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Jan 26 2015

Open Thread

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On a tip from TED.

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Jan 26 2015

62-Year-Old Teacher Slammed to Floor by Thug in Classroom

Educrats are overpaid as well as overabundant. But teachers in places like Paterson, New Jersey ought to be collecting combat pay:

The story:

The incident began when a John F. Kennedy High School teacher confiscated a phone from a student.

In the video, the 16-year-old student is seen grabbing his 62-year-old teacher and slamming him to the floor in an effort to get his cell phone back. It was all captured on video from another student in the classroom on Thursday, January 22nd.

Isn’t it heartwarming the way students rushed to the teacher’s defense?

Good thing this won’t get much attention from the national media. That way the teacher will not be subjected to the Two Minute Hate for stealing from and physically abusing a mere child who is even younger than Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were when they too were oppressed.

On tips from Anne and Henry.

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Jan 26 2015

Clardy the Pimp

Wild Bill for America has some rare good news regarding our legal system:

Wild Bill is 100% correct that bad judges are a cancer on this nation. By the time we are finally rid of him, Obama will have had 8 years to pack the courts with them. Clardy the Pimp might want to try his luck again a few years down the road.

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Jan 26 2015

McCain Heartily Booed at Arizona GOP Meeting

Please do not blame Arizona conservatives for the quintessential RINO, John McCain. We detest him as much as anyone does, as became obvious when the liberal media’s favorite “maverick” spoke at the annual Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party on Saturday. Some Republican delegates booed and turned their backs on him:

According to the Arizona Daily Independent, the only members of the audience who showed any appreciation for McCain were a “mostly silver-haired faction” and outside supporters reportedly brought in to cheer him on. … Activists also say that the ones who were cheering for him seemed oddly “choreographed.”

Phony, choreographed supporters? Sounds like McStain is taking after his ally Obama again.


Like Obama, McCain has given Americans reason to believe he does not have their best interests at heart:

A former county chairman, Rob Haney, took it upon himself to pass out stickers bearing McCain’s face and the slogan, “Deport 2 Manchuria.” According to The Republic, the stickers reference the Cold War thriller “The Manchurian Candidate,” which depicts a Communist-brainwashed politician running for office. Haney believes that McCain is “destroying the country and the Republican Party.”

Apparently McCain’s attempt to purge the Arizona GOP of conservatives was no more successful than his half-baked excuse for a presidential campaign in 2008. He had better do some more purging if he wants to avoid finally getting dislodged from the Senate in 2016, when the progressive dinosaur will be 80 years old.

On a tip from Rob E.

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Jan 26 2015

Afghans Refuse to Use Defective $8 Million Barracks We Paid For

That loud whooshing sound that you can hear all the way from Afghanistan is the federal government flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet:

It should have been a proud and ceremonial moment: The commander of the Afghan national police force was to officially take possession of the new barracks built with U.S. tax dollars for the men who would ensure the nation’s security and future. Instead, the 2012 incident was just another chapter in the long tale of American tax dollars wasted in the war-ravaged country.

After touring the $8 million building, located about 22 miles north of the city of Kunduz, the Afghan commander refused to take the keys from an Afghan army colonel involved in oversight of the project, making clear he did not think the building was was fit to accommodate his men. Built by local contractors and laborers under the eye of the Army Corps of Engineers, the building lacked working plumbing, heat and air conditioning. Even in an impoverished nation decimated by a decade of war, it was not up to code.

Spendthrift Big Government + Afghan corruption ≠ quality construction at a reasonable price.

The misbegotten attempt to transform Afghanistan into a civilized country has cost us over $1,000,000,000,000.00. We could have colonized Mars for less. Economically, vastly more damage has been inflicted on us by our own government during what was once called the War on Terror than by al Qaeda.

There is no question that once we leave, this noxious Islamic backwater will once again serve as a safe haven for terrorists, as it did before 9/11. Next time our government will hopefully know enough to blow the culprits and everything within 100 miles of them to hell and leave nation-building in the dustbin of history.

US foreign policy.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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Jan 26 2015

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Looking Into 2008 Meltdown Exposed as Sham

Old news, Democrats will scoff. But if you’re like me and lost the equivalent of years of work in the 2008 meltdown, you might still be interested in who was responsible. The truth is coming to light:

In a just-released book, former FCIC [Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission] member Peter Wallison says that a Democratic Congress worked with the commission’s Democratic chairman to whitewash the government’s central role in the mortgage debacle. The conspiracy helped protect some of the Democrats’ biggest stars from scrutiny and accountability while helping justify the biggest government takeover of the financial sector since the New Deal.

Wallison’s sobering, trenchantly written “Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again” reveals that the Democrat-led panel buried key data proving that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other federal agencies pushed the housing market over the subprime cliff. The final FCIC report put the blame squarely on Wall Street.

In 2009, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed her California pal Phil Angelides, a long-time Democrat operative, to lead the commission. The fix seemed to be in, and Wallison’s account of the inner workings of the 10-member body confirms it.

See IBD for details on how the phony $10 million probe came up with the predetermined verdict that free enterprise caused the collapse, which in reality was the result of the federal government inflicting Affirmative Action on the mortgage industry.

As a result of the corrupt FCIC pinning the blame on capitalism,

Fannie and Freddie, now under full federal control, are back making low down payment loans to low-income borrowers, and the Dodd-Frank-mandated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is forcing banks to ignore credit risks in the name of affordable housing.

Those who don’t learn from their mistakes… But then, from the point of view of Democrats, the 2008 meltdown was no mistake. The financial chaos they had created through the Community Reinvestment Act allowed them to put Obama in power and to ram through the malevolent Dodd-Frank bill. Who knows what disasters the next government-instigated collapse will enable?

If the goal really were to figure out why the collapse happened, the government could have saved us the $10 million it flushed down the FCIC by watching this video instead:

On a tip from J.

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Jan 26 2015

Greenpeace Moonbat Calls for Beheadings

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, liberals adore Muslims even more than I knew:

A climate change advocate, believed to be a Greenpeace activist and Guardian contributor, has called for the beheading of so-called “climate change deniers”, arguing the world would be a better place without them. The comments are merely the latest in a long history of warmists advocating the killing of people who question global warming dogma.

On January 21st, in its ‘Climate Consensus – the 97%’ section, the Guardian published an article entitled “Matt Ridley wants to gamble the Earth’s future because he won’t learn from the past”, which was illustrated with a fake, but nonetheless rather gruesome image of a severed head.

The article drew hundreds of comments, including one from ‘Bluecloud’ on the day the article was posted, reading “Should that not be Ridley’s severed head in the photo?”

Further down he added “We would actually solve a great deal of the world’s problems by chopping off everyone’s heads.”

That would be the Final Solution to the supposed problem of mankind’s allegedly harmful effect on the climate. The projected self-hatred that characterizes left-wing ideology reaches its apogee in radical environmentalism, which could best be described as a cult that worships its own hatred of humanity.

Matt Ridley actually believes there is such a thing as global warming caused by human activity, despite temperatures not having risen in 18 years even in the face of sharply rising CO2 in the atmosphere. However, he at least recognizes that the imaginary problem is not urgent — which is what has the zealots literally calling for his head.

“Bluecloud” has been identified as Gary Evans, a Greenpeace-funded “sustainability consultant” — i.e., a useless person. After his comment was deleted by Guardian moderators, he started making denials, but the Internet is forever:


Don’t be too sure Gary wasn’t being literal regarding his desire to behead people. Calling for the death of “deniers” who won’t drink their Kool-Aid is standard practice among Al Gore’s disciples (e.g., see here, here, and here).

A repressive and pernicious ideology based on lies will always fall back on coercion and violence. That as much as hatred of Western Civilization may be the strongest bond between Muslims and moonbats.

On tips from Popular Technology and Dan.

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Jan 26 2015

Illegal Alien Felon Kills American for No Particular Reason

There is a price to be paid for the lawless open borders policy of our moonbat rulers. Unfortunately, they don’t have to pay it; normal people do. People like Grant Ronnebeck:

An undocumented immigrant from Mexico was out on bond when he allegedly shot a store clerk in Mesa on Thursday.

Apolinar Altamirano, 29, was captured early Thursday morning in the West Valley after a chase with Mesa police and Arizona Department of Public Safety officers.

He is suspected of shooting and killing Grant Ronnebeck, 21, a clerk at the QT store at 414 S. Stapley Dr.

This is all it takes to get yourself murdered in a third world country like the USSA is being fundamentally transformed into:

Police said surveillance video showed Altamirano walking into the QT about 4 a.m. Thursday and asking Ronnebeck for a pack of cigarettes. Ronnebeck asked several times what type of cigarettes, and Altamirano pointed to a pack behind the counter, a Mesa police officer said.

Altamirano then dumped a jar of coins onto the counter and Ronnebeck told him he needed to pay for the cigarettes first, the officer said.

Altamirano became agitated and pulled a gun and pointed it at Ronnebeck, who then tried to hand the suspect the pack of cigarettes.

Altamirano said, “You’re not going to give me my cigarettes,” and fired one shot into Ronnebeck.

Altamirano calmly walked behind the counter, over Ronnebeck’s body and grabbed several packs of cigarettes before slowly walking out of the store.

At least this time they are holding Altamirano on $1 million bond — a little late to help Ronnebeck.

The senseless crime was hardly a bolt from the blue.

Police said Altamirano was removed from the same store for trespassing on Jan. 9.

He also was served with an injunction against harassment on Jan. 19 and is a convicted felon, which prohibits him from possessing firearms. …

He was arrested in August 2012 and in January 2013, he took a plea deal for second-degree burglary to have theft and kidnapping charges dismissed. He was sentenced to two years of probation.

Why are menaces like Altamirano allowed to run around loose when their very presence in this country is a crime? Because the government wants it that way.

Obama and his joke of a DHS chief Jeh Johnson ought to be charged as accomplices in Ronnebeck’s death.

Apolinar Altamirano
Altamirano: Committing the senseless murders Americans won’t commit.

On tips from Rob E, Jodie, and Bill T. Hat tips: Gateway Pundit, Breitbart.

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Jan 25 2015

Open Thread


Passed along by Dan F.

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Jan 25 2015

Number One With a Bullet

Among the things moonbats hate most about traditional America is what they sneeringly refer to as the “gun culture.” If only this gun culture were as prevalent throughout the country as it is in firearm-friendly Plano, Texas, the murder rate might be negligible. Bill Whittle reconfirms the established formula More Guns = Less Crime:

Of course the demographics of Plano are a little different from those of the top US cities for homicide rate, and not only regarding legal gun ownership. As Whittle observes, crime isn’t a matter of guns; it is a matter of who is holding the guns. But Dallas and Houston prove that even big cities with big city populations have far lower murder rates than otherwise similar cities in which only criminals are armed.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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Jan 25 2015

Nothing to Do With Islam

Pat Condell is no racist, so he knows that the never-ending deluge of Koran-inspired atrocities has nothing to do with Islam:

I have to disagree that Islam is “only a threat because of its violent fundamental values.” It is only a threat because our liberal ruling class effectively sides with it against us, making us more vulnerable to this permanent enemy than we have been for centuries.

On a tip from Ben S.

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Jan 25 2015

Obama’s Basketball Diary

At Intellectual Froglegs, Joe Dan Gorman smells a rebellion. Now is the time either to get a serious third party going, or better still to stage a hostile takeover of the progressive-controlled Republican Party by conservatives.

Don’t miss the Dance of the Moonbat:

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Jan 25 2015

Lifestyles of the Rich and Liberal: Jeff Greene

Among the liberal elitists scarfing $43 hot dogs at Davos as they conspire to cure the nonexistent global warming crisis and to engineer a world more to their liking is Jeff Greene:

Jeff Greene is a billionaire who made the lion’s share of his fortune shorting subprime mortgages ahead of the last recession. Jeff Greene took a private jet to the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, along with his wife, children, and two nannies, and then saw fit to tell Bloomberg that “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence.” Which would be a wonderful suggestion coming from someone who, unlike Jeff Greene, does not own a $195-million palace in Beverly Hills with 23 bathrooms and a rotating dancefloor, two other Los Angeles mansions, a mansion in Palm Beach, a mansion in the Hamptons, and a 145-foot party yacht called Summerwind that once severely damaged a protected coral reef off Belize.

We are told to hate the robber barons of old who became exceedingly wealthy by raising the standard of living for all of us (Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, et al.). But it is permissible to admire today’s ultra-wealthy due to the social and environmental consciousness that they express by promoting policies to destroy our standard of living in the name of collectivist ideology and the debunked global warming hoax. The extreme wealth can be forgiven even by the most devout liberals, on the grounds that people like Greene, Al Gore, and George Soros do not actually create any wealth the way grubby capitalists do by making available crucial products like steel, gasoline, and automobiles.

With every passing day the similarities between our liberal ruling class and the French aristocracy circa 1789 become more pronounced.

Greene’s Palm Beach mansion.

On tips from Bodhisattva, Rob E, and Henry.

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Jan 25 2015

Judicial Moonbattery: Judge Gives Dangerous Maniac Probation

Lately Saint Louis appears to be degenerating into anarchy. One reason for this is moonbat judges like Margaret Neill. Her liberal jurisprudence is reflected in the case of Deandre Nutall:

Nutall fled from police in a vehicle, crashed that vehicle, ran from police on foot, fought with arresting officers, was in possession of a felony amount of weed and a hand gun with a 30-round extended magazine.

His punishment from Judge Neill?… PROBATION. … Not one day in jail. This is typical for Judge Neill.

Adam Sharp of Progressives Today discusses his failed attempt to get an explanation from Judge Neill on The Allman Report:

Now where might thugs like Michael Brown get the idea they can attack cops with impunity?

The policy of mollycoddling criminals rather than punishing them has been tried for decades. The proven result is more crime. Yet the liberal oligarchy persists in favoring criminals against the law-abiding. It is as if the ruling class has no serious interest in reducing crime, but rather encourages it for ideological reasons too twisted for the sane to comprehend.

On a tip from JusttheTipHQ.

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Jan 24 2015

MIT Meteorologist Richard Lindzen Calls Global Warming a Cult

Not all scientists have sold their integrity for government grants. On Howie Carr’s radio show on Monday, MIT meteorology professor emeritus Richard Lindzen let loose on the central tenet of government science by characterizing the global warming movement as a cult:

“As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical. I think that’s what’s happening here. Think about it,” he said. “You’ve led an unpleasant life, you haven’t led a very virtuous life, but now you’re told, you get absolution if you watch your carbon footprint. It’s salvation!”

The cult scored a big win by discovering that 2014 was the hottest year on record. However, they are already walking that back:

Last week, government agencies including NASA announced that 2014 was the “hottest year” in “recorded history,” as The New York Times put it in an early edition. Last year has since been demoted by the Times to the hottest “since record-keeping began in 1880.”

But that may not be true. Now the same agencies have acknowledged that there’s only a 38 percent chance that 2014 was the hottest year on record. And even if it was, it was only by two-100ths of a degree.

That is, even the government that is relying on global warming to drive its expansionist agenda admits that there is a 62% chance that 2014 was not the warmest year since 1880 even by an insignificant 0.02° margin. According to the disproven theory that human carbon emissions are dictating the climate, temperatures ought to be in the stratosphere by now, as CO2 emissions continue to rise.

Lindzen scoffs at the public-sector-generated hysteria, which included one warmist blogger breathlessly writing that the heat record had been “shattered.”

He has been around long enough to remember when the same sort of people were shouting lies about global cooling — which would be far more problematic.

Lindzen said that until recently, periods of greater warmth were referred to as “climate optimum.” Optimum is derived from a Latin word meaning “best.”

“Nobody ever questioned that those were the good periods. All of a sudden you were able to inculcate people with the notion that you have to be afraid of warmth.”

The warmists’ ultimate solution is to reduce the standard of living for most of mankind. That proposition is being resisted most vigorously by nations with developing economies such as China and India, both of which have refused to sign on to any restrictive, Obama-backed climate treaties. Lindzen understands their reluctance.

“Anything you do to impoverish people, and certainly all the planned policies will impoverish people, is actually costing lives. But the environmental movement has never cared about that.”

Our current government doesn’t care about it either. Or rather, our rulers are aware that impoverished people are easier to control.

On tips from Don M and Stormfax.

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Jan 24 2015

Nazis Were Socialists, Not Right-Wingers

Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan team up to answer the question, why are Nazis portrayed as right-wing?

Whittle has it exactly right. There is no essential difference between Nazis, communists, and other authoritarian oligarchical collectivists like Democrats. The opposite of all of them is conservativism, which is why the oligarchical collectivists who control the media smear it at every opportunity.

On a tip from TorcerT.

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Jan 23 2015

Open Thread


Via Fellowship of the Minds, on a tip from Daniel S.

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Jan 23 2015

Barack Obama and the Star-Bellied Sneetches

While shadowy radicals like Valerie Jarrett run the country, the federal government’s figurehead busies himself searching out people who might still be convinced to buy into his discredited victim-based ideology:

Mr. Obama was visiting a Head Start classroom at the University of Kansas in Lawrence when he learned that the 4-year-olds were reading a Dr. Seuss book called “Sneetches and Other Stories.” In the book, Sneetches are characters with stars on their bellies who discriminate against others who lack stars.

“That is one of my favorite stories,” the president told the kids. “In fact most of the things I deal with as president would be solved if everybody read about the Sneetches. Because there are some people who think they’re special ‘cause they’ve got stars, and some who feel bad ‘cause they don’t.”

Pretty rich, coming from a guy who conspicuously thinks he is very special indeed, and who has gotten where he is because he was born with a star on his belly in the form of an African parent.

Maybe when he is finally out of office and can no longer fly around the country playing golf and doing photo ops at taxpayer expense, Obama will take the time to write a sequel to the Sneetches that takes the next logical oligarchical collectivist step by having those with no stars rise up and kill off all the star-bellied Sneetches, under the leadership of a small cadre of revolutionaries who then get stars tattooed on their bellies so everyone will know who is boss.

Obama arrogant
Very pleased with the star on his belly.

On a tip from Sean C.

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Jan 23 2015

“Black Lives Matter,” Proclaims Murderer of White Teenagers

Already the Black Lives Matter phenomenon is approaching the final extreme of malevolent lunacy:

A black man who was found guilty of murdering two white teenagers execution-style in a vacant Detroit field defiantly declared “black lives matter” Wednesday before being sentenced to life in prison.

Fredrick Young and Felando Hunter were sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without parole for robbing, torturing and murdering Jourdan Bobbish and Jacob Kudla…

Young shocked the courtroom when he was given the chance to address the victims’ families, but instead apologized to the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

He apologized for “not being able to get justice” for the two sainted criminals of color who died while resisting arrest. Getting justice presumably would have involved murdering police officers rather than just teenagers out to buy drugs.

“And in respect for the peaceful protest, I want to say ‘hands up don’t shoot,’” he said, raising his hands in the air. “Black lives matter — that’s it your honor.”

The only way it could get more twisted would be if the judge had responded by letting him go. If we aren’t there yet, it isn’t because the media isn’t pushing as hard as it can.

Fredrick Young: “Hands up don’t shoot.”

On tips from Rob E and Artfldgr.

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Jan 23 2015

Obama Shovels Money at Iran as He Removes Obstacles to Nukes

Since 1979, the most aggressive enemy of the USA has been Iran under the control of an ambitious Islamist regime that has used terrorist cat’s paws to kill Americans throughout the Middle East and that is sworn to our national destruction. When it looked like this regime would finally be overthrown by the people it oppresses, Obama conspicuously had not a word of support for the rebellion, which was soon crushed. In jarring contrast, he enthusiastically supported “Arab spring” rebellions that took down friendly (Egypt) or effectively neutral (Libya) governments, creating opportunities for the sort of hostile Islamists who run Iran. Now he has been helping Iran to acquire nuclear weapons by moving obstacles out of its way. In case it was not yet obvious whose side Obama is on, this should clear things up:

The Obama administration on Wednesday paid $490 million in cash assets to Iran and will have released a total of $11.9 billion to the Islamic Republic by the time nuclear talks are scheduled to end in June, according to figures provided by the State Department.

Today’s $490 million release, the third such payment of this amount since Dec. 10, was agreed to by the Obama administration under the parameters of another extension in negotiations over Tehran’s contested nuclear program that was inked in November.

Money is the only reason the mullahs are willing to go through the charade of negotiating with Obama, whom they openly despise. Only a total fool would imagine they have any intention of foregoing the continued development of nuclear weapons with which to kill American civilians.

These cash payments by the United States have been made with no strings attached, prompting concerns that Iran could use the funds to finance its worldwide terror operations, which include the financial backing of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other rogue entities.

These operations have already been used to kill Americans (e.g., the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing, direct assistance to terrorist insurgents in Iraq).

Not all of the money Obama is sending the mullahs will go toward terrorism. Some will finance the continued development of ballistic missiles. Iran doesn’t need these for a nuclear attack on Israel, but the USA is farther away.

Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), said the ongoing release of these assets has provided Iran with a critical “financial lifeline.”

“The Obama administration provided Iran with a financial lifeline through both direct sanctions relief and the de-escalation of sanctions pressure that helped the regime stabilize its economy after a severe sanctions-induced economic crisis in 2012 and 2013,” Dubowitz said. “It is not a surprise that this has increased Iranian negotiating leverage and hardened the supreme leader’s nuclear intransigence.”

Not a surprise, or an accident either. How could it be?

There is a line between incompetence and treason. Whether Jimmy Carter crossed it by withdrawing support for our ally the Shah and thereby helping the current Iranian government to power is debatable. With Obama, it is an easier call.

obama treason

On a tip from Ben S. Hat tip: Pamela Geller.

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