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Jul 20 2017

P.J. Watson on Linda Sarsour

Like most of us, Paul Joseph Watson has had more than enough of the fraudulent Islamomoonbat Linda Sarsour (language alert):

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Jul 20 2017

Citizen Builds Stairs for Tiny Fraction of What Government Would Spend

A retired mechanic in Canada got sick of waiting on the bureaucracy and took the initiative to build stairs in his community park:

Retired mechanic Adi Astl says he took it upon himself to build the stairs after several neighbours fell down the steep path to a community garden in Tom Riley Park, in Etobicoke, Ont. Astl says his neighbours chipped in on the project, which only ended up costing $550 – a far cry from the $65,000-$150,000 price tag the city had estimated for the job. …

Astl says he hired a homeless person to help him and built the eight steps in a matter of hours.

Those who use the path are grateful. A member of his gardening group had broken her wrist falling down it.

“To me, the safety of people is more important than money,” Astl said. “So if the city is not willing to do it, I have to do it myself.”

Municipal bureaucrats are less grateful. They won’t let people use the stairs.

City bylaw officers have taped off the stairs while officials make a decision on what to do with it.

At least Astl has not been charged with a crime.

Someday the bureaucrats will get around to tearing down his non-regulation stairs and replacing them with similar stairs that will cost taxpayers over 100 times as much. Then people will be able to use the path again.

Adi Astl
Adi Astl descends his stairs.

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Jul 20 2017

Meet the Truly Marginalized: Christians in Britain

The top layers of the P.C. caste system are reserved for the marginalized, if by “marginalized” you mean privileged. Special interest groups that are catered to by the establishment at every opportunity, and which it is forbidden to criticize, are hardly marginalized; if they were, there would be some escape from their belligerent demands. Christians have a very different experience:

More than 90 per cent of Christians in the UK believe their faith is being marginalized in British society, a survey has revealed.

It also found a majority of Christians thought their faith was not given the same respect as other religions in the UK, with most feeling it was considered unacceptable for them to share their beliefs in public.

The survey, conducted by Premier Christian Communications, questioned more than 12,000 “ordinary Christians” as part of a ‘State of the Faith’ study.

Half of the respondents report having experienced prejudice because of their faith. Having supposedly experienced discrimination is a badge of honor among politically favored groups, often serving as their only notable source of pride. Yet there sit Christians at the bottom of the caste system, openly reviled in the culture that is presented to us as our own by the media.

What Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School called “repressive tolerance” is inflicted particularly unmercifully on the young:

Younger Christians were more likely to say that they experienced prejudice for their faith, with 70 per cent of respondents aged 15 to 19 reporting negative experiences.

Only the strongest among them will hold onto their faith.

Click for full size. Via Premier.

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Jul 20 2017

King’s College London Banishes Its Founders to the Memory Hole for Being White

It used to be that universities preserved our heritage and passed it on to new generations. Now, heritage is deliberately erased:

King’s College London is to swap portraits of some of its founding fathers with a “wall of diversity” amid pressure from students, a dean says.

Whatever small cliques of militant students demand, they are likely to get — so long as it fits with the educrats’ agenda.

The plans to move portraits of former faculty staff from the main entrance wall and replace them with more BME [black/minority/ethnic] scholars are being implemented by the world famous Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, following concern among academics that the current classroom environment is too “intimidating” for ethnic minorities.

The native population must be eradicated not only from the future, not only from the present, but also from the past, lest sacred BMEs feel intimidated by the accomplishments of better people from better times.

Being white isn’t the only grounds for banishment to the Memory Hole.

It comes two years after King’s sparked controversy for removing a photograph of Lord Carey, the former of Archbishop of Canterbury, in response to his opposition to gay marriage.

Facing widespread criticism at the time, the university defended its review of a “window display policy” on the grounds that some images had been unrepresentative of the “diversity of our university community”.

Professor [Patrick] Leman [the Institute’s Dean of Education], who describes himself as “tribal Labour” in blogs, added that portraits lining the main entrance are “almost entirely white middle-aged men” and will be replaced with a “wall of diversity”.

If liberal social engineers have their way, future generations may not realize that England was once populated by Europeans, or that marriage was once regarded as sacred.

Leman is pleased to help erase his culture.

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Jul 20 2017

Injustice Department Plans to Reinstate Asset Forfeiture

One problem with abandoning conservative principles and allowing statists to dominate the Republican Party is that now we have a choice between socialism and tyranny like this:

The Justice Department announced their plans to reinstate the use of asset forfeiture, especially for drug suspects — making it easier for local law enforcement to seize cash and property from crime suspects and reap the proceeds.

The practice has been criticized because it allows law enforcement to take possessions — such as cars and money — without indictments or evidence a crime has been committed.

Thankfully the Founders devised a federal system so that the individual states can protect us from centralized tyranny. Except…

CBS News’ Paula Reid reports that 24 states have passed laws limiting the practice, but local law enforcement can get around those restrictions by giving seized assets to the federal government instead of returning them to their owners. This practice is called “adoption” and it’s been used to seize almost $1 billion in assets over the last decade.

That leaves us with the Fifth Amendment as a defense from being looted by the police. “No person shall be … deprived of … property, without due process of law.” But the Constitution is only a scrap of paper if we don’t have the character to insist that it be honored.

asset forfeiture
When government stops being limited, police stop being the good guys.

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Jul 19 2017

Open Thread


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Jul 19 2017

Andrea Mitchell Tries Her Hand at History

How clueless is left-wing NBC propagandist Andrea Mitchell? Let her illustrate:


We entered WWI on April 6, 1917.

Maybe she got the war right, but the year wrong, in addition to the month and day. We entered WWII when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

Keep this in mind if you are ever tempted to assume that Andrea Mitchell’s copremesis is factually accurate.

Graphic compliments of Stormfax.

Jul 19 2017

Washington Post’s Appalling Spin on Shooting by Somali Refugee Police Officer

By now we should be used to it. But it is just too surreal to get your head around. Here is how the Washington Post covers the horrifying story of a Somali refugee police officer gunning down a woman as she spoke with another officer in Minneapolis:

When Mohamed Noor joined the Minneapolis police force and was assigned to patrol the city’s southwest corner, the Somali community there — the nation’s largest — threw a party for him to celebrate.

He was the first Somali American officer to serve in Minneapolis’s fifth precinct and one of fewer than a dozen Somali American officers in the department. His presence on the squad brought Somali activists some pride and reassurance at a time of Islamophobia in America and nationwide racial tension stoked in part by shootings of black people by white police officers.

Now that same Somali community is bracing for a backlash against Noor that has already begun.

Here’s what they mean by backlash:

Already, hateful posts criticizing Islam and sharia law are filling social media in response to the police shooting. Several far-right blogs featured sensational headlines that blamed the officer’s ethnicity for the deadly use of force.

Other Somali officers in the police department are “nervous,” [Omar] Jamal said.

More on WaPo source Omar Jamal, who has been called the “Somali Jesse Jackson” and who has been convicted on immigration fraud charges, can be found here.

The piece ends on a note of effusive praise for Noor. If a black Muslim shoots an innocent unarmed white woman, the Washington Post knows which side to take.

Why Noor shot Justine Damond may never be known, but it certainly appears to have been murder. Some of her blood has splattered onto liberals, because Noor is a product of Affirmative Action.

The federal government and do-gooder church volags it finances with our money have established a Somali colony in Minneapolis, and local officials twist themselves into knots to provide the colonists with hiring preferences. Finding refugees from the savage land of Somalia who are even remotely qualified to serve as police officers has proven difficult. This may be why Noor was still in a squad car despite three complaints against him in only 1 year since completing his training, including a lawsuit alleging that he brutalized another woman in May. It is also why we will never be told his motive if it has to do with rage inspired by Damond’s sharia-noncompliant clothing (she was wearing pajamas when he killed her).

Noor and his victim.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Jul 19 2017

USA Today Gripes: Too Many White Males in Dunkirk

The cultural Marxists at USA Today may have reached the final extreme of self-parody in an otherwise positive review of the movie Dunkirk:

[T]he fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

This is a historical movie about the evacuation of British troops from France in WWII. The people involved were white males. Suggesting that they should be played by blacks for purposes of diversity is like saying that some of the dogs in 101 Dalmatians should have been played by cats.

USA Today gives the movie 3 1/2 stars. It could have received four by taking advice from James Delingpole:

[I]t might have provided valuable comic relief if Amy Schumer or Rebel Wilson – or perhaps even both – had been cast as, say, two brilliant battlefield surgeons who insisted on staying behind with the troops when all their male counterparts had fled.

Also, it would definitely have added a new dimension had James Earl Jones been cast as the salty old Royal Naval officer called out of retirement for one last trip across the English Channel, or if Ice T and Snoop Dogg had been given the role of two aging rappers who parachute from a Dakota to administer weed to the desperate troops, or if Oprah appeared in a cameo as Queen Mary welcoming the returning troops after their desperate voyage.

Liberals regard the triumph of their ideology as historically inevitable. If they are right, future generations will learn from the movies that Monty was a Muslim of Somali heritage and Patton was a transsexual illegal immigrant from Guatemala. At least Rommel will stay white.

Politically incorrect: British troops played by white males.

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Jul 19 2017

Jake Tapper Joins the Alt-Right

Post-Obama, radical moonbats have shifted the spectrum so far to the left that even a liberal CNN journalist apparently qualifies as a member of the Alt-Right:

Sarsour was in a sour mood over this tweet from Tapper:

Tapper was referring this:

Sarsour’s Women’s March movement actually idolizes Assata Shakur, who is one of the best arguments yet for a swiftly applied death penalty. The Black Liberation Army activist was convicted of murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973. After escaping from prison, she has been hiding out in communist Cuba ever since. Now you know all you need to know about the woman’s march movement.

As the conflict escalated, Tapper also called out Sarsour for her now deleted attack on the heroic Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Radicalization is shifting the battle lines. People need to be careful not to get stranded on the wrong side. Like most everyone at CNN, Tapper is a liberal. But unless he is willing to embrace vermin like Assata Shakur and Linda Sarsour, he belongs on the right, just like Sarsour says.

On a tip from StephaneDumas. Hat tips: Right Scoop, Zero Hedge.

Jul 19 2017

Journalist Assaulted in South Africa

As utopia continues to unfold in South Africa, free speech gulps its last gasps of air:

amaBhungane investigative journalist Micah Reddy was allegedly assaulted by Black First Land First (BLF) members in Braamfontein after a panel interview with its leader Andile Mngxitama on Monday afternoon.

BLF has been implicated in a corruption scandal that amaBhungane has been investigating.

This comes just days after the SA National Editors Forum (Sanef) won a court interdict against BLF and Mngxitama at the High Court in Johannesburg preventing members from intimidating, assaulting, and going to journalists’ homes.

What will happen to this interdict when BLF or the comparably terrifying EFF ends up in control of the country, making even the ANC look civilized by comparison?

Mngxitama says Reddy provoked the BLF members by allegedly swearing at them.

“When I got out, there was an altercation and I stopped the commotion. He is lucky because we don’t fight black people. … If it was [a] white journalist, we would have dealt with it by any means necessary.”

No problem; a decade from now there will be no white journalists in South Africa. First “racism” is abolished, then Caucasians.

Andile Mngxitama
Idiot thugs like Andile Mngxitama will end up in charge.

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Jul 18 2017

Open Thread


Via Kevin W.

Jul 18 2017

Even Liberal Whites Cause “Race Fatigue”

To the many crimes the European race has inflicted against persons of politically preferred pigmentation we can now add race fatigue:

A New York University librarian recently bemoaned the “racial fatigue” she experiences “in the presence of white people” following an academic conference.

April Hathcock, a Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU, recently attended the annual American Library Association [ALA] conference in Chicago, a trade conference for people in the library profession.

Right after the conference, Hathcock took to her personal blog to describe her “Post-ALA Race Fatigue,” lamenting that she was suffering from “serious race fatigue” after spending five days amongst her colleagues…

Race fatigue is a real physical, mental, and emotional condition that people of color experience after spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the micro- and macro-aggressions that inevitably occur when in the presence of white people,” Hathcock wrote. “The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue.”

While Hathcock noted that she is normally exhausted after such conferences for reasons unrelated to racial issues, she said that this time she “hit her limit” after spending five days “being tone-policed and condescended to and ‘splained to.”

She groused about “nice white ladies” who had the audacity to tell her to be “civil” and “professional.” The racists.

If any countermoonbats attend ALA conferences, they are sure to keep very low profiles. Yet even liberals are too white to be endured.

It probably never occurred to April that white people suffer from race fatigue too, and that she might not like the symptoms that develop.

April is tired of white people.

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Jul 18 2017

Feminist Geography

Academic research must stop citing so many white males. That seems to be the point of the abstract below, from an article published by Carrie Mott of the Department of Geography at Rutgers University and Daniel Cockayne of the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo, in the scholarly journal Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography:

An increasing amount of scholarship in critical, feminist, and anti-racist geographies has recently focused self-reflexively on the topics of exclusion and discrimination within the discipline itself. In this article we contribute to this literature by considering citation as a problematic technology that contributes to the reproduction of the white heteromasculinity of geographical thought and scholarship, despite advances toward more inclusivity in the discipline in recent decades. Yet we also suggest, against citation counting and other related neoliberal technologies that imprecisely approximate measures of impact, influence, and academic excellence, citation thought conscientiously can also be a feminist and anti-racist technology of resistance that demonstrates engagement with those authors and voices we want to carry forward. We argue for a conscientious engagement with the politics of citation as a geographical practice that is mindful of how citational practices can be a tool for either the reification of, or resistance to, unethical hierarchies of knowledge production. We offer practical and conceptual reasons for carefully thinking through the role of citation as a performative embodiment of the reproduction of geographical thought.

It isn’t just the stratospheric tuition rates, or the direct taxpayer funding of state schools like Rutgers. The federal government spends more of our money than states do subsidizing “higher” education, a growing percentage of which consists of pernicious nonsense like the verbiage above. The hard sciences need to be separated from the fields that have already died of moonbattery, so that the former can be funded without wasting our wealth on worthless garbage.

Unloading feminist geography.

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Jul 18 2017

Moonbats Release up to 40,000 Minks That Probably Won’t Survive in the Wild

Moonbattery results from a perfect storm of sanctimony, malice, liberal ideology, and idiocy. One of its most extreme manifestations is the animal rights movement, which is likely responsible for this:

Stearns County [Minnesota] Sheriff Don Gudmonson says sometime between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 a.m. Monday a person or group of people burglarized the Lang Farms LLC in Eden Lake, just northwest of Eden Valley. The Lang Farms raise mink for pelts.

Gudmonson says once the vandals were on the property they took apart sections of the exterior fence that surrounds the barns and released all the mink from their cages.

Authorities say around 30,000 – 40,000 mink were released, all of which are domesticated and will likely not survive in the wild.

Congratulations, moonbats. You managed to senselessly kill tens of thousands of animals that never would have existed if not for mink farms. In addition to damages estimated at over $750,000, there will be the public expense of trying to round up the minks, and possibly medical expenses for people who get bit by them.

Don’t get bit trying to catch one.

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Jul 18 2017

Somali Police Officer Unaccountably Shoots Minneapolis Woman

Congratulations to Mohamed Noor, the first Somali police officer in his Minneapolis precinct. Due to P.C. preferences, a stellar career is sure to unfold before him — unless he derailed it when he blew away a woman for no apparent reason Saturday night:

The police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman in mysterious circumstances after she called 911 to report a disturbance behind her upscale Minneapolis home has been identified.

Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley.

Both officer’s bodycams were off and the squad car camera not recording when Damond – who was in her pyjamas – was killed at around 11.30pm on Saturday, just a month before she was due to marry.

At last word, the police had put forth no explanation for this homicide.

In his short career, Noor already had three complaints against him, two of which are still under investigation.

Damond had called 911 to report what she believed to be an active sexual assault. Ironically, she was a militant opponent of anyone but the authorities being allowed to own firearms.

Somehow, I doubt this story will generate as much outrage as when white police officers are forced to shoot black criminals.

No one knows why he killed her. Via Silence Is Consent.

On tips from Stormfax and Dragon’s Lair.

Jul 18 2017

New York Times Endorses Authoritarian Concept That Free Speech Is Violence

An absurd and alarming notion has become prevalent among militant campus snowflakes that would spell an end to freedom of speech if widely implemented. They say that being exposed to thoughts they don’t like is equivalent to physical violence. Of course, most thoughts are offensive to someone, so this only applies to thoughts deemed offensive to those at the top of the P.C. caste system, i.e., those known in leftist theology as the “marginalized”: blacks, Muslims, illegal aliens, sexual deviants — in short, anyone cultural Marxists can play off against the core population. This notion of speech as violence is now going mainstream — if the “Paper of Record” can still be regarded as mainstream. This was actually published in the New York Times:

Physical violence is physically damaging; verbal statements aren’t. “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

But scientifically speaking, it’s not that simple. Words can have a powerful effect on your nervous system. Certain types of adversity, even those involving no physical contact, can make you sick, alter your brain — even kill neurons — and shorten your life.

Your body’s immune system includes little proteins called proinflammatory cytokines that cause inflammation when you’re physically injured. Under certain conditions, however, these cytokines themselves can cause physical illness. What are those conditions? One of them is chronic stress.

Your body also contains little packets of genetic material that sit on the ends of your chromosomes. They’re called telomeres. Each time your cells divide, their telomeres get a little shorter, and when they become too short, you die. This is normal aging. But guess what else shrinks your telomeres? Chronic stress.

If words can cause stress, and if prolonged stress can cause physical harm, then it seems that speech — at least certain types of speech — can be a form of violence.

Science has spoken. Lo and behold, science turns out to be a militant moonbat that doesn’t like free speech.

Moronic to the point of self-parody? Sure, but also alarming.

Democrats will find themselves back in power before long, possibly in a big way due to Trump’s increasing unpopularity and the uselessness of the Republicans in Congress. When they do, do not expect them even to pay lip service to freedom of speech. Free speech is violence, after all.

Will soon have the whip hand.

On a tip from Torcer.

Jul 18 2017

Iranian Pardoned by Obama Involved in Stealing U.S. Military Technology for Iran

Obama is finally out of office. Yet the damage continues:

The U.S. Department of Justice says two Iranian men who worked with someone pardoned by President Barack Obama have been charged with hacking a Vermont software company and stealing software that does aerodynamic analysis and design for bullets and GPS-guided artillery shells.

Court documents say beginning in 2007 the men worked to steal software from American companies with a third person, who was pardoned by Obama last year. The documents say in 2012 they stole software from South Burlington company Arrow Tech Associates by hacking into its computer system and then sold it in Iran.

Obama pardoned Nima Golestaneh as part of a prisoner swap, reminding us once again why it is not wise to make deals with terrorists. Any American military technology that ends up in Iran is likely to be used to kill Americans.

At least Golestaneh didn’t leak 750,000 restricted documents, like another recipient of Obama’s beneficence. No doubt Golestaneh is just as grateful as Bradley Manning.

commander in chief obama
We’re still not done paying the price for this farce.

On a tip from Steve T.

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