveloped third world hellholes.

    It never happened here, just as there will never be a harvest of the unborn for more stem cells. The only political support for a deliberate harvest of the unborn will come from the far fringe kooks firmly in the camp of nutters like John Holdren.

    The very day a politician suggests deliberately impregnating women and harvesting the unborn you will see a union of Republicans and Democrats come together to fight that menace with across the aisle camaraderie not since since World War II.

    Most mainstream Democrats still see “safe, legal, and rare” as the ideal.

    Even many of the far left kool-aid drinkers would never consent to it. Look at how vocally they screech every time a politician suggests taking organs from soon to be executed murderers, as a way for the criminal to pay back society by giving life, as his penance for having taken it away.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    We know one thing embryonic stem cells are good for
    Catching lucrative government grants

  • Ghost of FA Hayek
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  • Momster

    Upon reading the headline the first thought that popped into my mind was Josef Mengele.

    I was gratified to see him mentioned later in the article.

    No matter how Liberals/Socialists/Progs/Commies try to hide from the fact that Nazi was an acronym for National Socialist Workers Party, there’s no hiding place for them. By their fruit ye shall know them.

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  • alllie

    Doesn’t Neocutis a swiss company use fetal tissue in their anti aging cream? I thought I heard that in Russia they were paying women to get pregnant and abort their babies for a skin cream also. I hope it’s worth it to look younger or live longer in this life because in the next life God is going to judge you for destroying his precious little ones!

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