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Dec 12 2017

Public Safety Scare as Portrait of Hillary Sets Off Security Dog

Looks like some dogs have been trained too well to protect the public from horrors:

Miami police were forced to briefly shut down the area surrounding an art show and clear the site after security dogs reacted to a suspicious crate in Miami, Fla., during the Art Basel festival on Saturday morning.

But when authorities opened the crate outside the Art Miami tent, it contained none other than a “punk” style picture of Hillary Clinton — complete with pink hair and a studded jacket.

You can see why this might set a dog to barking — or to whimpering in terror:

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Dec 11 2017

Open Thread

If you want to help the poor, don't be poor - Ann Wilson

Dec 11 2017

Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State?

The reason there is no Palestinian state is that the Arabs who have recently taken to calling themselves Palestinians will accept nothing less than the total eradication of Israel:

A slightly longer version of the story:

Progressive bargaining could be summarized as, “What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is negotiable.” Muslim bargaining takes it further: “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.”

If Muslims get their way in Israel, the same tactics will be applied to the rest of the non-Muslim world. That is how the Islamic domain expands.

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Dec 11 2017

Pridgen and Keyes Update

The tale of Abdul Pridgen and Vance Keyes of the Fort Worth Police Department warrants follow-up, because it demonstrates not only the lunacy of moonbattery, but the implications race-based leftist ideology has for public safety. As noted earlier, Pridgen and Keyes…

…endangered fellow officer William Martin by leaking his personal information. Martin had been involved in an arrest that racial grievance mongers like faux black person Shaun King hyped as evidence of oppression. Pridgen and Keyes did their part for the BLM cause by leaking Martin’s body cam footage, internal discipline records, Social Security number, and home address, also endangering his pregnant wife. The assassination of five officers in nearby Dallas last year for reasons pertaining to BLM ideology provides context.

Obviously, they should have been fired. Instead they were demoted. Keyes received a 3-day suspension. Pridgen went off on “stress leave.” They set up a GoFundMe page to help them “fight for [social] justice”; it has raised over $28,000.

Now the latest:

Both have filed federal whistleblower suits over their demotions. Demoting Pridgen to sergeant had to go through Fort Worth’s Civil Service Commission. Due to a vacancy, this consists of a white guy and a black woman. Care to guess which one got the issue tabled by voting not to hear it?

Pridgen has been on sick leave since June. Yet the former Assistant Chief (who was at least busted down to Captain) is healthy enough to apply for the job of Chief of Police of Seaside, California. Presumably thanks to Affirmative Action, he is one of three finalists for the position.

Where Black Lives Matter ideology takes precedence over rule of law, social justice will replace justice. Police will be rendered too dysfunctional to guarantee a reasonable level of public safety or order. We will degenerate back toward the jungle.

Dec 11 2017

Tax Bill Could Include Bonus for Illegal Aliens

If Democrats could overcome their reflexive partisan obstructionism, they might find some things they would like in the proposed tax reform legislation:

Trump has been willing to accept almost anything to close the deal on his giant tax cut bill before Christmas, including staying mum about a measure that would allow illegal immigrants to pocket the more generous child tax credit included in the package.

Illegal immigrants have been collecting the payoff from the “refundable” tax credit for years because of an IRS interpretation of how the rule was drafted.

Refundable tax credits allow many people to owe negative taxes. That is, the IRS pays them. This is one reason the IRS exists: to redistribute wealth from some citizens to others — or to noncitizens.

Both [the House and Senate] bills neglect to require that the worker have a Social Security number to claim the credit but require only that the qualifying child have a Social Security number.

Anchor babies are lucrative assets.

Getting a tax reform package passed by the end of the year has become such an urgent priority that it hardly matters what’s in the bill, so long as it stays on schedule.

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Dec 11 2017

Mika Brzezinski Denounces Al Franken’s First Accuser

Mika Brzezinski actually has a point. As the storm of sexual misconduct allegations gathers force, inevitably false allegations will be made against innocent individuals. If we can’t tell the difference between being accused and being guilty, we are in the early stages of a witch hunt that will spiral out of control. Unfortunately, she made this point in the dumbest possible way, by attacking Leeann Tweeden while lamenting the resignation of the odious Al Franken:

“We’ve never really talked about the woman who first came out against Al Franken,” she said, before questioning the “Playboy model who goes on Hannity, voted for Trump.”

Come on, Mika. We have all seen the photo (as well as many Photoshop variations). Even Playboy models, Hannity guests, and Trump voters have a right not to be molested by creeps like Franken as they sleep.

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Dec 11 2017

Moonbat Sexually Harasses Robots

An enraged moonbat at Quartz at Work fumes that robots are not being programmed to “fight the patriarchy”:

I ran an experiment in which I sexually harassed Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Google Home to document how these digital personal servants—whose names and voices are already feminized—peddle stereotypes of female subservience, putting their “progressive” parent companies in a moral predicament.

Evidently not even Google is sufficiently extreme in its leftism, thus the sneer quotes around “progressive.”

Now, those findings are being cited in a petition on the social network Care2 asking Apple and Amazon to “reprogram their bots to push back against sexual harassment.”

The petition demands Apple and Amazon reprogram their artificial intelligence so as to help engineer an “equitable world.”

In reporting my February feature for Quartz, “We tested bots like Siri and Alexa to see who would stand up to sexual harassment,” I hurled all manner of sexually suggestive, sexually explicit, and sexually abusive comments to digital assistants, ranging from “you’re pretty” to “you’re a bitch” to “suck my d***.”

Responses like Alexa’s “I’m not going to respond to that” and Cortana’s “Well, that’s not going to get us anywhere” evidently do not sufficiently push back against patriarchy. This is blamed on the “notorious sexism of Silicon Valley.” (Fired Google engineer James Damore can tell you how much tolerance there is for deviation from feminist ideology in the tech industry.)

Gasps the author:

I had to repeat “you’re sexy” eight times in a row before Siri told me to “stop.”

Clearly, something must be done.

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Dec 11 2017

Ticket Prices Collapse as NFL Shovels Money at Commissioner Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell has been doing such a great job as NFL commissioner that the league extended his contract another 5 years. He could pull in $40 million per year. Meanwhile, this is what his refusal to demand that players refrain from theatrical displays of disrespect during the national anthem is doing to ticket sales:

[T]ickets for Sunday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts sold for as little as $2. (Yes, you read that right.) Even the stadium’s best seats — in the lower part of the stadium near the 50-yard-line — were selling for just $29. Tickets at that level typically sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

That was the ticket scene across the NFL on Sunday. Tickets for the Carolina Panthers game went for a little as $7, while fans could see the Green Bay Packers for as cheap as $12. …

Tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys later this month are going for as little as $10…

Television ad revenue is tanking.

Good thing Goodell has the NFL playing regular season games in places like London and Mexico City. Americans are getting tired of being spat on by America-hating goons with the commissioner’s approval.

But being a moonbat who panders to Black Lives Matter militants earns Goodell the approval of the liberal establishment, which is enough to keep him in the cushy position that he has milked for over $200 million since 2006, even as the NFL goes into decline on his watch.

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Dec 11 2017

Sarah Silverman’s Horrific Experience

Life has not always been easy for unfunny liberal “comedian” Sarah Silverman. She once endured a horrific experience:

“I had a boyfriend many years ago, he was my first boyfriend who had his own house, and one day I went outside to see what he was doing, and he was hoisting an American flag up the flagpole in his front yard,” Ms. Silverman said. “And I instantly felt very weird. It didn’t make sense, but I felt … scared.”

She goes on to explain that nationalism is “innately terrifying” and “an old bed buddy of racism and xenophobia,” conflating American exceptionalism with Nazism. Then she praises the patriotism of her fellow leftists in the NFL who indulge in theatrical displays of disrespect when the national anthem is performed.

Masochists are invited to sit through it:

No doubt Sarah Silverman will tell you that she loves America as much as you do, and if you doubt it, you just proved how full of bigots this lousy country is.

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Dec 10 2017

Open Thread

I think we recognize as Americans there are certain things that are just primary to the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy here and religious freedom is one of the most important things we as Americans cherish. - Ann Romney

Dec 10 2017

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Jack Phillips

The contrast between good and evil has never been starker than it is in the war militant homosexuals and those who exploit them for political purposes have been waging against Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, whose Christian owner Jack Phillips refuses to defile his faith on behalf of the LGBT agenda:

Nothing could be more wrong than the liberal position that left-wing reverence for sexual perversion takes precedence over our First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion. The highest kudos to Jack Phillips for standing up to tyranny despite the high price.

The tyranny will not stop with liberals forcing Christians to participate in blasphemy. If there are not enough true Americans like Jack Phillips, every liberty our forefathers fought to secure will be lost.

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Dec 10 2017

Moonbat Mayor Reduced to Tears When Someone Refuses to Believe in White Privilege

According to liberal ideology, it is racist (i.e., bad) for whites not to hate their own race. Lest anyone take pride in most significant human achievements having been accomplished by whites, the mythical concept of “white privilege” is used to deny that whites ever accomplish anything. Those who challenge the notion of white privilege shake cultural Marxism to its foundations, reducing moonbats like Valerie Johnson, Mayor of New Brighton, Minnesota, to tears:

Dec 10 2017

The Truth About Jerusalem

Paul Joseph Watson explains why moonbats are so upset about the USA finally acknowledging that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem whether terrorists like it or not:

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Dec 10 2017

Canadian Eskimos: Polar Bears Are Flourishing

Since liberal ideologues started shouting that the polar bears they regard as sacred are on the verge of extinction thanks to global warming, carbon dioxide levels have skyrocketed. By now, there should be hardly any polar bears left. To find out, let’s check in with Canadian Eskimos, since most polar bears live in Canada, and Eskimos live in close proximity to the bears:

The overwhelming conclusion from years of accumulated conversations with native populations about polar bears is that there is almost no connection between the long-term observations of polar bear ecology and the more recent claims that polar bears as a species are in grave danger due to climate change and thinning sea ice.

In fact, the long-term observations suggest that polar bear subpopulations are currently faring quite well, with 92% of the subpopulations studied either remaining stable or growing in recent years.

According to Inuit observers, there may even be “too many” bears now.

Given that these monstrous beasts hunt down human beings and eat them, you might say that any polar bears are too many.

Alarming as it is to think of their numbers increasing, at least it helps confirm that the doom and gloom dogma of anthropogenic climate change is a steaming load in the snow.

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Dec 10 2017

Where Trudeau Regime Stands on Female Genital Mutilation

Where does the obsequiously Islamophile Justin Trudeau regime stand on the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation? Michelle Rempel, Conservative MP from Alberta, attempts to get a straight answer from Trudeau’s Somali-born Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen, and hits an impenetrable wall of obfuscation:

From this we can conclude that female genital mutilation is on the multiculti agenda. It will be widely accepted in Canada after pork, beer, and dogs have been banned.

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Dec 10 2017

Why a Flat Tax Could Be the End of Leftism

Government does not raise taxes in order to provide services. It provides services in order to justify raising taxes. This is why a flat tax would be the end of leftism. Bill Whittle elaborates:

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Dec 09 2017

Open Thread

Liberals don't care. Their approach is to rip out society's foundations without asking if they serve any purpose. Why do we have immigration laws? What's with these borders? Why do we have the institution of marriage, anyway? What do we need standardized tests for? Hey, I like Keith Richards - why not make heroin legal? Let's take a sledgehammer to all these load-bearing walls and just see what happens! - Ann Coulter

Dec 09 2017

Poland Thrown Into YouTube Gulag

Google moonbats are so opposed to any resistance to the Islamization of Europe that they have banished the Polish government to the YouTube Gulag, marginalizing a video for opposing massive Third World immigration. Due to the Streisand effect, this may result in more people seeing the video, especially now that An Angry Foreigner Speaks is giving it more exposure:

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