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Aug 06 2011

A Republican Speech From a Democrat Platform

Indulging in a little Ronaldus Maximus nostalgia makes the grim present more tolerable:

On a tip from Byron, Dan, and Greg in Texas.

6 Responses to “A Republican Speech From a Democrat Platform”

  1. Epic Gipper levity- he’d have had a FIELD DAY with the buffoons running this country now

  2. overthemoon says:

    I really miss him!!!

  3. borsa says:

    The volume of your place is really created with tending, Who is your team?

  4. mormon guy says:

    hahaha….half these comments make absolutely no sense!

  5. Coldwarrior57 says:

    I was watching some news channel this AM, They said that at disney world they have HALLS of the Presidents.
    He said that at first when the curtains would pull back and show Obummer there were large cheers and applause. Well he said that Now when the cutrain goes back and there is obummer no one says a word but when Mr Reagan pict shows up there are cheers an applause galore.
    Damn I miss that bastard!!!!

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