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Nov 09 2012

A Thought Crime

What would you do to prevent your civilization from being erased from the face of the earth? Whatever it is, you had better do it fast.

It is politically foolish to frame the current losing battle of liberty against collectivist tyranny in racial terms, because oligarchical collectivists have used their control of the media to condition us to cringe in terror of being called racist, even while every other group openly advances its racial interests at our expense. But if we don’t acknowledge what is being done to us, we will die as cowards.

If only whites voted, Romney would have won in a landslide. Among white men, he beat the Manchurian Moonbat by 25 points.

But as a direct result of liberal welfare, border defense, and immigration policies, America is becoming demographically transformed. Without any noticeable attempt to present himself as someone who will do a better job in his second term than he has in the miserable failure of his first, Obama won 93% of the black vote, 71% of the Hispanic vote, and 73% of the Asian vote. No wonder the Democrats who run the media hammer it through our heads at every opportunity that it is bad to be white.

Liberals want total power over us. The special interest groups that elect them want to steal what we’ve worked for. Conspiring together, they will bleed us to exhaustion and then ethnically cleanse us from existence.

In the near future, this land will be populated by teat-suckers with no use for dead white males like the Founding Fathers, or for the rights they enshrined in the Constitution. The America we have built and loved is in the process of being displaced and forgotten.

Already we are no longer masters of our own fate. We are at the mercy of people who hate us.

Obama won because Benghazi doesn’t matter. Solyndra doesn’t matter. Fast & Furious doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that whites have created wealth and nonwhites find it easier to take it than to create their own. For now they need the assistance of the one in three Caucasians who are looters themselves or who are clueless and/or wicked enough to assist them. But if demographic trends continue, and our borders remain undefended, it won’t be more than a couple of elections before they won’t need any white votes at all. At that point race-based slavery will have officially returned to North America.

Good thing I don’t work for National Review. I would be out of a job right now.

44 Responses to “A Thought Crime”

  1. Jodie says:

    The only thing I can add to that is applause!

  2. Beef says:

    That’s the lesson Republicans need to take, that there is nothing they can do at this point to specifically attract the nonwhite vote. Appeals to the common good fall on deaf ears to privileged populations. Republicans cannot out pander democrats without becoming democrats. The left has convinced minorities that the American dream envisioned by Conservatives excludes them, and has enlisted them in their campaign to tear down America. It is the left that has successfully defined Republicans as the “White” party, and it is with this group they will live or die, not as a racial spoils coalition such as the democrats, but as a party not afraid to speak the truth that white people can have legitimate interests too, that without equality under the law there can be no justice, and that embracing socialism is embracing tyrrany.

  3. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    John Galt was right.

  4. Red Dawn says:

    Know thy enemy:

    If you want to preserve your liberty, you have no choice.

  5. Jimbo says:

    Shame on you, Dave. Truth is illegal. The Communists’ President will see to it.

    I say, it’s time for the Free States to elect our own president.

    I refuse to live under communism, and I refuse to recognize any authority a stinking communist believes he may have over me. I am a Free Man until the dirty bastards kill me.

  6. IslandLifer says:

    Amen. And listening to the neocons saying maybe the Republican Party should think about amnesty for the illegal Mexicans in order to get their vote. I’m no longer associated with that party of pansies and hate the democrats like you wouldn’t believe. That leaves me floating in the middle of this mess waiting for leadership to arise to represent America. Not negros and mexicans. Even more maddening are those white crackers who think they are welcome in either of those communities and have abandoned their own. The politically correct white liberal is the most despicable form of life as the have no honor nor culture to embrace other than somebody else’s like some twisted fantasy. Message to them: YOU’RE WHITE!!! Wake up and learn about who you are and where you came from. That really goes for everybody. Be proud of who you are!! Mexicans go back to Mexico if you didn’t come here the legal way and try to turn your country around. Negros, wake the hell up out of your damn slumber and see the chains upon you. Put down the crack pipe and don’t have sex until the man puts a ring on your finger, one that he paid for. Get off the welfare system and get your ass a job. Break all those rap CDs and introduce your kids to real musicians who had tremendous talent, especially in Jazz. That’s what made America rich. Be proud of who you are and pass your culture on. Don’t lose it to Hollywood. And for shits sake ALL of you on welfare need to take a good hard look at yourself and once again ask what you can do for this country and stop feeding off those who are!!!

  7. facebkwallflower says:

    Best thoughts anywhere since Tuesday! Do we stop generating income before they won’t let us quit?

  8. Jimbo says:

    Well Said Island & all.

    When this project is done and I’m safely home in Texas, the Texas flag is the only flag I will ever fly again. “Old Glory” was murdered – I will not fly the flag the communists have stolen from us.

  9. Art Mooney says:

    Easy. TAX REVOLT. If we all go Galt via refusal to give them our money all of our problems go away overnight. ALL of them; socialism, welfare, illegals etc to infinity. If the government can’t pay for it, they can’t force it on us. We all seem to forget that the reason there are amendments to the constitution is so we can occasionally say NO. So here it is; NO. I’m not participating in Obama care. NO I’m not paying for illegals, their anchor babies, their ER visits, their cell phones or their subsidized housing. NO MORE. I’m done. I’m taking my ball and going home. This revolt can be peaceful – I harbor no ill will towards anyone – but I will not live my life as an indentured servant to scum bags.

  10. KHarn says:

    The only comfort is the fact that the regressive neo-commies will be destroyed by the monster they have created.

  11. Stogie says:

    I like what Jimbo has to say. Right on, friend!!

    Yes, the immigration policies of the left, to displace the white population with non-white third-worlders, has borne fruit, and we are finally at the tipping point. America is gone, but what do we replace it with? I am hoping for an independent Texas, so we will at least have a place to go.

  12. JeanetteSCA says:

    Thought police staging a raid on Dave’s house in 3…2…

    See you after you’re done serving time for “unrelated parole violations.”

  13. HappyImNotAmerican says:

    I thought this was Moonbattery, not Stormfront.

  14. Mr Evilwrench says:

    They hate us, maybe it’s time, or long past, to reciprocate.

  15. whotothewhat says:

    Racist, so what I have been called that many times over the years. I heard everyday from the media for supporting Walker and Romney and Ryan. I have been called horrible names to my face by family and friends for standing on conservative principals. I do not care the very word racists holds no meaning to me anymore. I will not back down from a fight. Being that I am not PC I will call a spade a spade.

  16. Scott says:

    Wow Dave. I hate to admit that you may be right, but your may be. I don’t recognize this country anymore. I can’t watch the news, too depressing. Socialism is rising and our flag needs to be flown upside down. I have prayed for this country for months…and the Lord has said no to my prayers. He has hardened the hearts of most citizens of this nation and blinded their eyes. He has given this country what it has elected not what it needs. He has turned his face away. I feel a chill wind blowing…..We will not be spared. I fear for our children.

  17. Zappatrust says:

    “Obama won because Benghazi doesn’t matter. Solyndra doesn’t matter. Fast & Furious doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that whites have created wealth and nonwhites find it easier to take it than to create their own.”
    So true Dave I think that does explain how I felt the day after. Watching the News this morning it’s become more clear that even the despair after Hurricane Sandy doesn’t matter.
    Someone stated that now there are more takers than makers and I agree with facebkwallflower…
    Best thoughts anywhere since Tuesday! Do we stop generating income before they won’t let us quit?

    Thanks Dave, I am passing it on.

  18. True Blue says:

    Odd, my President is STILL the Right Hon. Jefferson Davis.

  19. JeanetteSCA says:

    To paraphrase commenter Scott (and Christopher Nolan)…

    Obama is the president this nation deserves, but not the one it needs.

  20. CT says:

    “Tears of joy for me, the White House is staying black!” – Little Touré Neblett

    Is that “niggerization” of the president Touré?

  21. Dr. 9 says:

    I wonder how much of the Jewish vote he received. 80, 90%? You know, those are the people who are always whining about how much they love Israel.

  22. The awful truth is begining to dawn on the good people of America. This demographic timebomb is being deliberately engineered as part of the fundamental transformation of America.

    Its been done before, in a country formally known as Great Britian.

    The fundamental transformation started there in 1997 with the socialist government of Phoney Tony Blair and I believe this successful transformation of a country is the blueprint for the current Obama administration.

    Political correctness, rigidly enforced by petty bureaucrats and the media, close down any debate by using litigation and smear against anyone who questions their policies on immigration.

    With the coming amnesty for illegal immigrants comes the downfall of the last bstion of freedom.

  23. celtthedog says:

    Agreed, BUT: fact is 41% of whites voted for Obama. I actually figured Romney would pull this off because I believed he’d get a Reaganesque share of the white vote (between 63-66% which would have won it for him) and that the pollsters were missing that.
    Mark Steyn may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as he pointed out, for all the talk about the “browning” of America, Obama kicked Romney’s ass in lily-white states like New Hampshire and Iowa.

  24. Jaynie59 says:

    You know what? White really doesn’t have anything to do with it. Every person I know from my family to my co-workers is white and they believe all the same crap the minorities do. The demonization of conservatism is complete. When people hear it they hear RACIST! The Republican Party means RACIST! Abortion means freedom to these people.

    The years of attacks have worked. People believe it. I do not know a single person who would ever vote for a Republican for any reason. Ever. And they’re all white.

  25. karasukanzaemon says:

    Too true, Dave. Can’t discount the insidiousness of the gimmes, however. Envy: it’s for everybody.

  26. bobdog says:

    I just read your April piece about Darbyshire. I usually like Rich Lowry on most subjects, but I have to say he got it wrong. Appallingly wrong, to use his term.

    If I was having coffee with Lowry, I’d have to ask him exactly which piece of advice and which piece of information was incorrect. By my lights, I agree with every word of it.

  27. Mary says:

    Dave, this excellent post should have this accompanying it:

    Caption reads “GOP: You’re OLD, You’re White, You’re HISTORY!

  28. Patricia Leath says:

    There is a revolution brewing in this country. True Americans cannot deal with this much longer Forget the Black/hispanic/gay/lesbian/big government BS. For what it is worth, we are headed for a total collapse of our government and only delusional fools refuse to recognize what is going on.
    The whole election smells. The military vote was a fiasco. The absentee ballots were a fiasco and the poll watchers were 65% black Democrats in the inner cities, throwing out Republicans at voter polling locations in swing states. Ohio being a perfect example and I was there! That was a fiasco.
    Can anyone in their right mind believe that 3 million Republicans stayed home? Not on your life! Their votes were changed at the polling stations. Obama made sure that the military absentee ballots were late in delivery and the voting machines where fixed. Imagine, the Diebold voting machines could be changed by remote control, isn’t that swell. Change the vote by remote control and no trace. Sounds like voter fraud to me, what do you think? Does color matter when your country is dying or dead. We must demand justice!. The people should raise up and demand justice. If the Tea Party has any future, It must focus on this distruction of America.What Obama has done is is no different than the Muslim Brotherhood, Putins election in Russia or a dictatorship “reelection” in South America. Doesn’t that scare honest Americans?
    Obama and his thugs must have been given pointers on how to swing votes from all of these jihadist. I cannot believe what is happening right here and right now!

    The “recalibration” of the Republican party by the press is a farce. The idiots should focus on the VOTE COUNT before announcing “recalibration”.
    Obama must be impeached that it the only way we can take back this country, or we face the end of a great republic. Damn I am mad. Ask yourselves, don’t you care what has happened? Don’t you want to get this bastard out of the White House? Honest working people still exist in America, do not fool yourselves. We may have a “browning” of America, so what? Who gives a damn, while we watch the death of America? This man knowingly allowed 4 Americans to die on his watch. Think about it, you could be next if you do not goose step to the party line! Someone has got to have some guts to tell the truth. Hopefully, Petraous will fight for the USA as opposed to Obama and his thugsbefore the House Of Representatives.

  29. Mike jansen says:

    Bad news folks. Bush sr. promised a new world order. Well here it is. The best thing to do is get off the grid. Help is not comming. Adapt and survive. Bush jr. was a distraction, many people wasted many valuable years in the preparaation for the red dawn. And you thought it was just a movie.

  30. HappyImNotAmerican says:

    You people are scary.

    Confession time: I’m a half-breed. I’m half Austrian and half Turkish. I’m also living in Germany, so I’m an immigrant (not to the US, but still). I’m also bisexual, female and make a good living working. If I were in the US, I would be comfortable middle-class.
    I have almost all my life voted National-liberal or Conservative in my country. You could say I’m a pragmatic Libertarian, supporting social libertarianism as well economic freedom with some regulations were the market has gone out of control. Or short: I’m exactly who you should want to win over.

    But that doesn’t happen, because my skin is brown and my father actually is a Muslim (I’m not). I agree on a lot of issues with moderate Republicans, hell, I’m even very skeptical of abortion, instead people like me get demonized. We’re the foreigners destroying your country – even when we sing our national anthems just as proudly as you do. We’re the evil people that want free stuff, just to steal money from you – money that actually helps us to make a better country, by paying higher taxes and investing more.
    But the we hear and watch people tell us, that the demographic has changed and because the majority isn’t white anymore, the others are just moochers.
    All of a sudden, people like me, people who work hard, pay taxes and pay their bills, people who actively for a long time support your economic policies are the evil ones. If you blame us, how do you expect to get our vote? Well, my vote you can’t get because I’m too proud of my Austria to become American, but what do you think these African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Women and LGBT folk are thinking when they hear you say such things?
    Let me tell you, we’re not thinking “Oh, they like us, let’s vote for them”.

    You can call me a concern troll now, but I really do think the Republican party has to have a voice that doesn’t consist of “Grrrr, non-white people, grrrr!”, because it has so much to add to America.

  31. Highway Hospital Student says:


    If you blame us, how do you expect to get our vote?

    We don’t. You’re not American. And for your information, we’ve got a Kenyan for a “president” and look how that’s turned out.

    Obviously, you like writing about yourself, but don’t insert yourself in areas where you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    If you are a white American, chances are you are a wage slave where around 40-50% of your total income is being taxed away for purposes of redistribution. And with no end in sight to government taxation.

    If you’re a white American, chances are you have no idea how destructive taxes are to your overall freedom and if you’re a Californian, chances are you are either doubly clueless about taxes or a moocher.

    If you are a white American, chances are you do not want your children in a public school, where bc of race there is an oppressive and dangerous atmosphere, and where your child will be singled out by teachers as the “oppressor” of virtuous non-whites.

    If you’re a white American who favors BO and are embracing the changing demographics, chances are you do not share the same neighborhoods with the races that you so admire. If so, your longevity is in question.

    If you are a white American, chances are you are friendly and gracious to non-whites but have racked up many incidences where your politeness has been met with indifference or outright rudeness.

    Chances are if you’re a white American, you are concerned about crime. To the extent that neither you or your children are free to walk, play or congregate on city streets.

    If you’re a white American, you probably don’t have a great deal of animosity or ongoing hate relationship with the police.

    If you’re a white American, your chances of getting a good job is truncated, since you are not of a preferred race. If you don’t speak Spanish, you may not get the job. If you are white, you are not as qualified for hundreds of granting programs offered by the federal government as someone who meets the “minorities are especially encouraged to apply…” categories.

    If you’re a white male, you have no chance of being nominated by BO for the next 3-4 open positions on the SCOTUS.

    If you’re a white American, chances are you are in denial about racial division, but cocoon yourself in your living room watching football and clinging to your guns and religion.

    If you are a white American, chances are you do not talk about race much if at all. Politics to you is not about race and you have no clue that politics for non-whites is all about race.

    If you are a white American, chances are, that if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or whatever conservative, you are now very frustrated that these spokesmen–spokespeople, excuse me— are attributing the election of BO to everything under the sun except to racism.

    If you are a wealthy white American, chances are you won’t be for long.

    Obviously, the list could go on.
    So before you sit down on your great brown arrogant bisexual butt typing about how white Americans should “respect it”, try to figure out what exactly it is you think someone else is supposed to respect.

  32. Highway Hospital Student says:


    And BTW, here is a very nice way to treat the Party of Lincoln:

    Newsweek to GOP: ‘You’re Old, You’re White, You’re History!’

    Now tell us all again, what it is that white people are supposed to respect?

  33. HappyImNotAmerican says:

    “don’t insert yourself in areas where you have no idea what you’re talking about.”
    I studied economics and American Studies, if there’s anything I do know about, it’s just that.

    And please practice what you preach. I hear “conservatives” saying the European Debt Crisis was caused by “overspending” and “European socialism”.

  34. Enabler8071 says:

    This article sent chills up my spine. I can feel it. A vote for Obama was a vote to deaden the American spirit. We now live in a post-American society, where there are no Americans but citizens living in the United States. Horrible.

  35. TaterSalad says:

    Does anyone smell a dead fish and it is named Barack Obama? When the Benghazi killings are finally open to the public and found, it will reveal that it is going to be the “biggest criminal cover-up” in American history. Mark these words!

    1. Admiral Fallon – CenCom – Reassigned: &

    2. General Carter Ham -Afri-Com – Reassigned:

    3. General Petraeus, director of the CIA:

  36. Highway Hospital Student says:


    (Interesting how it took an BO victory for all these trolls to gin up the courage to post on this site. Wouldn’t want to think you ‘refined’ people sic were by any chance gloating.)

    I studied economics and American Studies, if there’s anything I do know about, it’s just that.

    How exciting for you.

    Because you studied economics does not mean you understood the subject.

    If you had, you would (should) be appalled at the Keynesian approach BO has used to cover for his looting spree and for his implementation of socialism this country has gradually crawled into over the last 50 years.

    You would also be aware of the advantages of free enterprise had you in fact understood the subject you’re bragging about studying.

    As for “American studies”, go read my entry again… then tell me how much of that you got in your “American Studies”.

    If you want to study Americans, do it close up. Go walk down any inner-city street in urban America. I would recommend Overton, Miami Fl for your further edification.

    Of course you, being who you are, you might blend in. But you certainly would come out with a snoot-full.

    As for: I hear “conservatives” saying the European Debt Crisis was caused by “overspending” and “European socialism”.

    (Well, you certainly didn’t excel in English grammar in your “American Studies”.)

    But yes. That is correct. Why is it so difficult to understand that conservatives are not allowed to practice what they preach precisely because they are incurably infected with, and obstructed by, liberalism. That’s why Americans haven’t had a conservative in office since Reagan and before that, Coolidge.

    What we have had for “conservatives” is pathetic. Nixon put in place price controls, the EPA and Affirmative Discrimination. Both George Bush senior and junior were every bit as conservative as you are educated. Which is to say –not very.

    Got anything else a little less boring?

  37. Vic Kelley says:

    Thank you for this thread and for linking back to the April thread. You have laid out a thoughtful, honest, and accurate assessment of where we are and what we face.

  38. Highway Hospital Student says:

    No. I didn’t think so.

    Maybe you need to go back and listen to BO’s victory speech again in order to generate another bout of courage.

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