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Mar 08 2012

Accomplices Found to Allen Coon Attack

Life will not be pretty for whites in America, after liberal policies have made us a minority. Selwyn Duke offers a glimpse of our future:

The boy raised his hand, eager to answer the question. “What would you know about it?” exclaimed the teacher dismissively. “You’re not our race.”

This was not dialogue from a Hollywood movie. According to a woman named Melissa Coon, it was what a teacher at East High School in Kansas City told her 13-year-old son, Allen, when he attempted to answer a question during Black History Month. Coon identifies that teacher as Mrs. Karla Dorsey, who is black; Allen is white.

As has already been reported, Allen was a victim of a vicious racial attack last week in which two older black teens doused him with gasoline and set him alight, saying, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” …

While this crime is making headlines, Coon states that it was merely the horrible culmination of continual racial harassment her son had to endure at East High. Moreover, after conducting an investigation that included extensive interviews with parents and students, I’ve learned that Coon’s son is not alone. Other white students also report a pattern of racial harassment at the high school at the hands of their peers — and, shockingly, their teachers.

According to the black liberation theology preached at Barack Hussein Obama’s church of 20 years, all white people are responsible for the bygone and/or imaginary sins of the white race. But race is an accident of birth. It would be more true to say that every liberal in the country set Allen Coon on fire by subscribing to a malignant race-based ideology that hypes grievances against Caucasians.

On a tip from Bob Roberts.

24 Responses to “Accomplices Found to Allen Coon Attack”

  1. Those coons can be real troublemakers!

  2. Beef says:

    If you are taught a history that obsessively focuses on how your people were oppressed at the hands of white people, it is perfectly natural to develop and abiding animus toward white people. If society reinforces that these feelings are justified, and tacitly approves of violence as a redress, then some people are going to act on this pretext.

    As far as how things go when the majority-minority roles are reversed, just ask the whites living in Zimbabwe.

  3. klae says:

    “Equality” means “revenge.”

  4. StanInTexas says:

    The very disturbing thing here is that people hate Coon and his friends based solely on their race, yet they will never be called racist.

    It is a sad day in this nation when this kind of hatred is tolerated and celebrated.

    Very Sad!

  5. Bloodless Coup says:

    The irony is that those who are hell bent on revenge have never been the vicitms of what happened to previous generations, and those who are the reciepants of the revenge have never been perpetrators.

    Case in point,did you know that Barack Obama’s white ancestors were slave owners?

    Did you know that Barack Obama’s black ancestors were from Kenya and have never been held as slaves in America?

    Do you think that Barack Obama should be punished or made to feel responsible because his ancestors owned and presumably oppressed black people?

    Do you think that Barack Obama is entitled to reparations for slavery when his ancestors were never the victims of it?

    Let’s suppose your great, great, grandfather committed a crime.

    Do you think you should have to go to jail for it?

  6. lao's mom says:

    I wish my son would defend that black teacher!!!

  7. bobdog says:

    Have you ever farmed, or thought about it, or knew someone else who did?

    You may already be a winner.

  8. FrankW says:

    KC (MO- especially) has always been a drive thru quick, don’t leave the freeway type area, very similar to East St. Louis or North Little Rock. I have a friend who lives on the KS side near KC, when I have to go up there he has advised treating KCMO like I was in country behind the lines. Locate the target, execute the mission, and get to the LZ quick. Near the major attractions (convention center, stadiums, amusement park, malls) is not so bad, the residential areas are dangerous.

  9. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Professor Derrick Bell’s Critical Race Theory in action.

    Hope & Change in action.

    We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For in action.

    The Great Society in action.

    Affirmative Action, in action.

    Democrat civil discourse in action.

  10. Conan says:

    If you aren’t armed to the teeth and ready to rock and roll when Obuttwipe is thrown out of office in November, you’re well and truly fucked.

    The 95% of blacks who vote for the fuckstick WILL riot.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  11. Sam Adams says:

    Tome for both white and black to acknowledge that racism is a two way street.

  12. smg45acp says:

    I grew up in KCMO and went to schools that were mostly black through 7th grade.
    They were hell-holes.
    Constant violence, fights all the time, the kids learned practically nothing.
    Most of the school time was used up just trying to maintain some vague resemblance of order.
    I’m white and was constantly the victim of racial attacks.
    On the positive side, I did make several great black friends. Many of the blacks hated to be there just as bad as I did and longed for a chance to go to a real school where they could learn in a safe environment.

  13. Zilla says:

    This is not a new phenomenon, i lived through this shit in the 70s, 80, and 90s growing up on Long Island. Yes, Long Island. Read about it here:

  14. Bloodless Coup says:

    From Jihad Watch

    Obama Justice Department to investigate NYPD for protecting New Yorkers from jihadists

  15. JNN says:

    Here is an effective solution. First, cut all govt. funds for worthless degrees like racial studies, gender studies, etc. These programs can’t survive without govt. funding. Bring back the limits on the Welfare Reform Programs in the 1990’s. Finally, end all affirmative action programs.
    These three actions will destroy the racial industry(and it is a business. Look at the amount of money that changes hands). Despite the media propaganda about “strong people” is false. They can’t survive without govt. funding. Cut them off and make them get jobs in the real world.

  16. Winston Smith says:

    Of course if the races had been reversed and a black boy was set on fire it it would have been on 24/7 spin cycle on the National and Internation news circuit.

  17. Winston Smith says:

    And there would be calls for a National “Conversation” even more so if the kid was gay.

  18. rickyd says:

    Conan…………………you are right on the money. I’ve got what I need for close up and what I need to pick the bastards off from up to 1000 yard away. …..and I rarely miss. It’s coming. Just wait and see.

  19. left the inner city says:

    Heck, yeah, black kdds harrass white teachers. Spend a month in an inner city school. Try to teach when 6-7 kids are pointing and laughing at you, mocking you, and speaking about you in third person, as in “she’s a joke!” And don’t blame the teacher unless you’ve done the job, ‘cos the only teacher it didn’t happen to let her kids (rather than work) do fake-stripper dances and play poker in the back of the room and just left them alone. She was praised by administrators for her rapport, ‘cos the students said she “really cared” about them.

  20. whotothewhat says:

    The elite are all about division. Break us down into groups and then pit the groups against each other. The government will doubt select the winners and the loser of those groups and give support to some while holding back support from others. While I always tried to stay open minded about other cultures and views, this does not bode well for me to continue this mindset. A horrendous time is unfolding before us if we do not start to put the breaks on this runaway locomotive, it is going to go off the tracks very soon.

  21. Noelegy says:

    “Not our race,” but I’ll bet just the same he was expected to pay attention and make grades in that class. Outrageous, even before the poor kid was set on fire.

  22. jcnez762 says:

    Spot on Conan & rickyd………there is only so much longer this is going to be tolerated……..and when the SHTF it will be open season.

  23. Catblaster says:

    This stuff isn’t new. When I was a student in high school, back in the late 70s, there was a racist black teacher (I use that term loosely as she was more of a seat warmer) who picked on my sister in class with her racist views. Why? Because my sis had really wavy hair and brown eyes and this bitch insinuated that my sister must have had black ancestors. I’ve researched our family tree and can find no evidence of black ancestors. Some blacks, when elevated to positions of authority and if they have the wrong attitude or an axe to grind, will use that position to punish those they deem at fault or weak for past problems. What’s happened to this boy as a result of this teacher sounds like the same thing only on steriods. After BahRock Ogabe was elected many who’ve had a huge chip on their shoulder figured they could now do whatever consequence-free. And they may be right. Most.divisive.president.ever.

  24. The root of the problem is that coloreds feel free to do this to whites and other non-colored minorities. The two “juveniles” who lit the young person on fire face no real consequences. Neither does the colored “teacher.” Neither do most coloreds throughout America and the West. There is some collective mental disease that has pacified whites and others.

    Anyone who commits this type of violence should fear the consequences. Coloreds don’t fear consequences because they don’t face consequences. Don’t waste a minute of your time considering any argument justifying the actions of these coloreds. Any excuse making about socioeconomic status or past racism or whatever is just garbage. Coloreds are predators. They have to be dealt with.

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