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Apr 13 2018

A Typical American if Progressives Win the Culture War

A profile in moonbattery at The Other McCain makes it clear that continuing to lose the Culture War is not an option:

Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Twagirumukiza is a 2009 graduate of the University of Georgia who lives in Seattle. On Twitter, she describes herself thus: “Displaced Southern queer millennial womanist organizer/writer growing roots in the PNW. They & she pronouns.” Powell has a lesbian wife, Aimée-Josiane Twagirumukiza, an African immigrant who is a founding member of “QTPAX (The Queer and Trans Pan African Exchange), an intergenerational program that works to connect queer and trans people of all ages.”

Behold Neesha.

Neesha is the proud author of a piece on Everyday Feminism entitled “4 Ways Queer and Trans Parents Are Raising Revolutionary Children During the Trump Era.” Highlights:

Sometimes becoming a parent feels out of my reach. My wife and I both have uteruses, and sperm costs too damn much.

Looks like birth control for Sandra Fluke is not enough; the government should force you to pay for sperm so Neesha can subject children to her depraved lifestyle.

Not even Seattle is moonbatty enough for her, because there are white people there:

[D]espite its progressive reputation, this white haven often feels hostile to me as a Black queer non-binary person partnered with a Black queer femme immigrant.

She shouts that black queer women are murdered. She sobs that religion robs LGBTQ families of their humanity. Nonetheless,

Despite my fears, I remain open to parenting because of my friendships with trans, non-binary, and queer activists of color whose parenting is bound up in their quest for liberation.

Parenting is to be “rooted in intersectional feminist and anti-racist values.” She then drones on for over 1,000 words about how to indoctrinate children so that they grow up to be abnormal. It is important “to raise conscious kids in the face of white supremacy” when you live in an “anti-Black police state” as you wait for the happy day when “social justice and anti-oppression will be required coursework in all schools.”

There are a lot more normal people than there are freakazoids like Neesha. But this is changing. Moonbats push hard, whereas normal people retreat, frightened of the names they will be called if they challenge the progressive agenda.

On a tip from Steve T.

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