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Oct 12 2017

Texas State University Is Recruiting Math Education Professors Who Specialize in Moonbattery

Students might think they can escape the suffocating moonbattery that characterizes college campuses by majoring in math. Sorry; even that has been politicized:

Texas State University is hoping to hire two Math Education professors with a demonstrated and longstanding commitment to “social justice.”

According to the job postings on Inside Higher Ed, the two new professors must not only share TSU’s commitment to “education equity” and “social justice,” but should preferably also have a demonstrated record of engagement or academic research on the issue.

These are the qualifications required of a math education professor nowadays:

“We are especially interested in applicants whose scholarly interests and work include attention to the concerns of race, ethnicity, multilingualism, immigrant, social class, gender, and diversity, broadly defined,” the advertisement notes, adding that professors “from historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.”

It would be Eurocentric to insist that 2 + 2 = 4. In liberal utopia, 2 + 2 = whatever enhances the self-esteem of the allegedly oppressed.

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Oct 11 2017

Open Thread


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Oct 11 2017

How to Lose What We Have

People could see it coming back in the 1950s:

Unfortunately, today’s radicalized Democrats are all for the Master Plan, to be devised and implemented by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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Oct 11 2017

Now Abraham Lincoln Was a Racist

Some of the giants of history who personify our heritage will be erased, like Robert E. Lee. Others will be branded as thought criminals, as social justice warriors have tried to do to Lee’s opponent, Abraham Lincoln:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor has shot down a student government request that a plaque be placed near an on-campus statue of Abraham Lincoln describing what they see as the president’s culpability in massacres of Native Americans.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank said she was not open to making the Associated Students of Madison’s desired change to the statute that has sat at the heart of the campus for over a century, student paper the Daily Cardinal reported.

Lincoln’s crime is that he commuted the death sentences of most but not all of a group of Sioux Indians who had been convicted of murder and rape.

ASM Chair Katrina Morrison said she wants UW to recognize Lincoln’s “brutality towards indigenous peoples.”

His statue will remain undesecrated for now, but today’s student government is tomorrow’s board of trustees. If trends continue, Honest Abe will be known to future generations as just another villainous white male.

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Oct 11 2017

Africa Isn’t Getting Less Savage

All cultures are equivalent, we are told — except of course for Western Civilization, which alone is racist, sexist, homophobic, patriarchal, intolerant, Islamophobic, chauvinistic, jingoist, imperialistic, and bad. Maybe by purging ourselves of our political incorrectness, we could achieve the level of culture on display in Africa:

A woman was raped, whipped and beheaded before a cheering mob in the Democratic Republic of Congo — as punishment for dishing up “forbidden fish” to a group of rebels who then drank her blood.

The rapist was a relative, who was hacked to pieces with machetes afterward.

The atrocity in the main square of Luebo, in the province of Kasaï-Occidental, occurred on April 8 and was captured in stomach-churning video that only emerged this week, France 24 reported.

The naked woman is seen being dragged in front of a crowd by members of an armed group claiming allegiance to the Kamuina Nsapu rebel movement.

“They said she gave them beans that contained pieces of a small, local fish,” a Luebo resident told France 24 about the eatery owner.

Evidently the fish disabled their “protection charms.”

The mutilated corpses were left out for 2 days in the main square. No doubt they were forced to behave this way by racial injustice.

Millions have been displaced by violence in the dysfunctional Democratic Republic of the Congo. Expect another wave of refugees, which may enrich our multicultural tapestry by importing quaint local customs to our ghettos.

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Oct 11 2017

Applied Socialism: 2,300% Inflation in Venezuela

It doesn’t matter that the U.S. national debt has rocketed past $20 trillion (not counting unfunded liabilities) with no indication that spending will slow down in the foreseeable future, because the government can always just print more money to pay off what it owes, right?

Not exactly. Once again Venezuela offers a stark warning as to what awaits us if we continue down the path of ever-bigger government:

[T]he IMF is now estimating that Venezuela’s inflation rate will soar to 2300% in 2018. Of course, the IMF did have to put in some work to come up with this number, because Venezuela’s central bank gave up even trying to publish inflation data back in 2015. If you’re wondering how bad 2300% is, for or a point of reference, the Congo was number 2 on the IMF’s inflation scale and they are supposed to increase by 44% next year.

Resource-rich Venezuela is collapsing. People are starving. The murder rate is estimated to be over 17 times as high as America’s. Now the currency is becoming worthless, just as it did in socialist Zimbabwe.

Bernie Sanders and his many supporters want to do to the USA what Chavez and Maduro did to Venezuela. Or we could stay the course and get to the same point a little more gradually.

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Oct 11 2017

Hollywood Unpersons Harvey Weinstein

For decades, Hollywood and Big Media defended Harvey Weinstein. But eventually the infamously ill-natured character stepped on too many toes, so they let the outrageous details of his Bill Clintonesque behavior go public. He has gone from a god to persona non grata.

Tinseltown bestows fame, and Tinseltown can take it away. Since the industry is run by leftists, it should come as no surprise that Weinstein is getting the same treatment as those who fell out of Stalin’s favor:

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that TWC reached out to multiple networks and gave them the green light to scrub his credits in the wake of the bombshell New York Times report that revealed Weinstein had settled at least eight sexual harassment claims throughout his career. …

The eradication of Weinstein’s credits will begin on Wednesday for TWC-produced reality show “Project Runway.” His name will be stricken from dramas “Six” (on History) and “Scream” (on MTV), as well as from Oliver Stone’s upcoming “Waco” miniseries and Kevin Costner’s drama “Yellowstone.”

Weinstein’s credits will also disappear from two upcoming Amazon shows.

Within a few years, Harvey Weinstein will never have existed. Unfortunately, some of the damage he caused to our culture — e.g., by promoting the career of Quentin Tarantino — will endure.

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Oct 11 2017

Marxist College Student Stabs Free Speech Ball

Nothing could be more emblematic of modern college life than a militant snowflake who calls himself “Karl Marx” stabbing a free speech ball. From University of California, San Diego:

Library walk is the epicenter of campus where student organizations advocate for their respective causes, and several students and activist from Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and the Leadership Institute were peacefully advocating for First Amendment rights … with a large inflatable ball upon which students were invited to write anything they wanted.

The ball-buster started by signing a free speech petition with the name Karl Marx and writing “sic semper tyrannus,” (“thus always to tyrants”) on the ball, then stabbed the ball four times and walked away.

By stabbing the inflatable ball with a pocket knife, he destroyed a platform for free speech not only symbolically but actually.

The very notion of free speech is considered offensive by social justice warriors.

Using the email address he signed on the ball, Brian Pryor of the Leadership Institute tracked “Karl Marx” down to Groundwork Books, unsurprisingly a Marxist bookstore. But another commie “pushed Pryor out the door, allowing the suspected vandal to flee.”

Police caught up with the vandal, but the owner of the ball did not press charges.

Maybe other countries that succumbed to leftism imagined leftists to be nice people, who would allow freedom of speech even if given the power to quash it. Americans won’t have that excuse.

Freedom of expression is not on the agenda.

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Oct 10 2017

Open Thread


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Oct 10 2017

Levi’s Wokes

Not even the moonbats at Saturday Night Live can help but laugh at political correctness and the corporations that pander to it:

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Oct 10 2017

Homosexual Coffeeshop Owner Kicks Out Christians

It has been established that Christian businesses must cater to depraved and blasphemous homosexual ceremonies or be crushed by Big Government, because intolerance cannot be tolerated. But that does not mean homosexual businesses will tolerate Christians:

In a recently released video from the group Abolish Human Abortion, a pro-life advocacy group, a gay coffee shop owner can be seen berating, insulting, and forcing the removal of the Christian group because of their beliefs.

Caytie Davis and her fellows had been handing out pro-life pamphlets that targeted the homosexual community for the spread of the Gospel. …

Davis and her fellow activists, seeking to relax after handing out pamphlets, went into Seattle’s Bedlam coffee shop. According to Davis, they didn’t engage anyone, or … bring any of their literature into the shop with them. They got their coffee, and went upstairs into the lounge area to relax.

Only minutes later, the owner of the coffee shop burst into the room and demanded they leave.

WARNING — the owner’s language and mentality are as disgusting as you might expect:

Even this vile creep is entitled to property rights; if he wants to kick decent people out of his business, that is up to him. But rights are supposed to be for everyone, not just those atop the cultural Marxist caste system.


Surprise surprise; the video was killed. Here it is again, via Right Scoop:

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Oct 10 2017

Twitter Blocks Ad by Marsha Blackburn

The problem with our reliance on social media companies to communicate is that they have an ideology, and they put that ideology far before any civic duty to facilitate free speech. Twitter even blocked an ad by prominent congresswoman and now Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn:

Twitter took down a campaign ad from Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) that referenced “baby body parts,” the congresswoman’s campaign said on Monday.

The video, which can still be seen in Blackburn’s Twitter feed, was part of her recently-launched bid to succeed Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who announced last month that he would not be seeking reelection. …

A Twitter spokesman confirmed that the platform had suspended the promoted advertisement from the campaign’s account, though he emphasized that the original tweet remains up.

It’s still there, all right. See for yourself below. Warning: She refers to baby body parts as “baby body parts,” which moonbats may find offensive.

Twitter says calling baby body parts “baby body parts” is inflammatory and likely to evoke a negative reaction. They will lift restrictions on the ad once Blackburn complies and removes the term.

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Oct 10 2017

Moonbat vs. Moonbat: Piers Morgan vs. George Monbiot

Even Piers Morgan is almost endurable in comparison with the Guardian’s George Monbiot, who has been on a jihad to abolish livestock farming. In his abject lunacy, Monbiot evidently believes it to have a deleterious effect on the weather. Yet he came on Morgan’s Good Morning Britain wearing a watchband and shoes made of leather.

Morgan was aghast:

“You are telling us all to give up meat, you want to kill these animals for your watches and your shoes… shameless hypocrisy, am I wrong?”

For once he was not, as Monbiot confirmed by responding,

“I’m not being 100 per cent purists about this but I am trying to persuade people to change their habits in quite a radical way.”

He offered the lame excuse that watchbands last longer than hamburgers. He might as well have answered with the liberal motto, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

The acrimony continued afterward, as they took their debate onto Twitter:

Morgan tweeted: “Poor George, came on to argue we should all be vegans – wearing a leather watch and shoes.”

Monbiot replied: “Poor Piers, can’t see the difference between a watch strap that lasts two years and a burger that lasts, to judge by his girth, two minutes.”

And the Good Morning Britain host hit back with: “Erm, don’t they both involve the slaughter of cows? ps Fat-shaming me is not going to go down very well with your Guardian mates, George.”

Monbiot is not only a wearer of the skin of oppressed and murdered cows, he is also a fat-shamer. Only by barking ever more radical moonbattery will he be able to reclaim his credibility.

George Moonbat, exploiter of animals.

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Oct 10 2017

Fireman Fired as Thought Criminal for Bringing Watermelon to Work

Moonbat totalitarians won’t just ban words and the thoughts that might be expressed with those words. They will ban all sorts of things — even fruits:

41-year-old Robert Pattison went to introduce himself to his fellow firefighters at Engine 55 at Joy and Southfield in Detroit. Second Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty calls it a tradition for firefighters.

Part of the tradition is to come bearing gifts, usually donuts. But Pattison had a different idea:

Pattison, a probationary firefighter, decided to bring a watermelon wrapped in a pink ribbon. We’re told some African-American firefighters were instantly offended, since 90 percent of the people who work at Engine 55 are black.

You can guess what happened next. He was fired.

Pattison says it was not a joke, and it is unlikely the newbie intended to offend his fellow firefighters. To some people, a watermelon is just food. But intent is irrelevant when it comes to political incorrectness.

No doubt fried chicken would have resulted in the same punishment. Enjoy fried chicken and watermelon while you can; eventually they will be abolished, lest others commit Pattison’s infraction.

Tasty but wrong.

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Oct 10 2017

British Census May Stop Distinguishing Men From Women, Which Is Allegedly Transphobic

The progressive War on Reality is accomplishing a key objective by making it more difficult to collect factual information. From Britain:

The “sex” question in the next census could be made voluntary after claims it discriminates against transgender people.

The “tentative” recommendation has been made in an Office for National Statistics (ONS) report on gender identity. …

The proposed change for the 2021 census could leave Britain without an accurate figure for the number of men and women living in the country.

Research carried out by the ONS found the “sex” question included on the 2011 census, which requires respondents to choose whether they are male or female, “was considered to be irrelevant, unacceptable and intrusive, particularly to trans participants, due to asking about sex rather than gender”.

No one needs to know how many men and women live in Britain, because according to moonbat dogma, gender is a fluid yet arbitrary concept, so men and women do not really exist.

Soon other data will vanish for reasons of political correctness, e.g., the percentage of violent crimes committed by persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

We are all androgynes, according to leftist ideology.

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Oct 09 2017

Open Thread


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Oct 09 2017

No Longer a Felony to Deliberately Spread HIV in California

Liberalism isn’t always about tightening restrictions, because some restrictions are good. For example, even as California introduces prison sentences for those who insist on referring to transsexuals with biologically correct pronouns, we read this:

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Friday that lowers from a felony to a misdemeanor the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection.

By “knowingly,” they mean deliberately. To be prosecuted for a felony under the old law required intent to transmit HIV, which leads to the horrific disease AIDS.

It gets worse:

The measure also applies to those who give blood without telling the blood bank that they are HIV-positive.

It is wise not to accept blood transfusions while in Sodom/Gomorrah, a.k.a. California. Since you never know when you might get in an accident and require one, or when God’s long-delayed wrath might strike, it is wiser still to stay out of the Land of Fruits and Nuts altogether.

State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), coauthor of the bill.

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Oct 09 2017

Ireland Issues Che Guevara Stamp

They would never issue Heinrich Himmler stamps, because Nazis have been unfashionable among moonbats ever since Hitler violated his pact with Stalin. But his Cuban equivalent Che Guevara is another matter:


A more evil character than Che Guevara would be difficult to imagine — thus his enduring popularity on the Left. Lift a beer today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his death.

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