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Oct 31 2011

Abortion Clinic Butchers Plead Guilty to Murder

How’s this for a Halloween horror: Adrienne Moton and Sherry West, who worked at a Philadelphia abortion clinic run by late-term specialist Kermit Gosnell, have pleaded guilty to murder as a result of participating in a slide down Row v. Wade’s slippery slope. As for Gosnell himself,

“Gosnell, 70, could face the death penalty if convicted,” reported the Boston Herald. “He is accused of cutting the spinal cords of seven babies born alive at his clinic.”

Those seven dead babies are only the tip of an iceberg. According to a grand jury report,

“Moton … assisted with abortions and followed Gosnell’s practice of using scissors to cut the spinal cords of late-term fetuses.”

The report described the plight of one victim, a newborn identified as “Baby D,” whose mother spent several hours in labor before delivering the infant into a clinic toilet, testified Kareema Cross, a clinic employee who has not been charged. “The baby was moving and looked like it was swimming,” Cross told the grand jury. “Moton reached into the toilet, got the baby out, and cut its neck.”

You can’t expect killing babies — I mean, helping a woman to exercise her right to choose — to be a pleasant business.

A bureaucracy comprised of moonbats is unlikely to scrutinize the activities of abortionists, given the intense commitment by liberals to abortion as a sort of ideological sacrament. Consequently Gosnell got rich committing these atrocities over a period decades.

As reported by The New American in January, shortly after the arrests in the case, over his 30 years in the business Gosnell made millions of dollars performing illegal late-term abortions while state regulators ignored complaints against him and had not inspected his clinic in over 15 years.

According to Seth Williams, district attorney at the time of the arrests, Gosnell “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, [and] eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord.”

Reported The New American: “Most of the patients were unaware that their babies were born alive and then murdered. Many of the women were told that they were 24 weeks pregnant, even when they were further along.”

But few women want to know the details of what they are consenting to. Otherwise they would watch via ultrasound as their screaming children are dismembered.

Jeffrey Kuhner, a Washington Times columnist and president of the conservative Edmund Burke Institute, pointed out that, even when performed in the most pristine and sanitary of settings, abortion is still nothing less than “state-sanctioned infanticide. It encodes in law the pernicious principle that there is an entire category of people — the unborn — who are less than fully human.”

The result has been about 50 million dead babies in the USA since 1973. Down in hell, Stalin and Hitler are tipping their caps.

Gosnell might have gotten into less trouble if he had just left the babies alone to die — a practice aggressively championed by the morally depraved moonbat who is now President of the USA.
Only those who survive Roe v. Wade can have a happy Halloween.

On a tip from IslandLifer.

37 Responses to “Abortion Clinic Butchers Plead Guilty to Murder”

  1. culebra775 says:

    Is anyone in this industry proud of their work? Do they go home at night, happy with what they accomplish each day? I can’t imagine.

  2. lao's automated rant generator says:

    You Reichwing knuckle-draggers are all the same.

    When are you going to realize that it’s just a mass of cells until it can collect welfare and vote Democrat?

  3. Andy says:


  4. rjp says:

    As reported by The New American in January, shortly after the arrests in the case, over his 30 years in the business Gosnell made millions of dollars performing illegal late-term abortions while state regulators ignored complaints against him and had not inspected his clinic in over 15 years.

    You don’t actually expect regulators to look into allegations made against an esteemed negro physician, do you?

  5. Andy says:


  6. lao's automated rant generator says:

    No mention of glorious leader and teacher Stalin’s wonderful programs of collective farm labor and the countless lives it has saved!

  7. RKae says:


    Few things are more representative of “dark ages” than crushing the skull of an infant because it interfered with your jolly-fun-time sex.

  8. metprof says:

    No mention of the thousands of parents who strive to adopt children, giving them the love and security they so rightly deserve, when they needed somebody to care the most.

  9. lao's automated rant generator says:

    RKae, RKae, RKae…..

    Hands off Andy’s mangina!

  10. Andy says:


  11. lao's automated rant generator says:


    That’s right out of the People’s Cube playbook!

  12. RKae says:

    Andy says: “This is about white Christians persectuing a black man.”


    Abortion is about the extermination of the black man.

    As usual: if you want to know what the left-wing is thinking, just see what they accuse the right-wing of doing.

  13. Andy says:


  14. lao's automated rant generator says:

    You mean like, becoming President of the United States?

  15. IslandLifer says:

    You’re an ignorant FOOL Andy. Nothing more than an ignorant FOOL. Your head is dead and your soul is numb. There is no hope for the likes of you nor is there any conversation you are capable of having with anyone possessing common sense.

  16. R & D says:

    Huh…..before reading the story I thought it was either the jack-o’-lantern of the Democrat Party or Occupy Wall Street.

  17. IslandLifer says:

    And(y) you can start by reading here

  18. John Lewis says:

    I doubt that Hitler and Stalin would have condoned the Philadelphia abortion mill. After all, they were evil, but not totally evil. 99% evil but not 100% evil.

  19. Jeff says:

    Regarding Andy, is this supposed to be a new parody of that other troll, lao or some one who is not only off his meds but also in need of a increase in dosage regimen? If any one wants to talk about a dark age religion, just look at Islam. They love violence, death, cutting of people’s head and mutilating women to keep them in their place.

  20. Greg of Yardale says:

    “Most of the patients were unaware that their babies were born alive and then murdered. Many of the women were told that they were 24 weeks pregnant, even when they were further along.”

    One wonders if it would have made a difference in their “choice” if they did know. I mean, once you’ve chosen to kill a child for convenience, everything else is detail.

  21. Conan says:

    I volunteer to sever these scumbags spinal cords with my 12ga auto-shottie!

  22. Joek Loth says:

    I was adopted by two beautiful humans at three weeks old. They deserve to be cannonized(given Sainthood). I would give up my life to ABORT fuckface andy/lao et al abortionists. Yep just stick those scissors right between the C2 and C3 vertibrae. Watch their eyes get real big while they’re twitching, and then spit a big LUGGY IN THEIR SMUG FACE(s).

  23. Grunt says:

    Adoption is awesome. 🙂

    The man who is the owner of the multi-million dollar Wendy’s Hamburgers was an adopted child…and his is only ONE of truly many success stories.

    That, and I’d like to try a little Whoopi-Logic (an oxymoron t’be sure!): Whoopi asks about all those aborted kids “Would you adopt them?”

    My Questions: “Would you selfish aholes let them live long enough to find out?!”

    And, of course, since the leftards love them some serial-killers and other-category felons, “Would you Lefties take the felon as your responsibility for a minimum of eighteen years–or until they are fully rehabilitated? Until such time, it would be the Lefturd’s responsibility to assume any damages that result directly or indirectly form the felon’s freedom; sound fair?”

    Black, white or any colour, a murderer gave up their right to living the instant they decided the innocent and defenseless had no right to life. THAT’s the point, Andy/Lao/Gunter/whatever.

    Time to up your lithium or whatever you’re talking that the State provides.

  24. RKae says:

    Andy says:

    Children and lack of choice are destroying African-Americans and preventing them from making their full potential.

    Try getting chopped up while you’re still in the womb. That REALLY prevents you from reaching your potential.

  25. Spartan24 says:

    Here we go again with the trolls- there is no reasoning with them and I think they are automatically generated and can’t be argued with anyway.

  26. Grunt says:

    Not just that, RKae…

    Where is this “lack of choice” you speak of, Andy? They have the choice to abstain from doing what creates or transmits life, but they do not; it feels good and it’s free, and they live in a society that glorifies, yet cheapens intimacy into a recreational and low-consequence activity.

    You’re full of it.

  27. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    If there were any true justice, psychos like this “doctor” would be sentenced to the exact same punishment they meated out to their victims. How about we drop him into a toilet, then sever his spinal column and suck out his brains with a vacuum cleaner. Sound about right?

    How many Beethovens, Mozarts, Rembrants, Picassos, Einsteins, or Washingtons have been exterminated by these people? It makes me shake with rage every time I think about it. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that they will be made to pay the price in the end. Nobody escapes final judgement and the Lord isn’t going to accept “but I was helping a woman exercise her right to choose!” as an excuse. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know Margaret Sanger and her ilk are all burning over a slow fire in hell right about now.

  28. Dadof3 says:

    I think we should see how they turm out before we decide to abort them.

    What if we give mothers the OK to take out their progeny all the way up to the end of the 1,089th month.

    Peeps like Andy may not be around then. Just saying…

  29. Andy says:


  30. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    I believe that abortion should be legal, for various reasons that I won’t go into here. I also believe that the Pro Choice movement has placed itself squarely on the wrong side of two issues that will probably see abortion widely outlawed once more; Late Term Abortions and Parental Notification. Not wrong as in the opposite of right, but wrong in the sense of trying to stop an avalanche with an umbrella. Whatever the objective facts of the matter may be, late term abortion looks too goddamned close to infanticide. It cannot be defended forever on simply political grounds. And parental notification cannot be opposed for the same reasons. Besides, I cannot imagine a circumstance where obtaining a secret abortion for a girl is a better option than taking her to a Judge and having her made a ward of the court.


    What I see happening is that there will be a slow parade of cases like this one, ending in limits on late term abortion far stricter than might have been put in place if the Pro Choice movement had cut its losses earlier. And as various States enact Parental Notification laws, there will inevitably be cases of committed ideologues taking minors across state lines to circumvent such laws, and some of those minors will die on the table.

    The Pro Choice movement is far too interested in feeling Morally Superior and not interested enough in seeing what is possible to defend.

  31. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Oh, I should have put “(read, politically deranged twits)” after “committed ideologues”.

  32. Joek Loth says:

    Either way schofield , you’re wrong. No need for any corrections. Scumbag baby killer wanna-be.

  33. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Joek Loth,

    If by “you’re wrong” you mean my position on legal abortion, fair enough. But I’m curious; if you think I’m wrong about the Pro Choice movement’s strategic mistakes, nay disasters, I’d be interested in reading why. I seriously believe that their positions of Late Term Abortion and Parental Notification laws mean that they will, inevitably, lose what they claim to support.

    Anyone want to engage that idea?

  34. IslandLifer says:

    C. S. P. You no doubt are a FOOL! Unengageable for that simple fact. You lack common sense you FOOL!

  35. Joek Loth says:

    Who cares. Anyone who performs or is associated with the BRUTAL nay BARBARIC ACT OF TAKING AN INNOCENT LIFE, for whatever reason(s), is PURE EVIL. So there is NO FUCKING POINT IN DISCUSSING THEIR position(s) on where to insert the scissors or any other such bullshit, except, of course, where and when to STOP THIS INFANTICIDE. Hopefully it will involve some of the ADVANCED INTERRIGATION TECHNIQUES, used by the Russians!!! If you know what I MEAN?!!!

  36. Val says:

    I just can’t read that without tears in my eyes! Monsters! And they say that human race is evolving! I doubt the prehistoric men would do that to their infants!

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