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Jan 20 2017

Open Thread

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Jan 20 2017

New Broom Immediately Sweeps White House Website Clean of Climate Change Propaganda

What making America great again will actually entail remains to be seen, but this is certainly encouraging:

At 11:59 am eastern, the official White House website had a lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the federal government had taken to fight it. At noon, at the instant Donald Trump took office, the page was gone, as well as any mention of climate change or global warming.

It’s customary for to flip over to the new administration exactly at noon, but the only mention of climate on President Trump’s new website is under his “America First Energy Plan” page, in which he vows to destroy President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, which is a government-wide plan to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change.

Climate Depot issues a statement in response:

Climate skeptics are thrilled that one of the very first visible changes of the transition of power between President Obama and President Trump is the booting of “climate change” from the White House website. Trump is truly going to make science great again and reject the notion that humans are the control knob of the climate and UN treaties and EPA regulations can somehow regulate temperature and storminess. Welcome to the era of sound science!

The next step is to have the global warming hoax officially declared to be the religion that it is, so that the “wall of separation” of leftist rhetoric can be applied to prevent Big Government from wasting our money on this foolishness.

Fortunately, all the Obama Administration global warming propaganda is still available in the archives, so that future historians can discover with horror the pernicious nonsense we taxpayers were forced to fund.


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Jan 20 2017

Inauguration Déjà Vu

If Trump’s inauguration speech gave you déjà vu, you might have seen the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises:

While zealots at either extreme scream and guzzle Kool-Aid, the rest of us are left to wait and see how this all turns out.

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Jan 20 2017

Denied an Education on Account of White Race

Whoever says that America is not a racist nation doesn’t realize that children are denied an opportunity to get an education on account of their race. Really, it’s true:

Cassandra McAfee’s eighth-grade daughter is zoned to attend Columbia High School in Huntsville next fall. When McAfee saw last week that Columbia made the state’s list of ‘failing’ schools, she immediately looked into a transfer.

The Alabama Accountability Act says that she can. The state law allows students to transfer out of ‘failing’ schools and into non-failing schools within the same school system.

But McAfee’s daughter won’t be eligible for transfer because she is white. Columbia is a majority-black school, and Huntsville is still under a decades-old desegregation court order that requires the district to consider race when granting school transfer requests.

“Because my daughter is white, she has to be held back in a failing school,” said McAfee. “She’s not being given the same opportunities as her black peers. I don’t want my kid stuck in a school that’s not going to help her thrive or move forward. These next few years are vital because that will determine where she goes to college.”

What Mrs. McAfee is forgetting is that her daughter is not an individual, but merely a faceless representative of the white race whose aspirations must be sacrificed so as to mandate the integration ideals of liberal social engineers.

America is racist all right: against the core, majority population.

It makes perfect sense when you consider that the objective of leftist politics is to impose equality. That entails holding people down to the lowest common denominator.

Mrs. McAfee’s daughter has been denied the same opportunities granted her black peers because, due to her race, she is considered more likely to make good use of those opportunities.

Imagine a housing project in the South Bronx after welfare payments have been shut off because there is no one left to pay for them. That is the future of the human race if equality is achieved.

Our future ceiling under liberalism.

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Jan 20 2017

Scandal Free in a Pig’s Eye

Over and over and over and over and over and over again Obama and his mouthpieces tell us that his scandal-plagued administration was scandal free. It is widely believed among oligarchical collectivists that as Lenin said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” However, the strategy fails when there are other people out there telling the real truth:

The Obama Era Had Scandals Aplenty

Stop Pretending The Obama Administration Was ‘Scandal Free.’ It Wasn’t

Yes, There Were Obama-Administration Scandals. Many, in Fact

A Look Back at Obama’s Scandal-Free Administration

Here’s an oldie:

Obama Is at Two Dozen Scandals and Counting

Space does not permit a compendium of Obama’s many scandals here. Earlier this month, Grabien helpfully listed the top 730 Obama Administration scandals, gaffes, and constitutionally questionable power grabs. At a glance, it doesn’t appear to include some of his truly egregious last minute misdeeds (e.g., commuting the sentences of traitor Bradley Manning and unrepentant terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera, gutting the Fourth Amendment); hopefully it will be updated so that it can serve as definitive documentation of Obama’s legacy.

Scandals aplenty.

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Jan 20 2017

Actual College Course: “Is God a White Supremacist?”

According to moonbats, God does not have a gender. But He does have a race. He must be white, because only whites can be racist:

Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College is offering a religion class this semester titled, “Is God a White Supremacist?”

The course explores how religion represents race, with a particular focus on “the interpretive practices that are foundational to the process of ‘whiteness-making’ and the construction of white identity,” the spring 2017 catalog says.

The course description references “white supremacist ‘Christian identity’ churches” and “transnational whiteness.”

You may want to study religion, but what you will be taught is cultural Marxism. Regardless of the subject, everything that isn’t about extolling perverted sex is about race. If you object, then you are a racist and must close your mouth.

See? He’s white.

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