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Dec 22 2012

A Moonbat Bureaucrat Christmas

Feliz Navidad from our degenerate bureaucrat overlords:

No need for elves to make the goodies; taxpayers take care of everything.

They say Obama is like Santa Claus. Here Santa Claus is like Obama — promoting vice with redistributed wealth.

On a tip from Wiggins.

22 Responses to “A Moonbat Bureaucrat Christmas”

  1. TonyD95B says:

    That would ne funny (in a nihilistic black-humor sort of way) were it not true.

    “Nihilistic Black Humor”…….is that……RAYCISS???

  2. TonyD95B says:

    As a counterpoint to “Feliz Navidad” and a needle-distributing white-guilt Santa in da hood, the Democratic National Committe and will have Senator Robert Byrd sing “White Christmas”……oh, wait…..Kleagle Byrd is DEAD

  3. Spider says:

    Personally, i would make ALL drugs legal and stand on a Mexifornia street corner handing out huge bags of pure coke, meth, and heroin to any and every addict. Can you think of a faster and more economical way of getting rid of them?

  4. Logic_Mine says:

    Speaking of UP NORTH, I wonder how the STORM SANDY victims are doing this Christmas with all of that OBAMA help?

    Funny how the stories die in such a convenient manner isn’t it?

  5. AC says:

    I have come to support this crap. Paying for junkies to shoot up with clean needles is cheaper than giving Medicaid to AIDS laden junkies.

    Sad indeed that we must choose between the cheaper of two bad and degenerate options.

    Maybe we should legalize it all and let them keep the party going with Darwin – so long as law abiding citizens can exercise their Second Amendment rights when an addict goes off the reservation and threatens others.

  6. AC says:

    Perhaps Sam and Gaston can rehabilitate violent addicts where moonbat social workers have failed.

  7. fat stanley says:

    Yeah AC! Every dollar spent on harm reduction saves many dollars: reduced ER costs for overdoses, reduced chronic care expenses for HIV and hepatitis transmitted by dirty needles. It’s “pay me now or pay me later” kids. The drug/sex behavior is there (and ain’t going away), and “society” has spoken: whether it’s an OD’d homeless guy or a poor kid hit by a car in the barrio, or a penniless veteran who’s hospitalized with PTSD, the taxpayer is picking up the tab for the medical care. Don’t pin that on Obama. He’s just the latest sap trying to explain it.

    DE-CRIM ALL DRUGS FOR ADULTS! Let’s stop subsidizing organized gangs, drug cartels and the mafia. There was a war on drugs in the 1920’s and we lost that one too. We were smarter then: we recognized failure in 13 years. It’s taken us 40 so far with no end in sight.

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    Here’s what happens when political correctness, fear, hysteria, and emotions rule

    TAMAQUA, Pa. –

    It’s not something you can joke about anymore: guns. And the Tamaqua Area School District in Schuylkill County is proving that.

    State police investigated a report of a 13-year-old Tamaqua Middle School seventh grade student who made a gesture with his fingers in reference to a gun while pointing at fellow students.

    It’s been less than a week since the shooting of 28 people, including 20 first and second grade children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and authorities aren’t hesitating to take action.

    Police said the boy will be charged with disorderly conduct and will be suspended from school…

  9. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I was about to give them some credit even if this was an odd and tasteless attempt to drum up more public funding.
    But then I read this:

    Harm Reduction Recognizes that the realities of poverty, class, racism, social isolation, past trauma, sex-based discrimination and other social inequalities affect one’s vulnerability to and capacity for effectively managing drug-related harm.

    And realized the “business” these libs are attempting to drum up is MORE “victims” engaging in these high risk lifestyles.
    Funding for these needles and condoms likely rains down from Bloombergs Marxist paradise.

  10. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    fat stanley
    At one point in history, bloodletting with leeches was considered an acceptable treatment for disease.
    But eventually people were enlightened, and better, more effective methods of healthcare caught on.
    If we are going to legalize drugs, we must also end the welfare state which enables their use.
    So legalizing drugs based on personal freedom means the rest of us should not be required to pay for the repercussions of this freedom
    With this freedom comes responsibilities.
    Same goes for alcohol.
    And Smoking.
    Obamacare flies directly in the face of this personal responsibility, placing the rest of us eternally “on the hook” for any and all risky behavior of another.
    I do agree that prohibition does not work.
    The war on drugs has been lost long ago.
    Why ?
    Because declaring them “illegal” just means only criminals will use and sell them.
    Too bad you libs can’t apply the same logic to firearms.
    How well do you think the Democrapts “war on guns” is going to go ?

  11. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Dr. 9 says at December 22, 2012 at 9:34 am:

    “Here’s what happens when political correctness, fear, hysteria, and emotions rule…”

    Yep – Van / Dave has a whole ‘nother thread dedicated to just that.

    I haven’t decided what’s more f#cked up – the school administrators that reported it or the PA State Troopers that wasted taxpayer dollars to “investigate” it and charge the kid with a “crime”.

    The only actual “crime” I see in any of it (besides misuse of public resources) is making a prank 911 call.

  12. Ummah Gummah says:

    AC says:
    December 22, 2012 at 9:21 am
    I have come to support this crap. Paying for junkies to shoot up with clean needles is cheaper than giving Medicaid to AIDS laden junkies.

    Sad indeed that we must choose between the cheaper of two bad and degenerate options.

    I have a better idea. Scoop ’em up up, put ’em on a cargo plane, take trip over shark infested waters.. feed the wildlife.


  13. Ummah Gummah says:

    Funding for these needles and condoms likely rains down from Bloombergs Marxist paradise.

    That and methadone. And overnight they break into downtown Manhattan businesses to buy smack. They also urinate and – yes – defecate all over the place and if – in liberal New York – you say something to these holy cows you get yelled at by hysterical moonbats.


  14. TED says:

    Obama voter fo sho!

    In Obamaland there are

    Miracles every day.

  15. Antisocialist says:

    To the atheist dork that says you can’t do anything about this drug bs.

    It’s not like it’s hard to remove these plagues on society, it’s just that politicians lack the balls to do what is necessary.

    And those that want legal drugs, just move to those hell holes where it is legal and live there, problem solved for you personally, it’s a win-win for both society and you, society is rid of you the druggie and you get to do all the sorcery you want.

  16. Antisocialist says:

    “I do agree that prohibition does not work.
    The war on drugs has been lost long ago.
    Why ?
    Because declaring them “illegal” just means only criminals will use and sell them.
    Too bad you libs can’t apply the same logic to firearms.
    How well do you think the Democrapts “war on guns” is going to go ?”

    You’d won the war if you executed all the drugdealers, it’s not like they do not know who they are, just go in and kill them all, end of drug war.

    Anyone tries to pick up the trade again you kill them too. Also you kill all that would dare to grow the shit or mix it in a lab. Simple solution.

    That’s how you win wars, you kill all your enemies.
    This bs about keeping death merchants alive is just moonbat bs and that’s why you “lose” wars because you are not willing to kill ALL the enemies, you keep them alive. Kinda like the stupidity to not kill all that crosses your border illegaly. If you kill a number of them the others will stop coming or try to enter some other way. It is an act of war to enter a border illegaly so it’s ok to kill these enemies.

    Same with this war on terrorism, just call it what it is war on islam, blow up the box in Mecca and the entire religion falls like a house of cards, in that case you wouldn’t even have to destroy the people just a tiny structure that is the core of the religion, destroy the core you’ve destroyed the religion.

    But the thing is people make more money on keeping the wars running than they make from stopping them, stopping wars is not really a big problem its as easy as killing all enemies until the rest surrenders, the real problem is the people making money on having this stuff running, all you will do with legalizing is shift who takes the money from this form of enslavement because drugs are binds for people.

    Oh and you’d get even more whackjobs doing crazy crimes with the drugs flowing.

  17. Tax Slave says:

    Why are those on the Left who want to ban guns the same ones who say banning drugs won’t/hasn’t worked?

    On the other hand, why don’t libertarians welcome the ban on universally addictive drugs, since addiction robs us of our freedom to choose NOT to use?

    And, if they legalize marijuana because it isn’t universally addictive–or addictive at all, as some claim–can I continue to call all pot-heads stupid lazy slobs who should all get jobs? Can I fire anybody who comes in stoned or smokes pot on the job?

    And can I please get a prescription for tobacco?

  18. Tax Slave says:

    By the way, alcohol is not universally addictive, or else all college students would become hopeless drunks.

    Tobacco may be universally addictive, but it isn’t mind-altering, so smokers can be productive members of society (rather than parasites) while smoking.

    Marijuana may not be addictive to most (if not all) users, but it is just as harmful as tobacco smoke. Also, unlike alcohol, pot is invariably mind-altering. While a non-addict can have a single drink and stop (like the beer I had last night), I’ve never heard of a pot-head stopping after a single toke.

    One last comment on pot: Some say pot makes people stupid, and I’ve noticed that all pot smokers I know over 30 are quite stupid, but my question is, Which is cause and which is effect? Are they stupid because they smoke pot, or do they smoke pot because they’re stupid?

  19. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    That’s how you win wars, you kill all your enemies.

    This is exactly why calling this a WAR on drugs is so fraudulent.
    Truth be told, the goal always seemed to be to grow government by pouring as much money into these enforcement agencies, social services, courts, incarceration, ect, ect more so than it ever was to actually reduce drug use.
    How else to describe an employer being forced to provide reasonable accommodation to drug users under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    The effects of drug use should be considered self inflicted.
    Do you want the risk that the next truck driver/ recovering junkie you meet on the road may have fallen off the wagon ?
    These are employers, not babysitters.

  20. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Sometimes even a moonbat zombie can stumble across some truth
    This is not a column against gun control. Gun control is a good idea. The assault-weapons ban is a good idea. So are background checks, stricter licensing agreements, and greater efforts to keep guns out of the hands of minors. A prohibitive tax on ammunition? There’s another good idea finally getting attention it deserves, after being suggested by comedian Chris Rock a decade ago.

    So he still wants gun control, likely because of the political capital such moves would award Barrack Hussein King Tut Obama
    Having lived in Japan, I’ve known for many years how peaceful it is. Women can (and often do) walk down the street at night alone in a big city without fear of attack. Fights are rare, and murders rarer.

    Gee whiz, just like the neighborhood I grew up in where there was and is a full arsenal of guns at the end of every rainbow
    Now, if the U.S. banned gun ownership, and confiscated all the guns that people currently own, it would probably be very effective. But this is almost certainly politically infeasible, and if somehow the 14th Amendment were repealed and this law were passed, it would cause violent civil unrest.

    If you call government busting down a door looking for weapons in the middle of the night, ending in bloody carnage, then on to the next house (with one dead homeowner and a couple less cops) to repeat “effective”, then I would beg to differ

    But then the stumble…….
    A 1994 Department of Justice report suggested that between a third and a half of U.S. homicides were drug-related,

    Hmmmm…. Drugs + guns = illegal activity
    Dead cops, dead innocent bystanders ect ect

    Legal bans on drug sales lead to a vacuum in legal regulation; instead of going to court, drug suppliers settle their disputes by shooting each other.

    Wow, who woulda thought
    Drug dealers and users protecting their illegal stash with ILLEGAL guns
    In other words, yes, gun control is good. BUT don’t expect it to be a panacea for America’s gun violence problem.
    If we really want to save some of those 9,000 people, we need to end the self-destructive, failed drug policies that have turned us into a prison state and turned many of our cities into war zones.

    So he is fine with saving those 9000 potentially deceased dealers and users by allowing them out of the shadows with their now LEGAL dope, but just so he can grab your LEGAL gun

  21. A Saucerful of Sucrets says:

    Obamaclaus is coming to town comrades with a cornucopia full of regifted redistribution goodies! Now gibsmedat Cracka.

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