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Aug 25 2020

Apartheid Blamed for COVID-19 Corruption

When does white guilt ever end? It doesn’t. In South Africa, Apartheid is blamed even for COVID-19 corruption:

Cyril Ramaphosa has reacted to the public fury regarding the COVID corruption, which he says has ‘infected’ South Africa. The president has penned an open letter to all members of the ANC, telling them to stand against those who have exploited the pandemic for personal gain. However, the ANC leader also linked the state-sponsored looting spree to the ills of apartheid.

Barks Ramaphosa,

“While the current allegations about corruption in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic have brought this issue to the fore, the reality is that corruption in this country has far deeper roots. Apartheid was both morally and materially corrupt.”

If slavery is to blame for problems caused mainly by black fatherlessness in 2020 America, it stands to reason that Apartheid is the reason South Africa under the African National Congress tends to be corrupt.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 02 2020

Professor Kelly Kean Sharp, Racial Imposter

Thanks to the racist left-wing concept of “white privilege,” it is a big advantage to be anything but white. That’s why we have so many racial imposters like Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, Jessica Krug, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Satchuel Cole, and now Kelly Kean Sharp:

Sharp resigned Tuesday from her assistant professorship at Furman University following accusations that she pretended to be non-white, a university spokesman said.

An anonymous person outed the African American history scholar through a Medium post, InsideHigherEd reported.

Sharp apparently invented a Mexican grandmother, thereby transforming herself into a Mexican. You only need to be part nonwhite to be absolved of white privilege. She defined herself as “Chicana” on her Twitter profile.

She generously extended her phony nonwhiteness to her hometown of Encinitas, California, claiming that her research on the hated antebellum South was in part inspired by the town’s “majority-minority population.”

Encinitas is 88.7% white, census records show, and “known to anyone from California for being a wealthy beach community,” according to the Medium post.

Given her ability to distort reality on behalf of a phony PC narrative, Sharp might have had a successful career in academia. But not everyone gets away with greasing their career skids by racially redefining themselves the way Elizabeth Warren did at Harvard.

You don’t see nonwhite racial imposters pretending to be white. Assimilating with the core population is no way to get ahead when the national religion is Cultural Marxism.

On tips from DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS and Henry.

Oct 03 2020

Bill Gates Wants Taxpayers to Vaccinate Third World

Hold onto your wallets. Egalitarian billionaire do-gooder Bill Gates has proclaimed that Western taxpayers must pay to vaccinate the Third World against COVID-19:

Right now, most of the world’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines is slated to go to rich countries. These nations have been making deals with pharmaceutical companies, securing the right to buy billions of doses as soon as they are produced.

But what about low- and lower-middle income nations of the world, everywhere from South Sudan to Nicaragua to Myanmar?

Gates yelps that there must be “funding to pay for billions of vaccine doses for poorer nations”; more specifically, “public funding is needed.”

Actually, the ChiCom virus is less of a problem in Africa than in the West. Speaking of ChiComs, if anyone has to pay for other countries’ vaccines, it ought to be the country that inflicted the virus on the rest of the world.

In other billionaire news, Elon Musk says Gates is a “knucklehead.”

On tips from Ellen O.

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