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Oct 20 2016

After Obama Pays Ransom, Iran Predictably Kidnaps More Americans

After Obama illegally paid the terrorists running Iran ransom for American hostages, Mr. Magoo could have seen this coming:

Iran is seeking “many billions of dollars” in payments from the United States in exchange for the release of several U.S. hostages still being detained in Iran, according to reports by Iran’s state-controlled press that are reigniting debate over the Obama administration’s decision earlier this year to pay Iran $1.7 billion in cash.

Senior Iranian officials, including the country’s president, have been floating the possibility of further payments from the United States for months. Since the White House agreed to pay Tehran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year as part of a deal bound up in the release of American hostages, Iran has captured several more U.S. citizens.

Future payments to Iran could reach as much as $2 billion, according to sources familiar with the matter, who said that Iran is detaining U.S. citizens in Iran’s notorious Evin prison where inmates are routinely tortured and abused. …

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told NBC News in late September that his government is in talks with the United States to secure future payouts, a disclosure that may have played a role in the White House’s recent decision to veto legislation to block future ransom payments to Iran.

Obama directly caused this to happen. He ought to do the right thing and offer up himself in exchange for the hostages. We already know how dashing he looks in Islamic garb.

More money for Iran to spend on its nuclear program.

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Oct 20 2016

Hispandering to the Point of Psychosis: Tim Kaine Lies That America Used to Be a Spanish-Speaking Country

Like Orwell said, those who control the present, control the past; those who control the past, control the future. Thanks to control by the Hispandering moonbats of the Democrat Party, in the future America will have started out as a Spanish-speaking country:

In an interview on the Spanish-language show “Noticias Telemundo,” Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, the Democrat nominee for vice president, said that Spanish was the language of America before English. Kaine has often given speeches in Spanish, and on Sunday he gave a sermon entirely in Spanish at Pneuma Church in Miami, Fla.

“Latino culture is one of the most important things in our country right now because we have had Hispanic roots since the beginning. … Spanish was the language of our country before English,” Kaine told Telemundo host José Díaz-Balart on Monday, according to a translated transcript.

There was a time when Americans with even a grade school education would have laughed at Kaine’s outlandish lie. Nowadays, you can’t be too sure, public education having decayed into little more than a babysitting service.

The good news is that maybe we can prevent Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al. from being erased from future history books if we just add an “ez” to the end of their names.

Future depiction of the Founding Fathers.

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Oct 20 2016

Venezuelan Socialism Produces Exploding Corpses

Just in time for Halloween, Venezuela’s end-stage socialism brings us exploding corpses:

The morgue’s barely functioning cooling system was to blame – hardly a surprise in the oil-rich yet impoverished nation whose health-care system has collapsed under the socialist government. Decomposing for two days in the tropical heat, the corpse finally exploded in a spray of toxic fluids and gasses. The ghastly incident earlier this month necessitated the partial evacuation of the hospital, University Hospital Antonio Patricio de Alcalá, located in Cumaná — a city of 825,000 in eastern Venezuela. Patients in nearby rooms and corridors were sickened to their stomachs by the stench.

“It’s not the first time that a body exploded,” a hospital employee told a Venezuelan media outlet. “It has already occurred two times since the middle of September.”

The hospital certainly was not always a house of horrors. It was once regarded as one of Venezuela’s best public hospitals — a standard-bearer for health care, according to the Venezuela news site La Patilla.

But then came socialism.

Recently, La Patilla sent a reporter with a hidden camera through the facility: it revealed patients unattended in hallways and the emergency room, shortages of essential equipment, and a lack of air conditioning in wards. The hospital is yet another example of economic decay under “21st Century Socialism” – what Venezuela’s late firebrand president, Hugo Chávez, had pledged would turn the South American nation into a workers paradise. Socialism, however, has turned Venezuela into a workers hell.

This particular version of hell seems to be inspired by Lucio Fulci movies.

The exploding corpses can’t be easy to clean up, given the unavailability of such luxuries as disinfectants in the workers’ paradise. But someone must think such hardships are worth enduring for the sake of combatting income inequality, or America wouldn’t be headed down the same path.

Embodiments of socialism ready to blow.

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Oct 19 2016

Open Thread


Via Hope n’ Change Cartoons, on a tip from TED.

Oct 19 2016

Brady Campaign Propaganda Lurches Into Self-Parody

Astonishingly, this snarky tweet was produced not by patriots ridiculing authoritarians who try to shame us into surrendering our fundamental liberties “for the children,” but by those same authoritarians — namely, the execrable Brady Campaign:

The video version:

No one disagrees that guns should be stored securely. But the Brady Campaign’s agenda is about locking up gun owners, not guns. When it comes to gun safety, the NRA is a more constructive voice.

On a tip from Torcer. Hat tip: Twitchy.

Oct 19 2016

Nobel Prize Committee Gives Up on Bob Dylan Acknowledging Absurd Literature Prize

It appears that not everyone is enthusiastic about Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. The laureate himself has refused to acknowledge it:

The Nobel Prize committee has given up trying to reach Bob Dylan, five days [now 6] after he became the first musician awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Dylan, 75, is yet to respond to the accolade, which was announced on Thursday. That evening he gave a concert in Las Vegas in which he spoke little, and did not mention the award.

On Friday he performed in Coachella, as part of the Desert Trip festival – and was commended by The Rolling Stones, who performed after him.

But Dylan himself had nothing to say about it.

Dylan has a long and erratic history with award ceremonies, beginning with his 1963 Tom Paine award for civil rights, in which he delivered a rambling acceptance speech saying he sympathised with JFK’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. He later issued an apology.

Other awards he blows off completely. We’ll see if this is the case on December 10, when the winners get their prizes.

Keep in mind that the Nobel award is not for folk or pop music, for performing arts, or for being an icon of the hippy era, but for literature, based on his lyrics. Hats off to Dylan if he is trying to avoid making a fool of himself by participating in a farce. Obama might have looked less ridiculous if he had responded similarly when they absurdly awarded him the Peace Prize soon after taking office.

Groucho would get it.

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Oct 19 2016

Naked Hillary Statue Toppled in Lower Manhattan

Halloween horror has arrived ahead of schedule in New York City:

An artist erected an obscene statue of Hillary Clinton in downtown Manhattan Tuesday morning causing a heated fight between defenders of the profane piece of protest art and women trying to tear it down.

The grotesque caricature of the Democratic candidate appeared outside the Bowling Green station during morning rush hour on Tuesday and shows Clinton with hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker resting his head on her bare breasts.

The statue was up for less than three hours before an enraged woman toppled it over and started yelling at the statue’s creator.

Who would have imagined that this election could get even uglier?

Video of the dispute shows the museum worker struggling with the artist who erected the statue, who identified himself as 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, as he tried to prop the structure back up. At one point during the tussle, the woman sits down on the statue to prevent Scioli from picking it back up.

A counterterrorism unit came and ordered Scioli to take away his masterpiece because he didn’t have a permit.

In August, an anarchist group put up a naked Donald Trump statue a few subway stops to the north in Union Square. It wasn’t easy on the eyes either (WARNING: OBJECTIONABLE CONTENT).

The struggle over the statue.

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Oct 19 2016

Term “Be a Man” Is Denounced as Toxic Masculinity

What does it mean to “be a man”? It means choosing strength over weakness, courage over cowardice, resolution over self-pity. It means owning up to your responsibilities to yourself, to your family, and to your country. On college campuses, it means being politically incorrect:

Gettysburg College freshman James Goodman began his first moments of higher education by being lectured by campus leaders about “toxic masculinity,” he tells The College Fix in an interview.

Students who “identify as male” were shown a docudrama film about masculinity. The film, titled “The Mask You Live In,” was part of the lessons warning students that the notion of masculinity comes with harmful side effects, he said.

According to the trailer of the film, it teaches that the “three most destructive words” a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.”

At least it’s okay for a girl to be a man; to say otherwise would be transphobic.

The film includes these stern words of warning from psychiatrist James Gilligan:

“[W]hether it’s homicidal violence or suicidal violence, people resort to such desperate behavior only when they are feeling shame or humiliated, or feel they would be if they didn’t prove that they were real men.”

I wonder how much he charges patients per hour to tell them that holding themselves to standards that will allow them to respect themselves will make them commit suicide or become homicidal maniacs.

As he makes the comments, headlines reporting on suicides and murder-suicides flashed on screen.

Others headlines that peppered the trailer apparently link shooting massacres to masculinity; images included stories about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and six staff members, and the shooting in Aurora, Colo., in which James Holmes killed 12 people inside a movie theater.

We knew it couldn’t have been the fault of the evil psychopaths who did the killing. At first we thought it was the guns. Now we know it was masculinity.

Following the film, student moderators drove home the bizarre imaginary connection between psychotic killers and “toxic masculinity.”

As the incoming freshman Goodman reports,

“The entire movie and lesson made it seem like masculinity was an unacceptable human trait.”

Then came skits to theatrically illustrate the correct attitude toward microaggressions, “gender identity issues,” and the Confederate flag.

Despite the outlandish tuition and fees charged by Gettysburg College, there is no indication that complimentary barf bags were provided.

Here’s the trailer. Imagine sitting through the whole movie.

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Oct 19 2016

Democratic National Committee Campaign Bus Dumps Sewage Into Storm Drain

The corrupt, elitist, entitled, above-the-law Clintons have been crapping on America for decades now, so this story should come as no surprise:

Lawrenceville [Georgia] police are investigating a claim that involves a Democratic National Committee tour bus illegally dumping human waste into a storm drain between campaign stops.

The incident happened on Grayson Highway Tuesday morning after the bus left a campaign stop near the Gwinnett County Board of Elections Office where hundreds of voters were lined up to take part in Early Voting.

Police say when officers arrived on the scene, toilet paper was scattered on the roadway near the storm drain, there was a foul smell.

According to [witness Mike] Robins, a hazardous materials crew responded to the location and collected the waste to keep more of it from entering the storm drain.

No doubt Shrillary will make up for this by continuing Obama’s policy of regulating the crucial coal industry into bankruptcy on behalf of the environment.

Caught in the act dumping human waste.

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Oct 19 2016

Another Stealth Attack on the Second Amendment: Illinois Bill to Serialize Ammunition

Our constitutional right to bear arms obviously implies a right to bear ammunition, without which the arms are useless. But apparently Democrats disagree. Check out bill HB6615, which the Illinois General Assembly is springing in Springfield:

Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, all handgun ammunition that is manufactured, imported into the State for sale or personal use, kept for sale, offered or exposed for sale, sold, given, lent, or possessed shall be serialized. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, any person who manufactures, causes to be manufactured, imports into the State for sale or personal use, keeps for sale, offers or exposes for sale, or who gives or lends any handgun ammunition that is not serialized is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Provides that beginning January 1, 2018, any person who possesses in any public place any handgun ammunition that is not serialized is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.

Bullet serialization involves engraving a serial number on each and every bullet. As the National Shooting Sports Foundation observes, it is a de facto ban on ammunition.

Serialization would be prohibitively expensive, even after investing $millions to set up production facilities, which few could afford to do just so as to sell ammo in the state of Illinois for more than people would pay.

Criminals of course will still have ammo brought in from out of state, even if it is a misdemeanor to possess it.

The legislation has been filed by Sonya Harper of Chicago, a former community organizer with a B.A. in journalism from Mizzou.

No doubt Ms. Harper’s fellow Democrats dream of imposing serialized ammunition nationwide, so as to make the mass production of ammunition economically infeasible.

The only effect of this lunacy on crime would be to increase it, since eradicating sport shooting would result in fewer law-abiding citizens with firearms. Obviously, a criminal is not going to refrain from shooting someone just because ammo costs $5 or $10 per round.

If the GOP cannot be restored or replaced as an effective opposition party in the very near future, legislation like this will be our national future.

That’s Sonya in the yellow.

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Oct 19 2016

Originalists Against Trump

Some who climb aboard the Trump Train bark about the Supreme Court as if it were a trump card that would silence opposition and excuse their betrayal of conservativism. This willful naiveté does not fly with Originalists Against Trump:

The Originalists Against Trump effort threatens to undercut one of Trump’s chief arguments for disaffected Republican voters, namely that support for Trump is inextricably tied to filling the Supreme Court vacancy with a nominee in the tradition of Justice Antonin Scalia. The group cites Trump’s “character, judgment and temperament” as among its reasons for opposing his candidacy.

Originalism, a judicial philosophy popularized by Scalia and beloved by conservatives, holds that the Constitution has a static meaning. The adherents to originalism stand in stark opposition to the left-leaning proponents of a “living Constitution,” whose meaning may change based on new historical circumstances.

Incidentally, Trump denounced Antonin Scalia for opposing Affirmation Action.

Law professor Stephen Sachs of Duke University told the Washington Examiner via email that he and William Baude, a University of Chicago law professor, drafted the statement for the movement.

From the statement:

“Many Americans still support Trump in the belief that he will protect the Constitution. We understand that belief, but we do not share it. Trump’s long record of statements and conduct, in his campaign and in his business career, have shown him indifferent or hostile to the Constitution’s basic features — including a government of limited powers, an independent judiciary, religious liberty, freedom of speech and due process of law.”

Regardless of the phony lists he puts forth to placate the gullible, the authors do not trust Trump to nominate qualified judicial candidates, or to respect constitutional limits on his power.

Why would they? This is a guy who proclaimed during a primary debate that he intended to issue explicitly unlawful orders to torture and murder. It would be foolish in the extreme to expect him to suddenly develop respect for limited government after being handed vast power.

His kooky and cognitively challenged national spokesperson Katrina Pierson provides an indication of the caliber of the candidates he would nominate. Obsequious subservience and a willingness to rubberstamp his power grabs will be the only relevant qualifications.

Whichever authoritarian wins next month, the Constitution is in for a continued rough ride. But it has lasted this long. If enough people hold true to conservative principles, it will last another generation.

Trump is as certain as Clinton to apply lighter fluid.

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Oct 18 2016

Open Thread


Via Western Rifle Shooters Association, on a tip from Torcer.

Oct 18 2016

Creepy Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits

I wonder what Joe Biden would have to say to Billy Bush during a bus ride:

If Biden ever gets caught up in sexual assault allegations, he won’t be able to use Trump’s “I wouldn’t grope her, she’s not hot enough” defense. Slow Joe goes after females of any age or appearance.

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Oct 18 2016

Oklahoma High School Students Learn That All Whites Are Racists

Now that we have left individuality behind in favor of identity politics, there is no use aspiring to be a good person. The worst kind of person is a racist, and if you are white, that’s what you are, no matter what you think or say. At least, that is what public school students even in Oklahoma have been told:

A student at the school who did not want to be identified recently used her cell phone to record a classroom lecture at Norman North High School in which her teacher, who also is not identified, explained how to “heal the racial divide,” KFOR reports. …

“To be white is to be racist, period,” the teacher said in the recording. “Am I racist? I say yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

The student was naturally offended by her teacher labeling her a racist.

“Half of my family is Hispanic so I just felt like, you know, him calling me a racist just because I’m white … I mean, where’s your proof in that,” the girl said. “I felt like he was encouraging people to kind of pick on people for being white.”

Her father isn’t pleased either.

“Why is it okay to demonize one race to children that you are supposed to be teaching a curriculum to?” he asked KFOR.

Because they are racists, that’s why it’s okay.

If moonbats don’t stop overdoing it with the thuggery and hypocrisy, people might stop cringing in terror when the word “racist” is branded like a cudgel.

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Oct 18 2016

Pro-Life Groups Compelled to Promote Abortion

The pro-abortion fanatics who run our courts and California’s legislature have been exploring the last extremes of tyranny:

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a law requiring pro-life pregnancy groups to promote abortion.

A three-judge panel upheld a state law which requires crisis pregnancy centers, some of which are religiously-affiliated and exist expressly to steer women away from abortion, to provide their patients information about abortion services available elsewhere. The bill was supported by California Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice America.

A “living Constitution” makes all things possible — even squaring this thuggery with the First Amendment.

Coming soon: Christian doctors forced to perform abortions at gunpoint.

This little guy or gal has ruthless enemies.

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Oct 18 2016

Hillary Accused of Stealing State Department Furniture

Remember when we finally managed to get the Clintons out of the White House the last time, and in addition to causing $15,000 worth of damage, they took a fortune worth of china, silverware, carpets, artwork, and furniture, which had been given as gifts/bribes while they were in residence? It appears that Hillary has not reformed:

Hillary Clinton swiped State Department furniture to decorate her Washington home, a former member of her security detail has alleged to the FBI. …

The agent “does not know whether these items were ever returned to the government,” according to FBI notes. …

The accusations were part of 100 newly released pages of interview notes of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified material.

The State Department says Shrillary only took home property she owned. Still, it would be wise to ask her to put down a security deposit before she moves back into the White House.

There isn’t much they can’t get away with.

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Oct 18 2016

How Overeager Trumpsters Facilitated Democrat Voter Fraud

Bloggers need to be cognizant of a few basic laws of journalism. One is that just because you really, really want it to be true doesn’t mean it’s true. When a lefty trolled Trumpsters by claiming to be a mailman who destroys Trump ballots, the proprietors of cartoonishly pro-Trump websites Gateway Pundit and Drudge Report broke their teeth by biting the bait.

At least Hoft got himself some traffic with this breathless headline:

POSTAL WORKER Brags Online About Destroying Trump Ballots

Drudge eagerly jumped aboard:

Not even the most cursory attempt was made to determine whether the troll was on the level. He duped Hoft by tweeting this:

Wishful thinking on the part of notoriously gullible and conspiracy-minded Trumpsters was the only reason to believe that raandy, whose Twitter profile gives his location as California, is actually a postal worker in Columbus who risks federal prison by opening up absentee ballots so that he can destroy votes for Trump. Now he is having a good laugh:

Actually this is not so funny, because election fraud is a real problem, even if nowhere near the problem Trump has been pretending in an exceedingly irresponsible attempt to proactively excuse his drubbing next month.

As RedState notes,

Now thanks to Jim Hoft crying wolf, the left has another talking point to use when arguing that conservatives are only making it up.

This will serve to facilitate further voter fraud. Thanks Jim and Matt!

It will also serve to shovel more dirt on the early grave of the pro-Trump media, which has repeatedly proven that being more biased, sloppy, dishonest, and irresponsible than the mainstream media is not an effective strategy for replacing it.

On a tip from Torcer.

Oct 18 2016

Why Millennials Don’t Recoil From the Evil of Communism

Communism is the most profoundly evil political system ever devised. It allows only one avenue of personal aspiration: to climb within the ranks of the malevolent, all-controlling state. Around 100,000,000 people were killed by their own communist government within the course of the 20th century. Many times this number were enslaved, their lives reduced to pointless misery. Yet millennials view communism as favorably as the economic freedom that permitted our high standard of living:

Of the 2,300 Americans polled by YouGov, 80% of baby boomers and 91% of the elderly agree with the statement that “communism was and still is a problem” in the world today. Millennials? Only 55%.

Furthermore, almost half of Americans between the ages of 16 and 20 said they would vote for a socialist, while 21% would go so far as to back a communist.

Capitalism, on the other hand, is viewed favorably by 64% of those over the age of 65, compared with only 42% of millennials.

The difference between a socialist and a communist is largely a matter of presentation. For example, Bernie Sanders presents himself as a socialist. His background strongly indicates that if given the opportunity, he would rule as a communist (see here, here, here, and here).

The chart below indicates which names millennials are unfamiliar with. It also indicates how it is possible for them to hold such dangerously foolish views:


We all know about the horrors the Nazis inflicted. The larger-scale horrors inflicted by communists — which continue to this day — are unknown due to selective education and scrupulous avoidance by the communist-friendly entertainment industry.

The Black Book of Communism and The Gulag Archipelago should be required reading in every high school. Instead, students are being fed global warming propaganda and taught to hate themselves for being Caucasian.


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Oct 18 2016

Cowgirl Playset Banned in Chicago

Two things Chicago is well known for are Draconian restrictions on firearms and an astronomical murder rate. Only a moonbat would see a contradiction here. It’s as if the progressives in charge actually believe the bloodbath will end if they can just pile up enough senseless regulations that empower criminals by disarming the law-abiding. Maybe this reg will bring down the body count: will not deliver a toy cowgirl playset to Chicago residents, apparently because of a municipal law in the city forbidding replica toy firearms.

Banned in Chicago:


Feel safe yet?

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Oct 17 2016

Open Thread


Passed along by TrueConservative.

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