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Feb 11 2016

Purdue Staff Member Jamie Newman Allegedly Threatens to Rape Female Relatives of Pro-Lifer

Academia is not a welcoming place for those who believe in the sanctity of innocent human life. It is dominated by people like Purdue University staff member Jamie Newman:

Newman has allegedly posted a series of comments threatening to rape pro-life women on Live Action News, the publishing arm of Live Action, a grassroots organization devoted to “promoting a culture of life and advancing human rights.”

In a screenshot obtained by Campus Reform, Newman appears to concede that he did threaten to rape the “wife/daughter/great grandmother” of another commenter on the site.

“Oh, I’m sorry. So, let me make my intentions quite explicit: I did in fact offer to rape Tom’s wife/daughter/great grandmother. Free of charge, even. I’m generous that way. Here’s the number for the West Lafayette Police Department: 765-775-5500. Here’s the number for the local FBI office: 765-435-5619. Drop that dime! I could strike at any minute. *giggles* (like a girl),” the full comment states.

Last week, Newman called pro-life students “vile, racist idiots.” He works for Purdue in the Division of Dance.

These days only the strong come out of universities with their heads on straight. The rest are liable to be cowed into submission in an environment overwhelmingly hostile to traditional values.

Jamie Newman: aspiring rapist?

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Feb 11 2016

Venezuela Illuminates the Path to Our Socialist Future

If we really are all socialists now, we had better brace ourselves for an America that looks increasingly like Venezuela, a nation extravagantly wealthy in resources where people have been reduced by authoritarian collectivist economic policies to smuggling milk.

It has been said that if the federal government took over the Sahara Desert, within 5 years there would be a shortage of sand. Case in point Venezuela is floating on oil, so you might think energy would not be an issue — and yet:

In addition to the rationing of food, medicine, residential electricity, and water, the Nicolás Maduro administration is now limiting power consumption in the country’s shops.

Effective February 10, the government will roll out planned outages in shopping malls from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., and from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

This means that facilities with loads greater than 100 Kva will have to acquire a generator if they wish to keep operating normally.

According to El Universal,

Shopping mall representatives argued that interrupting electricity twice a day would distort the operation of banks, health centers, pharmacies, supermarkets, and restaurants which need power constantly to chill their products.

These are only minor inconveniences on the glorious road to socialism. However, before reaching utopia, that road invariably dissolves into bankruptcy. Venezuela has taken on over $100 billion in foreign debt…

Venezuela will have to default. The only question is when.

A Venezuela meltdown could rock financial markets, and people around the world will lose a lot of money. But we should all save our collective sympathy — both the government in Caracas and the investors who enabled it had it coming.

In the last few years, the Venezuelan government has been steadfast about staying in good graces with its lenders. …

But it has neglected to implement the reforms Venezuela would need to improve the fundamentals of its economy. Its commitment to socialist “populism” and the complicated internal dynamics within the governing coalition have paralyzed the government. It has repeatedly postponed important reforms like eliminating its absurd exchange rate controls (the country has at least four exchange rates) or raising the domestic price of gasoline (the cheapest in the world by far). Instead, the government has “adjusted” by shutting off imports, leaving store shelves all over the country barren.

This strategy now seems unsustainable.

You might even conclude that socialist populism itself is unsustainable. Yet Tuesday in New Hampshire primary voters in both parties eagerly endorsed it, turning their backs on the free market economics that made America rich.

There is only one hope for Venezuela. Unfortunately,

For years, analysts have been warning that the Venezuelan government would rather chew nails that allow the private sector to grow.

People must prefer poverty and tyranny to wealth and freedom. Otherwise they would never choose Big Government progressives over free market conservatives.

Even more true in 2016.

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Feb 11 2016

GitHub’s Anti-White Agenda

The tech industry, infamous for militantly intolerant moonbattery, is becoming an uninviting place for members of America’s core population. GitHub is pushing the envelope:

Online source code repository and team collaboration service GitHub has been under fire after an anti-white agenda was revealed within the company’s “Social Impact Team.”

According to Tech Insider’s reveal on GitHub’s current situation, CEO Chris Wanstrath is radically changing the company.

Some of the changes involve imposing an unpopular top-down organizational structure. Others involve imposing ideology. In part this is accomplished through GitHub’s Social Impact Team, which is “in charge of figuring out how to use the product to tackle social issues.”

Headed by diversity consultant Nicole Sanchez, the team’s previous achievements include working with the White House to fit “low-income homes” with free Wi-Fi around the country, but the team is now focused on diversifying the company’s workforce.

“Diversifying” means purging of white people.

“It is very hard to even interview people who are ‘white,’” claimed an anonymous GitHub employee speaking to Tech Insider.

“Diversity consultants” like Sanchez are waging a barely acknowledged race war against Caucasians.

In February 2015, Sanchez wrote an article for USA Today entitled “More white women does not equal tech diversity,” and during a diversity training talk Sanchez even stated that technology was “not work for white folks to lead” and that “some of the biggest barriers to progress are white women.”

The problem with white women is that they are white. Utopia won’t have any whites, just nonwhites enjoying the fruits of the society whites created.

The technical director of GitHub’s Social Impact Team Danilo Campos isn’t any better.

“Don’t think we’ll succeed teaching white, male middle managers empathy and compassion anytime soon. So let’s limit their scope of damage,” wrote Campos in one tweet.

But hardly anyone pushes back, because resistance would be racist.

GitHub talking points.

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Feb 11 2016

Are We Really All Socialists Now?

Left-wing Newsweek gloatingly welcomed Obama into power with this 2009 cover story:


It wasn’t true in 2009; significant resistance arose in the form of the Tea Party and the Republican takeover of both houses of Congress. But if the New Hampshire primary is any indication, it might be true in 2016:

New Hampshire gave a full-throated socialist a rout over semi-socialist Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side and the once and now apparently again socialist Donald Trump won the GOP primary after going left of Bernie Sanders in his final rallies in the state. To translate, Obama’s hope and change and fundamental transformation of the nation are right on track – barreling warp-speed to the left in both presidential primary contests.

We know Sanders is a socialist because he has always called himself one and behaved accordingly. But Trump’s digital brownshirts keep shouting that anyone who doesn’t revere The Donald is in league with the liberals. How could he be a socialist?

According to Trump, the problem is business, not government. No, government is as pure as the wind-driven snow. The problem with health care is big pharma and not the precious, amazing government bureaucrats.

Trump has recently denounced not only Big Pharma but also Big Oil and Big Insurance.

“Whether it’s the insurance companies or the drug companies or the oil companies, it’s all the same thing,” Trump said. “We’re never going to get our country back if we keep doing this.”

Doing what? Allowing big companies to find energy, cure disease, and protect risks?

The conservative/libertarian case against Trump could be rested after presenting a single exhibit: his support for socialized medicine.

For decades – as we all know – Trump has been an advocate for universal government health care. And while now he promises to replace Obamacare “with something terrific,” other than mentioning something about state lines, his rhetoric reeks of a big-government program and has nothing to do with market economics. …

He’s said very recently that “we’re gonna take care of everybody” and that Ted Cruz was “heartless” for apparently wanting to immediately replace Obamacare without some government-based Cruzcare. Funny thing: Rick Perry effectively ended his campaign in 2012 with his infamous “heartless” comment in a debate over deportation. Trump gets a pass.

Trump always gets a pass, because he is going to make America great again by making terrific deals. Anyone asking for specifics gets shouted down by the brownshirts.

When you sound like a Marxist on health care and attack someone like Cruz the way a Marxist would attack someone like Cruz, then it follows logically to apply “the duck test.”

(Memo to Rush, Laura, Sean, Steyn, Coulter, and others – feel free to notice months of red flags that have been in your colossal blind spots. They are not hard to spot.)

When this tasteless joke of a candidacy comes to its inevitable bad end, those bright enough to know better will have to answer for not speaking out soon enough to help mitigate the damage to the conservative cause.

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Feb 10 2016

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

Feb 10 2016

Dinesh D’Souza Slams Bill Ayers on Justice

In a debate on February 3, unrepentant (not to mention unpunished) communist terrorist and prominent Obama mentor Bill Ayers receives a thrashing on the topic of justice from Obama’s most eloquent critic, Dinesh D’Souza:

Learn more about D’Souza’s adventures in our politicized legal system in his highly recommended Stealing America.

D’Souza is a free man now, but his troubles with the liberal establishment are not over:

If further proof is needed that conservatives are targets, this related news information might suffice: D’Souza is scheduled to speak at the private Catholic Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington this month. There is one stipulation put on his speech as detailed by a conservative student activist: “the speech is only open to Gonzaga students and faculty, and not the community… a decision made by the head of Gonzaga Campus Security, Director of Community and Public Relations, and the Dean of Students.”

According to those three entities, “Dinesh D’Souza’s beliefs are contradictory to Gonzaga’s social justice mission and they do not want the public to question why the school brought him in.” They are calling him “homophobic” and “anti-immigration,” while ignoring he is an immigrant himself. The conservative student was also told by the school, “through the research they deemed Dinesh D’Souza a ‘nasty guy’ who is ‘way out there’ and has been ‘caught in many lies in his past.'”

No one gets more flak than the guy who manages to stay directly over the target. Fortunately, D’Souza has no trouble outgunning his opponents.

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Feb 10 2016

The Erotic Hillary

Everyone has sins to atone for. Watch Hillary dance and you can consider yourself to have been punished for yours:

For the doubly sinful:

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Feb 10 2016

Obama Bullied Banks Out of $Millions After Making Absurd Discrimination Claims

Under Obama, the Jackson/Sharpton racial shakedown industry has gone bigtime:

Newly uncovered internal memos reveal the Obama administration knowingly exaggerated charges of racial discrimination in probes of Ally Bank and other defendants in the $900 billion car-lending business as part of a “racial justice” campaign that’s looking more like a massive government extortion and shakedown operation.

So far, Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reached more than $220 million in settlements with several auto lenders since the agency launched its anti-discrimination crusade against the industry in 2013. Several other banks are under active investigation.

It would be easier to find a winged leprechaun than a financial institution in 2016 that discriminates against blacks out of racial animus, so it should be unsurprising that the CFPB had no actual complaints of racial discrimination. Under Obama, discrimination not only doesn’t have to be proven; it doesn’t even have to be alleged. Everyone is guilty, because racism is everywhere. So turn over your money.

Since the P.C. ideology that serves as a pretext for the looting is a joke, standard Big Government extortion tactics need to be applied.

A confidential 23-page internal report detailing CFPB’s strategy for going after lenders shows why these companies are forking over millions of dollars in restitution and fines to the government despite denying any wrongdoing.

The high-level memo, sent by top CFPB civil-rights prosecutors to the bureau’s director and revealed by a House committee, admits their methods for proving discrimination were seriously flawed from the start and had little chance of holding up in court. Yet they figured they could muscle Ally, as well as future defendants, with threats and intimidation.

Here’s how Ally’s arm was twisted:

At the time, the Detroit-based bank was seeking permission from the Federal Reserve to remain a financial holding company. Without regulatory approval, Ally risked losing key business lines, primarily its insurance subsidiaries.

“Protracted litigation” would present “a high hurdle” to Ally retaining such status, the CFPB lawyers conspired.

Prosecutors also sought to use the Community Reinvestment Act as leverage against Ally. At the time, the FDIC was reviewing the bank’s compliance with the anti-redlining law.

The CRA is best known as one of the primary causes of the 2008 housing meltdown. According to liberal ideology, if blacks and whites are not given loans in exact proportion to their relative percentage of the population, there is racism. Since whites are more likely to qualify for loans for a variety of reasons, this provides a never-ending supply of racists to loot. In a desperate effort to avoid the thuggery, banks have been reduced to giving out loans to blacks simply based on skin color, knowing the loans will likely not be paid back. This helped cause the housing bubble.

In the case of auto loans like the Ally case,

The auto industry does not report borrower race, so CFPB tried to ID race by last name and ZIP code, a so-called “proxy” method that is wildly inaccurate.

This idiocy would be laughed out of even a liberal court. No matter; federal regulation has reached the point where no one can do business without the goodwill of useless, parasitical bureaucrats. Knowing that goodwill doesn’t always come cheap, banks meekly turn over the money without going to court.


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Feb 10 2016

New York Cop on Disability Pension Competes in Triathlons

Derek Huebner and Christopher DePaolis aren’t the only former New York cops riding high as the gravy train rolls on and on:

Rachel Niccoll, who spent 13 years on the force before retiring in 2009, receives the generous pension package that pays her $66,083 a year, plus benefits — and also regularly runs races in New York, records show.

Ostensibly she was forced to retire by a knee injury so severe that it would not even allow her to do desk work. However,

Online records show that three years after retirement she competed in the 2012 Harryman triathlon on Bear Mountain. At the 2013 Escape From Alcatraz triathlon she placed 50th in her age group. All told, Niccoll competed in at least eight triathlons, including in Thailand and Ireland. Numerous photos of her at finish lines are posted online.

Between 2013 and February 2015, she also competed in at least 15 running competitions in New York City — including the 2014 New York City Marathon, records show.

It’s not as if the NYPD can’t do anything about it.

Niccoll was hired in July 1996 — less than 20 years ago. Under pension rules, the department has the right to order retirees with disability pensions hired less than 20 years ago to return for a physical.

Unless she wants to forego her generous pension,

“They can bring her back immediately and give her a physical, and if she passes, they can put her back on the NYPD,” said a source familiar with the rules.

But in the Golden Age of Disability Benefits, that is not likely to happen.

The disabled Rachel Niccoll having fun while taxpayers work to pay for it.

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Feb 10 2016

Why Ted Cruz Is Disliked Within the Beltway

Donald Trump is unelectable because he is disliked by a large majority of the American population. In contrast,

The biggest attack on Ted Cruz lodged by his detractors is that he is loathed inside Washington, especially in the Senate.

We know why Trump is disliked by the American public: he is a shallow, unprincipled, insincere, obnoxious, egomaniacal jackass. Here is an example of why Cruz is disliked by Beltway pols:

Despite being embroiled in the heat of the most important weeks of this presidential campaign, Cruz sent word to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he was placing a hold on all State Department nominees until Obama comes clean on the Iran deal. Consequently, McConnell was obliged to block the unanimous consent request from Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to confirm Obama’s choices for ambassadorships to Norway and Sweden. Cruz has placed a blockade on all State Department nominees and has been enforcing it throughout the past few months.

Can you expect Klobuchar and colleagues to like Cruz?

Anyone can spout campaign rhetoric about having discovered a position in favor of life, marriage, border security, limited government, not giving nukes to Iran, et cetera…

But with a belligerent Democrat Party that will fight to the death in defense of their positions on those issues, what good is it to “align” with the conservative side if you will not do what it takes to advance the cause?

Most alleged conservatives in the Beltway merely posture. Cruz has enemies because he actually fights.

In the case of the Iran deal, Republicans passed the Corker-Cardin bill signing off on it and then declined to defund it in the budget bill. The only tool left in the Article I arsenal of Congress is to hold up confirmation of executive and judicial nominees. Unfortunately, the other senators refused to join Cruz in enforcing the blockade and extracting concessions from Obama after he violated the conditions of his own deal. And that’s the way they like it. Unlike Cruz, they want to be respected, smart, serious, and productive conservatives. “Productive” in the sense that their principles are never actually converted into action — at least not enough to derail liberal policies in a meaningful way.

Moderates like Rubio and Kasich would rub fewer people the wrong way on Capitol Hill. That’s the main problem with them.

There are those in the conservative intelligentsia who say they personally like Ted Cruz but desire a nominee who will push conservatism in a way that does not elicit such hatred from others in Washington. These people need to learn there is no such thing as lukewarm hell. Modern-day Democrats are not willing to compromise on anything. As such, the only way to move forward and restore our republic is with brute force, harnessing the power of the outside against the inside, not working with the insiders who got us into this mess in the first place.

That is to say, to roll back progressivism the president will have to advance his principles rather than make deals.

As close to perfect as a conservative could ask for.

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Feb 10 2016

Army Deserter and ISIS Sympathizer Daniel Seth Franey Busted on Weapons Charges

One problem with not fighting back in a war based on ideology is that the enemy finds it easier to recruit from within your own ranks. There will always be disaffected screwballs who commit treason. But not insisting on a solid line between good and evil results in more cases like Daniel Seth Franey:

Federal agents with the Seattle Joint Terrorism Task Force have arrested an Army deserter and purported sympathizer of the Islamic State group for illegally possessing automatic weapons and other firearms.

Daniel Seth Franey, 33, was arrested during a Saturday raid at his home in Montesano, Grays Harbor County. …

Court records indicate Franey came under suspicion of law enforcement in April when a witness went to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office to report that Franey “regularly talked about his support for the … terrorist organization of the Islamic States of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and claimed he wanted to go overseas to ‘join the fight,’ ” according to an affidavit filed by Federal Protective Services Agent Joseph Deaver, a member of the Seattle Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The complaint says the FBI initiated an investigation, sending in an undercover officer to befriend Franey. …

The complaint states that Franey swung between telling the undercover agent that the weapons would be to protect his family and fantasizing about killing U.S. servicemen or attacking a military base. At one point, the complaint says, Franey praised the July attack at military installations in Tennessee in which five servicemen were killed, as was the attacker, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. …

“You know who I’m after — feds, pigs, politicians, bankers, policy makers, think tankers, the whole crew … Anyone who is not furthering the black flag” of ISIL, he said.

Take away the chicken scratches from an Islamic State flag and you have a solid black flag representing anarchy — which might be a better ideological fit for a moonbat like Franey. But these days Islam serves as an umbrella ideology for anyone who hates Western Civilization. It is falsely given the credibility of religion on a par with Christianity.

Franey served in the Army from 2002 to 2008 and was stationed in Texas and South Korea, the complaint says, adding that he told various people — including an undercover officer — that he had deserted, and that Department of Defense records corroborated that.

Good thing there are still a few top terrorists left at Club Gitmo. If Franey had managed to join ISIS, Obama would want to make a trade to get him back.

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Feb 10 2016

Trump and the Potential Waste of a Golden Opportunity

The failures of the Obama Administration and the weakness of the Democrat field have presented a golden opportunity to place a conservative in the Oval Office who might put a stop to American decline before it is too late. Yet many voters would throw away this precious chance in favor of a candidate who is neither conservative nor electable because he is a talented salesman who knows how to pander to their anger. Trump will never be president, because the majority of the population detests him. But sending him out there to get slaughtered by Shrillary or Bernie Sanders will “send a message.”

While presenting a clip of Trump calling Ted Cruz a “pussy” for only wanting to use waterboarding on a limited basis (whereas in the last debate Trump himself implied strongly that he would eagerly apply actual torture)…

Power Line tries and fails to make sense of the appalling Trump phenomenon:

Trump has accomplished something I didn’t think possible: he has made our political discourse dumber.

Then there is the fact that he is a Republican in name only. He says he agrees with the Democrats on most issues, including socialized medicine, and blames George W. Bush for the world’s ills as fervently, and as irrationally, as does Barack Obama. On the other hand, he has lavishly praised, and contributed to the campaigns of, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ likely nominee.

And yet, apparently, 30% to 40% of Republican voters want Trump to be our party’s presidential nominee. Have we lost our minds?

The answer will become clear as the primaries unfold. In the meantime, Democrats watch and laugh.

Because he is not one of us.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm. Graphic via Mia.

Feb 10 2016

Healthcare Waiting List Claims 18-Year-Old Girl

Big Government progressives like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump want us to progress to “single payer” nationalized healthcare. Canada provides us with another warning of what that entails:

A girl who died of leukemia was given a final send off after her friends signed her casket with loving messages on January 30.

Laura Hillier got to experience a few normal childhood milestones like graduating high school and getting her senior year book signed before she died on January 20.

Laura might have experienced a few more milestones if a Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, hospital had been able to accommodate a bone marrow transplant for the young woman.

Numerous donors were a match with Laura and ready to donate, but Hamilton’s Juravinski Hospital didn’t have enough beds in high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure.

Hospital staff told her they had about 30 patients with potential donors, but the means to only do about five transplants a month.

You could call it death by waiting list.

Dr. Ralph Meyer, Juravinski’s vice-president of oncology and palliative care, told Ontario’s there are plenty of others facing the same situation as Laura in Canada.

He said donor registries are growing in size, and technological advances allow transplants to safely happen between people who are less of a match for each other are becoming more and more common.

The technology is willing, but the capacity of government-run healthcare to apply it is weak.

Maybe she didn’t die for nothing:

‘Though Laura’s casket was a beautiful sentiment from her friends and family, Laura’s fight, and now our fight, is to change the medical system to end the deadly wait times for patients requiring a bone marrow transplant,’ a post on the Hope for Laura Hillier Facebook page said.

That would entail scaling back the role of government and letting the free market work its magic. Unfortunately, the USA — to which many Canadians escape for quality care — will continue moving in the opposite direction without a conservative in the White House.

Laura Hillier
Laura Hillier, RIP.

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Feb 09 2016

Open Thread


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Feb 09 2016

Kasich Calls Himself a Good Compromise Between Hillary and Bernie

Bernie is too much of kook for grownups, but some liberals say Shrillary isn’t kooky enough. What’s a Democrat New Hampshire primary voter to do? Simple: vote for John Kasich. He bills himself as the “right porridge,” midway between them.

Running as a Democrat gave him a lift in New Hampshire, but soon Kasich’s nose will point to the ground as his tail spins round and round. If a progressive wins the Republican nomination this year, it won’t be by admitting he is a progressive.

Via Weasel Zippers, on a tip from Torcer.

Feb 09 2016

Background on Doritos Super Bowl Ad That Enraged NARAL by Humanizing Baby

The Doritos ad was a welcome break from the torrent of heavy-handed moonbattery that dominated the Super Bowl proceedings.

NARAL fiends were furious at the ad for humanizing human babies:

According to liberal dogma, babies are to be depicted as inchoate blobs of nonhuman flesh up to the moment they are born. The surreal ad committed a thought crime through excessive realism:

Turns out, the image is more than just realistic. It’s actually real. (With computer-generated movement, of course). On the Doritos’ Super Bowl campaign website, we find the backstory inspiring the creator, an Australian man named Peter:

“Peter recently had his second child, Freddy, who’s now nine months old. When he was with his wife getting an ultrasound during the pregnancy, an idea popped into his head – wouldn’t it be funny to have a little fun in the hospital room, where everyone is supposed to remain poised, calm and collected. The baby in the ultrasound image is Freddy himself – of course with the help of a little camera magic.”

So the fetus that NARAL accused the commercial of “humanizing” – that’s a little boy named Freddy.

Don’t tell NARAL that the inchoate blob of flesh has been given a name. This further humanization of a baby might make their heads explode.

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Feb 09 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Whines That She Is a Slave

Some might say that blacks in today’s America are the most privileged people who ever lived, considering that they are generally not held accountable for their behavior, that they are granted every imaginable preference, that to criticize them is taboo, and that an endless cascade of other people’s money is showered upon them by the welfare state. Yet Sheila Jackson Lee isn’t the only one who knows what it is like to live as a slave. Consider the plight of the oppressed Whoopi Goldberg:

Whoopi Goldberg is reportedly displaying “antagonistic” behavior behind the set of The View, with some believing the actress is provoking the bosses of ABC to fire her.

An insider reportedly told Page Six that 60-year-old Goldberg gets a $5 million annual fee to lead the show’s panel, but the comedienne is said to be “at war with the management,” and that she is not putting in a lot of effort in her work nowadays.

Goldberg, who is now on her final year of a five-year contract, caused a stir last year when she allegedly paraded around, ranting how the network has treated her like a slave. “I’s a work for ABC, who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC. It’s ’12 Years a Whoopi’ at ABC,” referring to the film 12 Years a Slave.

The insider says she is trying to get fired. It might seem like a cushy job to spew infantile leftist nonsense for a few hours a week in exchange for $5 million, but…

The insider believes Goldberg is doing this to push execs of ABC to cut her from the program so she can be paid without doing her work. “She knows if they did fire her, they’d have to pay out her contract and she’d be paid $5 million for doing nothing.”

Doing nothing whatsoever for the $5 million: that’s more like it.

“Whoopi loves the money, but she doesn’t want to work so hard anymore,” the source declared. “She doesn’t come in prepared, she doesn’t really engage with other panelists and guests. She gives some one-liners and moves on.”

Good thing for Whoopi they don’t whip lazy slaves anymore.

Treated like a slave. The heart bleeds.

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Feb 09 2016

Captain America Now Fights Free Enterprise

One reason America became great is that freedom allowed the generation of wealth through free market economics. Another is that it believed in itself. To judge by comic books, it doesn’t anymore:

Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna, and Paul Renaud’s run on Captain America: Sam Wilson continues to serve as a direct attack on conservatives and libertarians in the form of a comic. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise given that Spencer ran for the Cincinnati City Council under the Charter Party and once worked within the Democrat party — not to mention his Twitter feed is pretty much a stream of his own political opinions.

The attacks began in the very first issue, when Spencer brings back one of Marvel’s oldest villains, the Sons of the Serpent. Previously, the Sons of the Serpent were “a racist group created by General Chen in an attempt to divide America, performing hate-crimes against foreigners around the country.” However, Spencer, Acuna, and Renaud have turned the group into one that supports free-market principles and opposes illegal immigration. Their stance on illegal immigration was covered extensively when the first issue debuted. However, in the most recent issue, Spencer decided to up the ante even more, characterizing Viper as a free-marketeer and one who believes in American exceptionalism…

This characterization is almost a mockery of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, who originally appeared in Captain America Comics #1 throwing a haymaker to the jaw of Adolf Hitler before the United States was an active participant in World War II. According to Marvel, a young Steve Rogers vowed to “serve his country any way he could . . . [taking] the super soldier serum to become America’s one-man army.” Marvel continues, “Fighting for the red, white and blue for over 60 years, Captain America is the living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty.” Furthermore, Captain America was designed to embody all the traits of America in the eyes of the patriotic beholder. He spread American exceptionalism by promoting America’s role as a leader in morals, ethics, economics, and politics. Nick Spencer has taken defining traits of Captain America and given them to one of his villains.

Spencer insinuates that people who believe there is “unfair and oppressive regulation at the hands of an overreaching government” are just like Viper — villainous.

Who cares about comic books, you ask? As Progressives Today reminds us, politics is downstream of culture. Kids who grow up reading this crap are less likely to comprehend American values, much less work to restore them.

How the villains talk in comic books nowadays.

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Feb 09 2016

Up to $750 Million in ObamaCare Subsidies Went to Illegal Aliens

The purpose of ObamaCare is not to provide health insurance, but to increase the size and scope of the federal government, and to redistribute wealth on a politically strategic basis — not just to people who didn’t earn that wealth, but to people who are not even in the country legally:

Illegal immigrants and individuals with unclear legal status wrongly benefited from up to $750 million in ObamaCare subsidies and the government is struggling to recoup the money, according to a new Senate report obtained by Fox News.

Why would the government be struggling? True it will never get the money back from the illegals. But it can always print more, borrow more, or tax us more. People who work for a living struggle, not Big Government or its beneficiaries.

The report, produced by Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, examined Affordable Care Act tax credits meant to defray the cost of insurance premiums. It found that as of June 2015, “the Administration awarded approximately $750 million in tax credits on behalf of individuals who were later determined to be ineligible because they failed to verify their citizenship, status as a national, or legal presence.”

The review found the credits went to more than 500,000 people – who are illegal immigrants or whose legal status was unclear due to insufficient records.

The term “tax credits” makes it sound like they are merely paying less tax. Actually, many of them already pay negative tax; that is, the IRS gives them $billions of our money, even though a legitimate government would throw them out of the country. The purpose of the IRS is the same as ObamaCare’s.

illegal aliens
Recoup the money? Yeah right.

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Feb 09 2016

Jeb Wants to Reverse Citizens United, Suppress Political Speech

Just when I thought Trump and Kasich had left him behind in their race to become the worst Republican candidate since Bob Dole, Jeb stages a dramatic comeback:

Jeb Bush said Monday that he would push to reverse the Supreme Court decision paving the way for super-PACs that spend big money backing candidates — including himself.

“If I could do it all again I’d eliminate the Supreme Court ruling” Citizens United, the Republican presidential candidate told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview published Monday afternoon, just a day before the New Hampshire primary.

Good thing presidents do not have the power to reverse Supreme Court rulings. Jeb’s plan is to amend the Constitution so as to exempt political speech from First Amendment protection.

Maybe Jeb is just angry because all of the super-PAC money he has been flinging to the four winds has gotten him nowhere:

Bush has been supported in his White House bid by millions of dollars spent by the super-PAC Right to Rise, which pulled in $118 million last year.

Despite the funding haul, he’s lagged in the polls for most of the White House race, taking 3 percent in the Iowa caucuses last week.

Apparently he hopes to do better in New Hampshire by pandering to Democrats, who will be able to vote for him in the primary today, and who hate Citizens United because it acknowledges a corporate right to free speech.

Both Democrat candidates agree with Jeb on the ruling — Shrillary in particular, because Citizens United came about when Democrats tried to use campaign finance laws to suppress a movie critical of her career in corruption. Overturning the ruling would not only reduce the flow of super-PAC funds into Jeb’s own coffers; it would also reduce the notion that America is still a free country to a joke.

Jeb Bush
Candidates don’t come worse.

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