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May 25 2017

HHS: ObamaCare Doubled Health Insurance Premiums

Remember when Obama again and again and again promised that ObamaCare would reduce health insurance premiums by $2,500 per family per year?

This is what actually happened after they rammed ObamaCare through in the dead of night without a single Republican vote:

Obamacare introduced new regulations into the health care marketplace that contributed to premiums doubling after the legislation took full effect in 2014, according to a report the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released Tuesday evening.

HHS compared premiums in the exchange marketplaces in 2013, one year before Obamacare regulations took full effect, to premiums in the exchange marketplace in 2017. The report found that average monthly premiums increased from $224 in 2013 to $476 in 2014. That constitutes a 105 percent increase in only 4 years.

Yet simply repealing this monstrous legislation, which was also promised many times, is no longer an option, now that Republicans actually have the power to do it. Maybe one day they will manage to replace it with ObamaCare Lite.

The $2,500 savings wasn’t the only lie we were told.

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May 25 2017

Startup Burrito Business Crushed by Social Justice Warriors on Grounds of Cultural Appropriation

Totalitarian political correctness has reached such a repressive extreme that white women are no longer allowed to run a business that serves burritos because that would be cultural appropriation.

Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connelly learned what they could from tortilla ladies in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico, then applied the knowledge by starting up Kooks Burritos in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, it was so successful that social justice warriors found out about it after it was featured in a local paper. Their fist came down hard:

Getting a whiff of Wilgus and Connelly’s process of creating tortilla recipes, leftist outlets like and The Portland Mercury pounced: painting the female entrepreneurs contributing to society as racist, sticky-fingered villains.

If naming a football team the “Redskins” is racist against Indians, then why can’t serving Mexican cuisine be racist against Mexicans?

Soon after, the business was forced into closing its doors, and its online presence has all but disappeared. The Portland Mercury called the closure a “victory.”

Evidently, only certified Mexicans are allowed to make burritos in militantly moonbatty Portland. It follows that only Mexicans should be allowed to eat them. Somehow, in the addled minds of liberal prigs, forbidding Mexican influence prevents Mexican culture from being “marginalized.”

If these people come after my tequila, there will be trouble.

Although the actual objective may appear to be bullying for the sake of bullying, oppression in the name of preventing “cultural appropriation” is consistent with broader liberal goals. America became so culturally rich because it was a melting pot that incorporated the best of what the rest of the world had to offer without losing its own identity. The goal of progressives is to destroy that identity through cultural Marxism. You can’t splinter America into warring fragments if you allow foreign influences to be absorbed.

Moonbat disapproval makes burritos taste even better.

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May 25 2017

Poll Finds Majority of Democrats Think Russia Altered Vote Count

Liberals used to call themselves the Reality-Based Community. They still have their own community-based reality. YouGov tried out the statement, “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President.” So far as I know, this has not been asserted by any serious person. Yet check out the results:


A majority of Democrats believe an outrageous accusation that has not even been seriously alleged, but merely implied.

As Hot Air notes,

Virtually everyone in a position to know has shot down the theory that Russia messed with the vote in November. Barack Obama: Nope. James Clapper: Nope. James Comey and Mike Rogers: Nope.

Now we know why the media keeps saying that Russia “hacked the election” rather than saying it hacked John Podesta’s emails. The media deals in impressions, not facts. The strategy is highly effective, at least among those who want to believe.

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May 24 2017

Open Thread

coexist bomb

Via Big Dog.

May 24 2017

A Teen Goes to Church

The sort of character the media loves pays a visit to the sort of people the media hate:

If this punk ever manages to get himself killed, he will be canonized by the press as surely as Trayvon Martin. He is just the sort of black held forth by the liberal establishment as representative of blacks in general and worthy of the highest veneration. The decent people in the church don’t count as blacks, from the moonbat point of view; they are Uncle Toms.

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May 24 2017

Feminists Marry Themselves

Ever stretching for the final extreme of self-ridicule, feminist moonbats have reached sologamy, which Andrew Klavan aptly describes as “more pathetic than the human heart can bear yet strangely comical in a cruel sort of way”:

Cut Klavan some slack; not many could have gotten through that story without laughing.

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May 24 2017

Morrissey Reacts Sensibly to Manchester, Is Attacked by Liberal Establishment

Even the most insufferable moonbats can find redemption by letting some common sense into their heads. For example, pop singer Morrissey has been ridiculed at this site many a time, mainly for his radical veganism. Now he earns kudos. While Katy Perry blathers psychotically about coexistence, Morrissey says this:

Theresa May says such attacks “will not break us”, but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to identify any young people today in Manchester morgues. Also, “will not break us” means that the tragedy will not break her, or her policies on immigration. The young people of Manchester are already broken – thanks all the same, Theresa. Sadiq Khan says “London is united with Manchester”, but he does not condemn Islamic State – who have claimed responsibility for the bomb. The Queen receives absurd praise for her ‘strong words’ against the attack, yet she does not cancel today’s garden party at Buckingham Palace – for which no criticism is allowed in the Britain of free press. Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an “extremist”. An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?

In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections.

Theoretically, the people have two protections: the government and the right to bear arms. Both have been denied to Britons. Their government aggressively sides with a hostile alien culture that is displacing them from their own country. This government also denies them their right to bear arms, although that had no bearing on Manchester.

For saying out loud that 2 + 2 = 4, Morrissey has been pilloried on behalf of the Islamophilic liberal establishment by the useless moonbats at Spin, who denounce the cogent commentary above as a “jumbled statement.”

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May 24 2017

Black Lives Matter to Receive Peace Award

Even George Orwell would have found this unreal:

Black Lives Matter is set to receive a “peace award” to highlight the group’s work to bring about change in a non-violent way, a foundation announced Monday.

The Sydney Peace Foundation will give the award to the movement’s founders Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza in November, reports the Guardian.

Each year the organization tries to honor people who are “leading global voices that promote peace, justice and nonviolence,” the foundation explained.

The slogans “War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Ignorance Is Strength” have been replaced. Now we have “Strife Is Peace; Anarchy Is Justice; Violence Is Nonviolence.”

Black Lives Matter is well known for chants like “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? Now!” It has sparked numerous riots. Its inflammatory rhetoric has led directly to the murder of police officers, most infamously in Dallas and Baton Rouge. In Oakland, BLM protestors vandalized a police station. BLM is widely regarded as a domestic terrorist group.

The purpose of Black Lives Matter is to disrupt peace. No homegrown entity in the USA is more conspicuously undeserving of a peace prize. That’s why pious liberals see fit to give it one.

How to win a peace prize.

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May 24 2017

Katy Perry Finds Solution to Islam’s Terror War Against the West


Moonbat pop singer Katy Perry shares an audience with Ariana Grande. This audience was deliberately targeted for senseless slaughter in the name of Allah in Britain, which is becoming overrun by Muslims as a result of suicidal immigration and welfare policies. Here is what Katy wants to do about it:

“I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other, and, like, no barriers, no borders. Like, we all need to just coexist.”

No doubt Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gives her message a double thumbs-up.

Careful; this could damage your IQ:

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May 24 2017

How to Turn Real News Into Fake News

Since people mostly just scan the headlines, and few actually read the stories all the way through, propagandists can easily turn real news into fake news simply by attaching a deceptive headline to a real story. For example, this is the headline in the Tampa Bay Times for a story about Devon Arthurs, who converted to Islam and then killed two of his roommates in the name of his new faith:

‘Neo-Nazi’ in Florida National Guard Arrested After Explosives Found at Tampa Palms Murder Scene

The people killed were neo-Nazis. Arthurs is a former neo-Nazi who killed them because he had become a Muslim. Afterwards he briefly held hostages at a nearby smoke shop, where he declared that he was upset about America bombing Muslim countries. He specifically and repeatedly stated that his maniacal crime spree was motivated by Islam.

In the aftermath, another neo-Nazi roommate was arrested on an explosives charge.

It isn’t as if phony headlines are not informative. From this one, we learn that the media hates Nazis and loves Muslims — the similarities between them notwithstanding.

fake news

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May 24 2017

California Considers Staggeringly Expensive Single Payer Healthcare

New York, whose Assembly recently passed a bill that would more than double taxes so as to impose single payer healthcare, may not be the first state to go bankrupt on behalf of socialized medicine. When it comes to moonbattery, California is not to be outdone:

It would cost $400 billion to remake California’s health insurance marketplace and create a publicly funded universal [health]care system, according to a state financial analysis released Monday.

California would have to find an additional $200 billion per year, including in new tax revenues, to create a so-called “single-payer” system, the analysis by the Senate Appropriations Committee found. The estimate assumes the state would retain the existing $200 billion in local, state and federal funding it currently receives to offset the total $400 billion price tag.

Confiscating the required revenue would drive even more businesses out of the state, resulting in higher unemployment, thereby emphasizing the need for the government to provide everyone with “free” healthcare.

The plan sure sounds utopian:

[T]here would be no out-of-pocket expenses — no deductibles or co-pays. Californians could visit any doctor without a referral and the plan would include dental, vision, mental health and nursing home coverage.

It would even cover illegal aliens, which would have the benefit of making Third-Worlders more likely to pore across the underdefended border into California rather than Arizona and Texas.

The problem with everything free for everybody is the cost. Even the astronomical $400 billion estimate may be optimistic:

[W]hen Californians approved a high-speed rail system in 2008, the estimated cost of the project was $40 billion. The current estimate for the same project is $64 billion and there is reason to think that figure is still well below the actual cost. In January the LA Times reported the first 118 miles of the plan was 50% over budget ($3.6 billion extra).

The same could happen with this new single-payer plan. Democrats could wipe out the old health care system only to discover the new one is going to cost $600 billion instead of $400 billion.

But once you are talking about numbers this massive, what is a few hundred $billion here or there? There are still plenty of lucrative businesses left in California to loot. For now, anyway.

Cash Spigot
They’re going to need a wider pipe.

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May 23 2017

Open Thread


Via Raven.

May 23 2017

The Dumbest Thing I Have Seen All Decade

Darwinism many not meaningfully explain the development much less the origin of life, but it does offer an explanation for why some species go extinct. If they cannot adapt to reality (or adapt reality to them), they do not deserve to exist. The same could be said for a society of moonbats like Louise Mensch:


If people like this prevail, we will go extinct. Savages will take our place, because they will be more fit to exist.

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May 23 2017

Fascism and Liberalism, Economic Twins

Ronald Reagan didn’t need many words to explain why fascism and liberalism are two peas in a pod when it comes to economics:

Economist John Jewkes offers some insight into why fascists and liberals, coming from different directions, arrive at the same economic solutions:

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May 23 2017

Islamic Hotties

Muslims are not exactly known for their sense of humor, but even amid the carnage they senselessly inflict, they can still provide us with some laughs. A screen cap from the Telegraph:

muslim women

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May 23 2017

False Flag Operation Floated for Manchester on CNN

The recent attack in Manchester was conspicuously evil even by Muslim standards, deliberately targeting school-age girls while they were trying to have some fun. How is this square peg to be pounded into the round hole of the Islamophilic liberal ideology that dominates the news media? When all else fails, the media might play the final desperate card by suggesting a false flag operation:

Amidst the horrific news and footage that came out of Manchester last night, CNN Terror Analyst Paul Cruickshank was a reporting live on Anderson Cooper’s AC360. …

After suggesting evidence of a suicide bomber as culprit to the horrible attack at the Ariana Grande concert, Cruickshank went out of his way to remind viewers that there may be other explanations behind the attack. “It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there’s been a number of false flag plots where right wing have been trying to blame Islamists for terrorism,” before adding “we have seen that in Germany in recent weeks.”

If wishes could make it so, all 30,000+ lethal terror attacks that have been carried out in the name of Islam just since 9/11 would be laid at the feet of conservatives by CNN. But as it is, I can’t think of a single significant Islamic terror attack that turned out to be a false flag operation.

The Caliphate News Network.

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May 23 2017

Human Activity Said to Affect Space Weather

Uh oh. Now we’ve really done it:

space weather

If just using affordable light bulbs can cause global warming, imagine what nuclear tests could do to the weather on the moon. Expect to hear soon how this threatens sacred polar bears throughout the solar system.

Menaced by human activity.

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May 23 2017

Manchester Terrorist Identified


What a surprise. I was sure the Manchester terrorist would turn out to have a name like John Smith. But no:

Police on Tuesday identified the man who blew himself up the previous night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, as 22-year-old Salman Abedi. CBS News confirmed Abedi was known to British authorities prior to the attack.

In a generic statement posted online, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for Abedi’s suicide bomb attack, which left 22 people dead, including children, at one of the entrances to the Manchester Arena.

Whether the Islamic State really bears direct responsibility remains to be determined. But it appears clear that Islam in general gets yet another notch in its scimitar.

The bomb wielded by Abedi was designed to kill and maim as many people as possible; many of the survivors suffered shrapnel wounds and ball bearings were found at the scene. …

Prime Minister May said the attacker had deliberately chosen “his time and place to cause maximum carnage” in the young crowd.

Evil for its own sake to curry favor with an evil god is the hallmark of Islam.

By now it is easy to recognize. We have been seeing quite a lot of it in Europe, uncoincidentally accompanying the massive wave of “refugees.”

More will follow. Hundreds of ISIS-trained terrorists have been allowed to return to England, where the extravagantly generous welfare state allows them to devote themselves full time to their terror plots.

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