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Apr 21 2017

The Gospel as “Fighting Words”

If you doubt that progressives will ban any expression of Christianity once they have the political leverage, look to academia, where they have already established nearly total hegemony:

Georgia Gwinnett College tried to dispel a First Amendment lawsuit by claiming that it removed a preacher from campus because his discussion of the Gospels “rose to the level of ‘fighting words.’”

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit in December challenging the Georgia college’s restrictive speech policies after student Chike Uzuegbunam was repeatedly prohibited from discussing his Christian faith on campus, even after he had obtained permission to do so in one of the school’s free-speech zones.

At first, the university argued that Uzuegbunam was indulging in “disorderly conduct” by passing out pamphlets and discussing Christianity within the tiny free speech zones.

Now, though, ADF has informed Campus Reform that the school has filed a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that the plaintiff’s “open-air speaking” rose “to the level of ‘fighting words,’” as evidenced in a copy of the motion obtained by Campus Reform.

This illustrates the problem with any exemptions to essential liberties. Liberals will cram everything they want to ban into even the smallest exemption.

banned cross
Soon may be as ubiquitous as no-smoking signs.

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Apr 21 2017

Hate Hoax at USC

The latest addition to the Hate Hoax List comes from a student housing complex at the University of Southern California:

Students renting a house on Menlo Ave. recently found a cardboard sign taped to a metal fence surrounding the property that read: NO BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED” along with the #MAGA hashtag – an acronym for Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign slogan – and a hand-scrawled Confederate flag.

The people living in the house sure didn’t put it there. One guess as to the race of the person who did. You are correct:

“The residents of the house, who are USC students, said the sign was taped to their gate by a neighbor, a black male who is not affiliated with the university, after a disagreement,” The Tab reports.

The students contacted the Department of Public Safety, which reviewed surveillance video from the area and confirmed their story.

Maybe the culprit was hoping the house would be vandalized by SJWs, some of whom could conceivably be dumb enough to take the sign at face value.

Could only be a hoax.

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Apr 21 2017

Lindsey Graham, Trial Lawyers’ Poodle

Under our insane and grotesquely unjust system of jackpot justice, individuals, businesses, and even whole industries can be looted to the point of ruin out of sheer sociopathic greed, like the victims of pirates or Vikings in the days of yore. As a consequence, we live in terror of being sued, making life less free and less fun than it once was. The reason this intolerable situation is not resolved through tort reform is that the never-ending looting spree has allowed trial lawyers to acquire vast sums of other people’s money, which they have used to purchase the Democrat Party — but not only the Democrat Party:

It’s good to be a Senator, especially if you are a Republican who is the most important opponent of tort reform on Capitol Hill. Witness the largesse that the plaintiffs bar is bestowing on South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham in its moment of maximum political peril.

On Thursday Mr. Graham was feted in Houston at a fundraiser hosted by Mark Lanier, who can afford it. The Lanier Law Firm has vacuumed up some $13 billion in tort verdicts over the years from Vioxx to asbestos. The invitation asks Mr. Lanier’s tort comrades to share their wealth to the tune of $500 to $5,400 for “Team Graham.”

Here’s why they shovel their ill-gotten lucre at Grahamnesty:

He’s long fought tort reform, and his legal friends have rewarded him with some $3.7 million over his 24-year Senate career.

The time has come for another round of payoffs; then they will call in their chits.

The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act would crack down on trial-attorney fees that are many times larger than the payout to the class of litigants they represent. The Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency Act would require the nation’s 60-some asbestos trusts to provide courts the records of trust payouts. This would reduce the plaintiffs bar practice of “double dipping”—secretly raiding the trusts while also pursuing claims via lawsuits. In court they claim the company they’re suing caused asbestos disease, but to the trusts they blame the defunct company financing the trust.

The purpose of a certain class of politicians is to keep corruption safe by stopping bills like these — for a cut.

Senator Graham is on the Judiciary Committee where Republicans hold a mere 11-9 majority. His defection on any tort bill would result in a tie that could kill it.

That makes Graham worth big bucks to the trial lawyers. How much he is worth to his constituents is another question. But money buys advertising, which moves the herd in the desired direction on election day.

Graham is yet another reason to repeal the 17th Amendment. He was meant to represent South Carolina as a political entity, not trial lawyers.

Property of the trial lawyers associations.

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Apr 21 2017

Muslims Exploit Israeli Humanitarianism for Terror Purposes

According to Islam, nothing is forbidden in the context of imposing Islam on others. Over the centuries, this has helped Islam to spread through violent means. It has also produced a culture with no meaningful concept of morality or even basic decency. This is what we are up against:

Israeli authorities on Wednesday morning intercepted material used to manufacture explosive devices hidden inside spools of medical material at the Erez Crossing, the Shin Bet announced in a statement.

According to the statement, the material was located during the security check at the crossing in the luggage of two sisters who are residents of the Gaza Strip. The two women had been approved to enter Israel for the purpose of receiving medical treatment for cancer, which one of the two sisters suffers from.

An initial Shin Bet investigation indicated that the explosives were sent by Hamas and that the group was planning to carry out terror attacks in Israel in the near future…

Muslims know their opponents are decent, so they make appeals to mercy. This mercy is exploited to create opportunities to murder the innocent on behalf of Islam.

According to a Shin Bet statement,

“The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas, continue to exploit the humanitarian and medical assistance provided by Israel to the residents of the Gaza Strip in order to perpetrate terrorist attacks in Israel.”

Meanwhile, we are told that all cultures are equal, except Western culture, which is less equal than the others.

Islam versus the West.

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Apr 20 2017

Open Thread

socialism nice

Via Turning Point USA, on a tip from Torcer.

Apr 20 2017

Dove Ad Promotes Single and Transgender Motherhood

Promoting single motherhood — the strongest predictor of poverty and criminality — is pernicious enough. But Unilever’s Dove brand goes further. Watch as this soap ad promotes transgender “motherhood”:

It is a truly sick world if this depraved lunacy actually helps them sell soap. Sodom and Gomorrah were no big deal compared to what we could have coming.

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Apr 20 2017

The Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

Apple’s militantly gay SJW CEO must be so proud:

[Tuesday] night the Newseum gave its second annual “free speech award” to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The honor was just one of several “Free Expression” awards that “recognize those who exhibit passion for and dedication to free expression.”

Here’s why this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day:

It was only a few months ago that Apple removed the New York Times app from the Chinese version of the App Store. “The move limits access to one of the few remaining channels for readers in mainland China to read The Times without resorting to special software,” the paper reported. Nor was this the first time Apple had accommodated the communist dictatorship in its quest to deny Chinese readers an independent media. “Apple has previously removed other, less prominent media apps from its China store.” When the Times asked Apple what was going on, the global corporation, with a market cap of some $700 billion, said it was merely complying with the request of the Chinese authorities. Funny: a year earlier Tim Cook had self-righteously refused to comply with an FBI request to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists. …

The Newseum is famous for the huge slab of marble that hangs from its facade. On it is engraved the text of the First Amendment. That amendment also guarantees the right to religious liberty, but Cook opposes state religious freedom statutes because they “would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors.”

Why did Tim Cook of all people receive this award?

A reader points out that, according to the program, Apple is a “platinum sponsor” of the Newseum’s Free Expression awards.

Makes sense, I guess. But it’s still dumb.

Not a fan of the First Amendment.

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Apr 20 2017

BBC Bans Meat on Mondays

The date on this story is April 1. Maybe it was an April fool’s joke. Regardless, it is good for a laugh:

BBC employees are fuming after their staff canteen banned meat from its menu on Mondays – with workers accusing the corporation of ‘forcing its agenda’ on them.

The joke is that BBC is infamous for forcing its over-the-top, far-left agenda on viewers at public expense. Why should its employees be exempt?

Still more hilarious: BBC thinks banning meat in their cafeteria on Mondays will improve the environment by arresting climate change.

Less hilarious: what these authoritarian wankers impose on their own employees, they will egg on the government (of which they are an appendage) to impose on everyone else.

If it’s good, moonbats will ban it.

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Apr 20 2017

When Even Wife Beating Is Okay With the Moonbats Who Run the Courts

All of the animals on the leftist Animal Farm are equal. But foreigners are more equal:

If you’re a violent criminal in Northern California, Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen has your back. Rosen has implemented a new office policy requiring prosecutors to “plead down” violent felony cases that may lead to a criminal being deported.

Under federal immigration law, an immigrant who has been convicted of a felony may face deportation proceedings. Activist prosecutors often offer criminals a reduced plea in order to keep the criminal in the country.

Michael Daly, a blogger at the Daily Beast, discovered the policy when reporting on a sweetheart deal a two-time woman beater received.

American Thinker's take on the Daily Beast story:

In a story with a buried lede, the Daily Beast reported the story of an Indian immigrant with a Silicon Valley startup who abused his high-profile executive wife and finally got caught when she recorded his thuggery on her cell phone. As in the case of most abusers, it was a string of abuse events. The Beast focused on the wife’s fancy executive job and her gumption to record the beatings on her cell phone to preserve evidence, as if that were the news of the story. What the publication should have focused on is the justice crowd’s willingness to let the wife-beater escape justice on the grounds that he might get deported.

Moonbattery corrupts, perverts, and destroys everything it touches. Justice is no exception.

Justice peeking to see if the defendant is an alien.

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Apr 20 2017

Fake News From the New York Times

Look at all those retweets:

The reason there are fewer people in the 2017 picture is that it does not include support staff, like the 2015 picture, as the Slimes has admitted. Yet the misleading tweet is still up there, getting retweeted. Fake news gets clicks, and also helps to hurt opponents.

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Apr 20 2017

Virginia Commonwealth University Offers $2,500 Awards to Aspiring Social Justice Warriors

Money pours into the higher education industry by the $billions upon $billions, not only from students and their parents, but from taxpayers, who are bled on behalf of academia through extravagant subsidies both direct and indirect. This story is emblematic of what they are spending the money on:

Students at Virginia Commonwealth University are applying for $2,500 awards from a Social Justice Fund, which will finance student projects focused on social justice activism.

VCU is offering four $2,500 awards to teams of students with faculty mentors who work on social justice projects, reports VCU News. …

“Proposals must demonstrate how the innovative solution will address and tackle structural, political, economic or social injustice through the lens of diversity, including race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, disability status, political affiliation, veteran status and/or socio-economic background,” [read] the application instructions.

They are not educating, they are preparing cultural Marxist shock troops for a nascent civil war.

Kurt Schlichter is right. The traditional university has outlived its usefulness. Academia is our enemy; we need to withdraw its funding and let it die of its own greed, lunacy, and uselessness as we develop more efficient alternatives.

A social justice warrior.

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Apr 20 2017

Maduro Arms Supporters, Having Confiscated Guns From Everyone Else

Venezuela is an object lesson not only in applied socialism, but also in the key role gun control plays in tyranny:

The socialist leader of Venezuela announced in a speech to regime loyalists his plan to arm hundreds of thousands of supporters after a years-long campaign to confiscate civilian-owned guns.

“A gun for every militiaman!” Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said to uniformed militia members outside the presidential palace, Fox News reported on Tuesday. The Bolivarian militias, created by Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez, already number in the hundreds of thousands and are being used to supplement the regime’s armed forces. …

The arming of Maduro’s supporters comes five years after Venezuela’s socialist regime outlawed the commercial sale and civilian ownership of firearms. Only the military, police, and groups like security companies can buy guns and only directly from one state-run arms company under the law passed in 2012, according to the BBC. The country recently doubled down on its gun ban through a combination of gun buybacks and confiscations in the summer of 2016.

In closely related news:

At least three people were killed in Venezuela when clashes broke out during anti-government protests described by opposition leaders as the “mother of all marches.” …

An hour into the march in Caracas, a 17-year-old boy was shot in the head, according to the Venezuela’s public ministry, which said it had started investigating the incident. The teenager, later identified as Carlos Moreno, died while undergoing surgery, a hospital representative told CNN. …

The ministry said it was also investigating the Wednesday afternoon shooting death of Paola Andreina Ramírez Gómez, 23, in plaza San Carlos in San Cristóbal, Tachira state. …

In a third death, Venezuelan National Guard Sgt. Niumar Jose San Clemente Barrios was fatally shot Wednesday night, said the public prosecutor’s office and Venezuela’s top human rights official, ombudsman Tarek William Saab.

There are a lot more angry, desperate Venezuelans than there are servants of the Maduro regime. Yet it appears the kill ratio is still in Big Government’s favor, thanks to gun control.

venezuela protesters
If armed, they could depose Maduro and start eating again.

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Apr 20 2017

Meanwhile, in Enlightened, Fundamentally Transformed South Africa

Zimbabwe, here we come:

Since the 6th April, there are reports of at least fourteen farm attacks that have occurred.

6 April was the day that was targeted by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for large-scale land invasions.

Although the occupation did not last too long, some observers say that the increased attacks on farms since that date is probably in connection with the EFF’s revolutionary call of land occupation.

Wait until EFF takes over the government from the relatively sane commies of the ANC. Then it will be white Holocaust here we come.

economic freedom fighters
You could see this coming from 1990.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 20 2017

College Students Taught Differences Between Furries and Pet Play

Despite higher education having succumbed utterly to the cultural Marxist march through the institutions, students are still learning something. They are learning what moonbats want them to learn:

A discussion scheduled for later this month at California State University San Marcos appears slated to delve into the wild world of animal-based sex fetishes.

The event, “Furries Vs. Pet Play,” is one among many slated as the campus marks “gAyPRIL,” billed on the school’s website as a monthlong campuswide celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally community.

A brief description of the 50-minute discussion, set for April 25 at the campus LGBTQA Pride Center, states on the university’s website: “How much do you know about these two groups? Do you know that they are two different fish in a pond. Come find out why in this weekday discussion.”

Online definitions of “furries” vary, but basically it’s a group of people who enjoy dressing up in human-sized animal costumes. They like to call themselves a “community” and often get together through large conventions. Not all furries turn their fascination into a sexual thing, or have sex in their costumes, but plenty do.

Anything goes on college campuses these days, so long as liberals like it. But I doubt Nazi furries will be welcome to make a pageant of their perversity at Cal State.

“Pet play,” on the other hand, is described online as a subculture within the BDSM world in which a person likes to pretend to be an animal and engages in submissive and other animal-like behaviors in part to enjoy and achieve sexual gratification. Likewise, the other person gets aroused when their partner role-plays as a pet. Sometimes people use animal tail butt plugs in this capacity to heighten their sexual enjoyment.

Isn’t all this covered in grade school nowadays?

Right-wing alt-furries are likely verboten.

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Apr 19 2017

Open Thread


On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Apr 19 2017

Send Josh Fox to Hug ISIS

After Josh Fox (maker of propaganda videos opposed to fracking) reacted to the recent MOAB dropped on ISIS with sniveling tweets like this…

…it was humbly suggested,

Maybe we should give Josh’s theory a test run. We’ll send him to Raqqa. He can give the terrorists his own money, and love them and teach them. If it makes the terrorists any less bloodthirsty, we’ll send more moonbats.

Esteemed countermoonbat Phelim McAleer (maker of more reliable documentaries) had a similar idea:

Donations have already exceeded the $2,500 target. No matter; since Fox is as unlikely to set foot in Afghanistan as Raqqa, the money will actually go to the Wounded Warriors Project.

On a tip from Ken M.

Apr 19 2017

The Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

The dumb. It hurts:

The linked Nation harangue says that according to discredited not to say disgraced global warming hoax profiteer James Hansen, current CO2 emissions are “like setting off 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs each day, every day of the year.” He should have said 4 billion nuclear bombs every second; that would have been even more impressive.

Back in reality, carbon dioxide is an essential nutrient required for plants to produce oxygen. In stark contrast to chemical and atomic weapons, it is in no way harmful to anyone. Rising levels of carbon dioxide have been increasing plant growth, to everyone’s benefit.

On a tip from KirklesWorth. Via Right Wing News and Pirate’s Cove.

Apr 19 2017

Separated at Birth?

We all knew that the belligerently homosexual Hollyweird has-been George Takei is a flaming leftist, but who would have guessed that he has been moonlighting as Vice Foreign Minister of communist North Korea? I’m guessing no one has ever seen Takei and Han Song-ryol together:

Han-Song-ryol  george-takei

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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