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Jan 20 2014

Actress Maria Conchita Alonsa Loses Role for Not Toeing Liberal Line

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s extreme intolerance of anyone who does not share his radical left-wing ideology is hardly unique. On the other side of the country:

An actress is facing a backlash in San Francisco’s Latino community, after she voiced support for a conservative candidate for California governor.

Maria Conchita Alonso starred in a campaign ad for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of San Bernardino County, a Tea Party favorite who is seeking the Republican nomination.

Donnelly has voiced strong views against illegal immigration and was once involved with the Minutemen Project, a group that patrolled the border with Mexico to catch immigrants coming across.

“Politicians and big government are killing our prosperity, pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground,” Donnelly said in the ad.

Standing next to Donnelly, Alonso jokingly translated in Spanish, “We’re screwed.”

Being of Cuban and Venezuelan descent, Alonso knows what it means for a country to be screwed by leftists. But unfortunately for her career, her commonsense views are not permitted in San Francisco, particularly among an ethnic group regarded as the ideological property of radicalized Democrats.

The actress was to perform next month at the Brava Theater Center in San Francisco’s Mission District in a Spanish-language version of “The Vagina Monologues,” scheduled for a run from February 14th through 17th. The show is being produced by none other than Eliana Lopez, wife of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

“We really cannot have her in the show, unfortunately,” Lopez told KPIX 5. She said Alonso abruptly resigned from the cast on Friday, given the backlash on the immigration issue.

Alonso compounded the crime of supporting a Tea Party candidate by referring to illegal aliens as “illegal,” a violation of the principles of Newspeak that is considered a serious thought crime in Spanish-speaking liberal circles. Her previous thought crimes include observing to his face that Sean Penn is a “communist a**hole” after he called her a pig, presumably for not sharing his pernicious views.

Work is not going to be easy to find for Alonso. That’s why it is just as hard to find people in the entertainment branch of the establishment who will admit to not being leftists.

Maria Conchita Alonso
She doesn’t look like a pig to me.

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19 Responses to “Actress Maria Conchita Alonsa Loses Role for Not Toeing Liberal Line”

  1. Softly Bob says:

    But she’s a Latina, one of the protected species. Oh, yes, I forgot, you’re only one of the protected species if you toe the political line as any Black ‘uncle tom’ will tell you.
    Don’t you think that Bat-Francisco is long overdue for that forthcoming earthquake?

  2. Soonerdiver says:

    Damn shame that the spouse of a wife beater is willing to hang another female out to dry. As well it is very disturbing that you can loose you job because you don’t follow the Democratic line… oh yeah, California; figures!

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    The Red tide continues. Here’s a message from NY’s socialist governor;


  4. unclelou says:

    Thank you Maria for standing up for the truth

  5. Dr. 9 says:

    The generations-old culture war between the Left and the Right is now fully exposed. And because, generally speaking, republicans and most conservatives lack the will and the backbone to counter-attack the Left with the same passion and fire the Left freely uses everyday, we are losing. Big time.

    What’s at stake? Our country, our freedom and liberty, our history and traditions, and our very way of life.

  6. Rotohammer says:

    Liberals won’t tolerate any minority wandering off the Democrat plantation. Just like radical Muslims reserve their deepest hatred for an opposing sect of Islam, liberals hate conservative minorities the most.

  7. octa bright says:

    Back in 1950 Sen. Joseph McCarthy forced public figures to be black balled for their political beliefs. Ever since then the Progressives have been complaining about how unjust it was. Now they lack the good sense not to do the same thing. I have a hunch when the wheel turns again they will NOT like the result and we all will suffer.

  8. TED says:


    I am confident THIS is why many of the Hollywood morons are always displaying their liberalness by saying STUPID crap. Penn is such a POOR actor it the ONLY way he can get a role. I hope Maria has all the money she will ever need and can tell them to hang it in their liberal ass!

  9. James in NorCal says:

    Come on Maria Conchita, suck it up!

    If you aren’t a slut, airhead, malevolent creep, you just aren’t a Liberal, and you don’t belong. It doesn’t have anything to do with ethnicity… see?

  10. Coldwarrior57 says:

    Never heard of her but I am in love with her now. She is funny sexy and speaks her own mind. No wonder the libs dont want her talking.

  11. ED357 says:

    It’s a war…..

    of ideologies…..



  12. TED says:

    Somehow I can’t see liberal and American connected in any way.

  13. TED says:

    Wild Bill.

    “State Courage Rising”

    Setting standards.

  14. Spurwing Plover says:

    San Francisco needs to fall into the ocean the whole darn place and take those wretched bridges with it

  15. Jester says:

    What a cutie! Sadly, she needs to prepare for a massive IRS audit (reaching back 15 years) in 3… 2… 1…

  16. Leonard Jones says:

    When I first heard the story, I nearly pissed myself
    laughing. She caught Sean Penn coming back from
    Venezuela, where he was fellating Hugo Chavez and
    called him a communist asshole.

    I love seeing the few conservatives in Hollywood bitch
    slapping the left. And the great thing about Alonso
    is that she is still hotter than a Trinidad Scorpion
    Moruga chili pepper after all these years!

  17. master of sinanju says:

    With all these actors/actresses who are not libtards, a question: Why don’t they, Kirk Cameron, Miss Conchita, Jon Voit,Janine Turner,Stacey Dash,etc. Start a small movie/production company of their own? In a state like Tx. that isn’t overrun with liberal scum?

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