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Mar 07 2018

A Cold Winter Is Brought into Line with Climate Ideology

No matter how cold it gets, it won’t stop getting warmer — at least, not unless progressives shift their narrative back to the 1970s menace of global cooling. As for actual temperatures, those are easily fudged by government scientists propagandists:

November 2017 marked the onset of a very cold winter across the Northern Hemisphere. Many parts of North America and Eurasia registered record lows, breaking even 80-year records.

Below-average temperatures continued well into February, breaking records in Japan and Europe. …

This has been accompanied by a massive drop in atmospheric temperatures across the tropics, caused by the La Niña (cooling of the tropical Pacific, which in turn cools air that circulates globally) that developed towards the end of 2017.

January of this year recorded the third highest temperature drop in the 470-month satellite record.

Not even all that cold is enough to get the Powers That Be to lay off with the global warming hysteria — not when outfits like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration can alter the numbers.

One example is the data used to construct an average temperature for the Northeast United States. Paul Homewood, a respected scholar on the analysis of long-term climate statistics, shows that raw data recorded by local stations vary by as much as 3.1 degrees Fahrenheit from NOAA’s final adjusted “data,” which hide this winter’s severity, making it seem similar to the recent El Niño-driven highs.

Further, evidence suggests that there has been no significant increase in global average temperature during the past two decades. This sobering reality was even acknowledged by leading climate alarmists.

Not that long ago, I was horrified to hear that in communist China, the authorities lie even about the weather. Allegedly, lower temperatures have been reported in order to keep up morale during the steamy summer months. Now lying about the weather is SOP here in the USA, as well as in Europe and Australia.

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