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Dec 19 2012

A Debt That Will Live in Infamy

As Bill Whittle observes, incompetence and stupidity cannot explain the federal government’s economic policy, leaving us with the most obvious explanation. Barack Hussein Obama, like everyone in the vile milieu that produced him, hates America and wants to see its economy destroyed. He is accomplishing this through the most effective means at his disposal — debt:

What Obama and his coconspirators are doing to this country is deliberate and therefore unforgivable. They have got to be stopped.

On a tip from IslandLifer.

9 Responses to “A Debt That Will Live in Infamy”

  1. St. Gilbert says:

    Persistence is feudal.

  2. Highway Hospital Student says:

    The election was in the margin of the fraud error.

    Contesting it before BO is sworn in for a second term is the only way to put the brakes on this coming willfully-engineer economic collapse.

  3. Highway Hospital Student says:

    And we’ll all be in work-camps long before that happens.

  4. Clingtomyguns says:

    “They have got to be stopped.”

    With RINO’s leading Congress ready to cave on raising taxes and the debt ceiling for the sake of “getting something done,” don’t count on it.

    The best thing that could possibly happen would be if the Repubs got the balls to refuse to raise the debt ceiling. It’s there only trumph card.

    The Obama Administraion can spend only if it has sufficient funds to pay for it under law. These funds can come either from tax receipts or from borrowing by the United States Department of the Treasury, e.g. the Fed buying Treasury paper as fast as it can print money. Congress has, however, set a debt ceiling, beyond which Treasury cannot borrow. In the absence of sufficient revenue, a failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in the administration being unable to fund all the spending spree. At that point, the government must cancel or delay some spending. Hallelujah – the and only then will Obama and the Democraps be forced to make any cuts.

    Democraps and media argue that without increasing the ceiling, the US would enter sovereign default (failure to pay the interest and/or principal of US treasury securities on time) thereby creating an international crisis in the financial markets. That is BS, any default can be averted by the government reducing its other spending and paying the interest. It’s called living within one’s means.

  5. Michelle says:

    The courts, the police, the House, the Senate, and EVERY OTHER government agency is totally corrupt.

    Short of an armed actual revolt, there is nobody who will stop this insanity.

    Just “electing” a few “good” people won’t solve the problem when they are massively outnumbered by all the “bad” people.

  6. the watcher says:

    Putin: “In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

  7. Winston Smith says:

    Can the Obama Regime print/create more money if the debt ceiling isnt raised? They seem to be doing it now and I dont recall Congress approving QE3 or any other money printing.

  8. mtminer says:

    I think you’d best follow your own advice and join me in MT stocking up on rice, beans and the means to defend my family and friends.

  9. Warlord says:

    Let it burn.The only way for meaningful change to the
    current system of forced indebtedness.

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