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Jan 01 2013

An Inauspicious Start

On CNN, vulgar moonbat entertainer Kathy Griffin marked the new year by proclaiming, “I’m going to tickle your sac,” and kissing the crotch of homosexual cohost Anderson Cooper. From there, the new year quickly proceeded downhill:

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the last-minute fiscal cliff deal reached by congressional leaders and President Barack Obama cuts only $15 billion in spending while increasing tax revenues by $620 billion — a 41:1 ratio of tax increases to spending cuts.

The $3 and $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of higher taxes Democrats promised under Reagan and Bush 41 never materialized. Neither will the $1 of spending cuts for every $41 of higher taxes promised under Obama, who could just as well have promised Republicans significant reductions, since they will never happen anyway. But that would have wasted an opportunity to utterly humiliate the GOP by forcing its “leaders” into abject capitulation, lest the media blame them for the recession this tax hike makes inevitable. Obviously, the media will blame them anyway.

Meanwhile, as taxes skyrocket and national bankruptcy becomes increasingly certain, Obama just used an executive order to give a raise to federal employees, including the socialist apparatchiks comprising the House and Senate.

Like Detroit and California, the USA is now a single-party system. We have entered the Democrat Death Spiral, so that the worse Democrats deliberately hobble the economy, the more certain they are to be reelected by an increasingly government-dependent and consequently morally degraded populace.

Already there is no meaningful opposition to their agenda, despite Republicans holding the House. Having betrayed those who elected them by failing to resist Obama’s Cloward-Piven policy of orchestrating crisis through explosive government growth, they are unlikely to hold it past 2014. There is no reason for Boehner et al. to exist. A viable third party could put the GOP out of its misery in 2016.

Congrats, libs. You’re winning. You get to be kings of the collapsing pile of trash you have turned our country into. For now.

Griffin leads us face-first into another year of liberal decline.

On tips from Ken, Dr. 9, Tchhht!!!, Byron, and Ummah Gummah.

27 Responses to “An Inauspicious Start”

  1. Gah!

    A bad omen for 2013, IMO.

  2. Bolshy Yarbles says:

    Sorry horsefaced Krappy Griffon hag Pooper doesn’t swing that way he likes the tubesteak.

  3. M.Wilson says:

    Technically Obama could be impeached just for that executive order, because it is in clear violation of the Constitution which states that Congress is in charge of setting Federal wages, including their own.

    They won’t do it of course, because in the USSA dear leader is above the law.

  4. Marian says:

    Where are the good guys? Working, perhaps? We desperately need a leader now. Have all the good men been neutered by feminists? If just one man would start rallying real Americans, he would have a massive following immediately, IMHO. Maybe when they try to confiscate the guns…

  5. Wilberforce says:

    Steve Deace’s thought on this very same topic: “A little history for Republicans in the U.S. Senate (and eventually the House) that vote for another fiscal compromise. Reagan agreed to raise taxes by $1 for every $3 in spending cuts. There were no cuts. H.W. Bush agreed to raise taxes by $1 for every $2 in spending cuts. There were no cuts. Only 5 Republicans in the Senate voted against $600 billion in tax increases: Rand Paul (KY), Marco Rubio (FL), Mike Lee (UT), Richard Shelby (AL), and Charles Grassley (IA). The rest essentially asked to be primaried. That means we’re talking to you, South Carolina. How much longer will such a fine conservative state send Lindsey Graham to Washington?”

  6. Sickofobama says:

    Nice summary Dave of where we heading. A Democrat Socialist State led by an the #1 America hater. As long as those worthless piles of shit Boehner and McConnell get theirs we’re all f*cked.

  7. TED says:

    Lets start with this…

    The Home Of!

  8. TED says:

    Their REAL problem.

    Since 1789!

  9. James McEnanly says:

    Aside from being a D-list celebrity, just what is she famous for? We have too many people who are well-known because they are famous, without having done anything worth noting.

  10. IslandLifer says:

    Republican Party BIH

  11. Joe says:

    She’s famous for being an ugly, talentless skank-faced ho, who claimed to be a comedian, but wasn’t funny, then claimed to be an actress, but couldn’t act.
    She must be blowing some near-sighted hollywood big-shot. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

  12. M.Wilson says:

    I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a spreadsheet that breaks down Federal spending and revenue based on available information. The main intent of this is that mathematically inclined Conservatives (and Liberals, if any exist) can copy the data into their own spreadsheet and create their own budget proposals, as well as just making it very easy to see at a glance where all the money is going.

    This was thrown together rather quick, so it’s only really good for playing with spending cuts because I haven’t taken the time to model tax/revenue projection curves and just wishing you had a hundred trillion dollars is cheating.

    Available for Microsoft Excel:

    Or Open Office Calc:

    The document is read-only, but all the data is present and formatted so that you can easily copy-paste it into a new document. If you feel like sending these (or your balanced budget proposals) to your congress critters, go ahead. I’m sure they could use some math homework.

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The GOP has officially now become an albatross around our necks.
    They have henceforth agreed that their sole function is to be held responsible for whatever spending the left desires.
    And the left wishes to transform this country through economic ruin by way of a debt bomb.
    That’s it.
    Supporting Republicans is to support more insanity.
    The Democrapts now have 2014 all sewn up.
    Their theme to victory ?
    The GOP is now the party of tax increases.
    But, and this is key;
    We have been officially cut loose as of 01/01/13 with this Senate vote
    And those measly 5 Repubs and 3 Dem no votes ?
    Presidential aspirations, folks.
    It gives them a “get out of jail free” card for not taking responsibility for the impending calamity.
    But now the media propagandists know their targets.
    You know those Repubs will throw out tax increase numbers Dems wanted as comparison, so don’t fall for this ruse. They will get the rest shortly, guaranteed.
    Anyone arguing that Repubs are still are the party of limited government can and will easily be exposed as damn liars or frauds.
    They no longer deserve your blind support, conservatives.
    Tom Sowell sees the truth as well

    But there is at least some incentive to stick around.
    After 2014, the methods the left has chosen for success will finally turn to bite them in the ass.
    NO amount of propaganda will feed a hungry welfare brood sow.
    And NO amount of corporate cronyism and “green boondoggles” will stem the incoming tide of mass unemployment.
    The media will scratch like a squirrel on a pane glass window to find SOMEONE to blame, but by 2016 when King O wants to swipe another term from the mouths of other power craving Democrapts, the internal war will be delicious.

    It’s us producers who are the survivors.
    And as much as the left will accuse us of an unwillingness to feed their beast, the truth is we actually won’t be able to AFFORD to do so.

    Going Galt is mostly a function of a self survival.
    But did you ever imagine you would be doing it to protect yourself from REPUBLICANS ?

  14. Rusty Bill says:

    At this point, I find myself actually hoping that everything will collapse, sooner rather than later. Get it done and get it over with. After the smoke clears, the makers can get busy rebuilding the country without opposition – the takers will be eliminated in the crash.

  15. JNN says:

    Your on the right track Bill but I’d like to take a different approach. The makers(us) simply hold back our productivity and starve the system. Second, on EVERY level , vote out libs. I don’t want to hear anyone talk about how the local rep isn’t the problem, etc. ALL LIBS OUT. Then reform the electoral system and start excluding people who are on public assistance.
    Remember : WE OUTNUMBER THEM.

  16. T.Walt says:

    That picture of Griffin so poetically illustrates where libs are taking us.

  17. Sick Unto Death says:

    I watched that disgusting whore Griffin and her faggot co-host, and I didn’t see her actually make contact with his crotch. She kept trying to do it, and he kept protecting that area as if his life and reputation depended on it. He seemed truly frightened. She kept up the attempts for a long time. It was a very very sad thing to witness. How far we’ve fallen, etc.

    Another “highlight” of that show was a scene in Key West, Florida, where a bunch of transsexual perverts dressed as women were having their drunken faggot orgy. This was all presented as wholesome, fun entertainment. Kids are watching this garbage, which even ten years ago would have been deemed too extreme for television.

    America, just die already.

  18. Nathaniel M says:

    What’s funny is that most of the time A-hole Cooper looks like he’s positively squirming and wants to run away from that woman screaming. He looks positively more uncomfortable being with her sometimes than I do watching that train wreck. A…w…k..w…a…r…d..

  19. Jester says:

    Originality is what all liberals hold most dear. Ironically, and unbeknownst to most of them, everything they do has been done before. This includes the previous outcome of such animalistic behavior, of which we are all now just beginning to reap.

  20. Ugh33 says:

    Kath Griffin is a f*ghag??

  21. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    You know,
    Years ago, a lady in this condition would wake up in the morning with a headache and a huge sense of both shame and remorse.
    Now they just stop by the doctor for some salve.

  22. Bo-Jangles says:

    America will collapse. Hopefully, the American people, those who agree with this govt.’s policies and those who sit by and tolerate them, will be made to suffer greatly, since that seems to be the only way they learn anything. Then perhaps, maybe, they will remember what their weakness and stupidity have done to the rest of us.

  23. Whom says:

    I’m very thankful that Ms Griffin’s infamous “mudflaps” were not displayed again (accckkkk).. What has been seen can not be unseen!

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