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Mar 26 2013

Another Reason We Will Have to Bail Out California

What do you mean these are hard economic times? You must not be a parasitical bureaucrat like Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi:

According to county pay records, in addition to her $301,000 base salary, Muranishi receives:

– $24,000, plus change, in “equity pay’’ to guarantee that she makes at least 10 percent more than anyone else in the county.

– About $54,000 a year in “longevity” pay for having stayed with the county for more than 30 years.

– An annual performance bonus of $24,000.

– And another $9,000 a year for serving on the county’s three-member Surplus Property Authority, an ad hoc committee of the Board of Supervisors that oversees the sale of excess land.

Like other county executives, Muranishi also gets an $8,292-a-year car allowance.

One of the many benefits of government positions is that not working does not equate to not getting paid.

Muranishi’s annual pension will be equal to the dollar total of her entire yearly package — $413,000. She also has a separate executive private pension plan, for which the county chips in $46,500 a year.

It used to be you had to create wealth to become that extravagantly wealthy. Unless inherited, money was a reflection of someone’s benefit to society. But that was back in the greedy days of capitalism. Now you get rich by seizing the wealth others create. According to prevailing ideology, this is more enlightened, because it involves coercion, the backbone of the liberal moral creed.

From town to county to state to the suppurating pustule of corruption and greed known as the District of Columbia, we don’t have government, we have a mob of insatiably covetous looters. We are witnessing the death of America by smash and grab.

Susan Muranishi settles on the face of a taxpayer.

On a tip from A. Levy.

26 Responses to “Another Reason We Will Have to Bail Out California”

  1. Clingtomyguns says:

    Why is it that when reckless bureacrats vote each other extravigant golden parachutes that they would never have received, much less deserved, in the real world that it is somehow taboo to undo these when adults get control. I know there is going to be a lot of screeching and hollering from the likes of Muranishi when this occurs, but that will pale in comparison to the blood running in the streets when the riots begin after the Moonbat Messiah makes his moves to grab and redistribute wealth a la Cyprian authorities, and to unconstitutionally order storm troopers to seize our guns.

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    Look what happens whena state is run by a stupid liberal demacrat like JERRY(MOONBEAM)BROWN he is a total idiot and baffoon

  3. BoJangles says:

    Ever heard the term, “nigga-rich”? Here’s a perfect example.

  4. Dr.9 says:

    It’s obviously time for the American people to ask themselves a serious question…. Is keeping Mexifornia really that important to the rest of us?

  5. The Good Troll says:


  6. Still Here Folks says:


  7. Still Here Folks says:


  8. Comrade J says:

    The federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled former workers than it spends on food stamps and welfare combined

    h/t Weasel Zippers

  9. Dmgore says:

    @still here folks
    Paris Hilton et al didn’t take their money from taxpayers without them having any saying in the matter. Sure she inherited it, but the original created if her wealth is welcome to do with it as he pleased. If Paris FORCED me to subsidize her lifestyle you would have an arguable point. As it stands you are merely displaying petty class envy.

  10. Dmgore says:

    Damn auto correct. Sorry about the gross grammar errors.

  11. StanInTexas says:

    Still Here,

    Your obvious inadequacies are nothing to be proud of. Run out and buy your lottery ticket and get used to being the poor, pathetic wretch that you are and always will be.

  12. Doug says:

    Hey, give the troll a break. He’s counting on that check from Soros Foundation to buy a new XBox.


  13. Xaviier says:

    Whoo Hoo! I love the deleted comments! Sic ’em, Dave!

    And, one from the archives…

  14. OldmanRick says:

    Do tell me again about public service unions and how they benefit society. Realistically, they seem more like public parasites. Whatever politicos are still alive that approved such outrageous benefits should have to pay them. Our real problem is that we do not hold politicos responsible for bad decisions. If we did, there would be fewer bottom feeders.

  15. Aglockintime says:

    And Stockton is trying to sidestep bankruptcy laws by excluding public service employee pensions from the bankruptcy process.

  16. Ummah Gummah says:


    LOVE the troll deletes!

    Hope I won’t suffer the same fate, but I got something I think you all will get a kick out of this:

    Al “KILL THE JEWS” Sharpton of Tawana Brawley, The Crown Heights Riots and Freddie’s Fashion Mart Notoriety, agrees with some LIEberal talking head on Morning Vomit saying that Bloomberg is a bad spokesman for the gun-grabber movement BECAUSE gun rights people are “anti-Semitic”.

    I’d love to hear Jesse “HYMIETOWN” Jerckson’s input while Fat Al is busy calling other people anti-Semites.

    These people are brazenly shameless.


  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    Oh what the heck, I think we should also hear what Louee FaraKKKan has to say about this.

    I mean, might as well..


  18. Dhimmiocracy says:

    We laugh at it but you know a bailout from the other 49 states is coming for Mexifornia. Read a blurb this morning on about sobama saying health and human services will take over for all states that won’t set up a sobamacare exchange. Tenth amendment? We don’t need no stinking tenth amendment.

  19. Flu-Bird says:

    I used to live in Mexifornia but now im living in the STATE of JEFFERSON which consist of NORTHERN MEXIFORNIA and SOUTHERN OREGON were tired of that idiot Moonbeam Brown and his fellow demacRATS

  20. Rich says:

    California has the largest number of illegal alien population of all the states, and many are collecting all types of freebies while assisting the state run out tax payers and business..
    LA is the Capital of AZTLAN……………………

  21. Doug says:

    Flu-Bird, don’t tell me you live in the hippie commune village of Takilma, Oregon, do you?

  22. The Liberal says:

    I rest my case. Interesting, huh?

    Also, Rich, the taxes illegal immigrants end up paying? You know, sales tax, etc? They more than make up for their ‘burden’ on your perfect white society. It’s true.

  23. Rich says:

    AZTLAN, LaRAZA, mECHA etc etc etc

  24. Alan says:

    Beat me to it, Comrade J. From NPR, yes really, NPR:

    “… disability has also become a de facto welfare program for people without a lot of education or job skills. But it wasn’t supposed to serve this purpose; it’s not a retraining program designed to get people back onto their feet. Once people go onto disability, they almost never go back to work. Fewer than 1 percent of those who were on the federal program for disabled workers at the beginning of 2011 have returned to the workforce since then…

    “the number of kids on a program called Supplemental Security Income – a program for children and adults who are both poor and disabled – is almost seven times larger than it was 30 years ago … When you are a kid, a disability can be anything that prevents you from progressing in school. Two-thirds of all kids on the program today have been diagnosed with mental or intellectual problems … [if] Jahleel starts doing better in school, overcomes some of his disabilities. He doesn’t need the disability program anymore. That would seem to be great for everyone, except for one thing: It would threaten his family’s livelihood. Jahleel’s family primarily survives off the monthly $700 check they get for his disability…

    “Public Consulting Group is a private company that states pay to comb their welfare rolls and move as many people as possible onto disability. “What we’re offering is to work to identify those folks who have the highest likelihood of meeting disability criteria,” Pat Coakley, who runs PCG’s Social Security Advocacy Management team, told me. The company has an office in eastern Washington state that’s basically a call center, full of headsetted women in cubicles who make calls all day long to potentially disabled Americans, trying to help them discover and document their disabilities

    “[PCG] gets paid by the state every time it moves someone off of welfare and onto disability. In recent contract negotiations with Missouri, PCG asked for $2,300 per person. For Missouri, that’s a deal – every time someone goes on disability, it means Missouri no longer has to send them cash payments every month. For the nation as a whole, it means one more person added to the disability rolls…”

  25. Flu-Bird says:

    Doug,No ETNA up here in SISKIYOU COUNTY just some 70 miles from the oregon border, Doug do you know QUAILMAN?

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