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Sep 05 2017

Antifa Could Be Teaching Your Kids

Obama buddy Bill Ayers originally tried to destroy America and replace it with an authoritarian Marxist dystopia through the use of terrorism. But he changed tactics and became an education professor, realizing that he could do far more damage in that field. Other radicals think along similar lines:

By Any Means Necessary, which has played a key role in riots in Berkeley, Sacramento and elsewhere, has dozens of public school teachers among its members, including among its most prominent leaders.

BAMN is part of the explicitly violent Antifa network. It was founded by the Marxist Revolutionary Workers League, and has ties to NAMBLA, which promotes pedophilia.

One of BAMN’s most prominent organizers is Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher and pro-violence militant.

As noted previously, Felarca is facing charges for her political violence, despite her assertion that violence against “fascism” is “not a crime.”

BAMN has been successful at shutting down right-of-center rallies and preventing conservatives from speaking publicly in the San Francisco area. The DHS and FBI now formally classify the activities of Antifa outfits like BAMN as “domestic terrorist violence.” But the violence and censorship by intimidation aren’t the scariest part:

Felarca and other BAMN members repeatedly abused their positions of influence over students in service of their own radical goals, Berkeley’s public school district charged in court filings obtained by local news organization Berkeleyside.

Despite repeated warnings, the district said Felarca continued to try to recruit students into her radical organization, including during work hours. The leftist teacher frequently tried to bring students on school-sponsored trips to BAMN-related activities, the district said, describing the trips as attempts to “indoctrinate” the students.

The school district accused Felarca and other BAMN members of weaponizing students to derail disciplinary hearings for Felarca, after student protesters repeatedly swarmed into the disciplinary hearings.

It isn’t just Felarca and her fellow Gay Area moonbats. BAMN has been infiltrating and subverting the already far left education establishment.

Last year, 17 different BAMN members ran for elected positions on the Detroit Federation of Teachers, according to a newsletter sent out by the DFT. BAMN also ran five candidates for different national leadership positions with the NEA in 2017.

In 2015, BAMN radical Steve Conn was elected president of the DFT, though he was soon removed for misconduct.

When the Berkeley school district suspended Felarca for her violent activism in 2016 (for which she was charged with inciting a riot), the local teacher’s union sued the school on Felarca’s behalf.

It has reached the point where the Berkeley Unified School District is the voice of reason. Relatively moderate leftists are likely to be overwhelmed by elements far more radical. Antifa may teach the next generation.

On tips from J, Torcer, and TCS III.

28 Responses to “Antifa Could Be Teaching Your Kids”

  1. grayjohn says:

    Home schooling is the only safe schooling.

  2. mas2 says:

    “It has reached the point where the Berkeley Unified School District is the voice of reason.” That about sums it up.

  3. MAS says:


  4. Pork_Soda says:

    The Marxists infiltrated lower and upper Ed system like in the frickin 1920s. Now even “moderate leftists” are not going to believe how far this will spin off its axis. Don’t forget liberals…
    Liberals get the bullet too.

  5. Eddie_Valiant says:

    I find this picture of Ayers to be one of the most despicable images I have ever seen in my life. The expression of smug arrogance on his face while standing on the flag so many have died for makes me want to carry out an action of extreme prejudice upon his person.

    Essentially what we are seeing is the radicals of the 1960s being reincarnated in the Antifa crowd. They will back off their demonstrations and violence, and will follow the lead of Ayers by infiltrating the public schools and indoctrinating more skulls full of mush in their anti-American ways.

  6. Mack says:

    you’re terribly naïve. Child abusers shelter behind home schooling just as other criminals, calling themselves pastors, hide behind the cross. Make the best choices for your children based on what you can observe, and not on what you have been told.

  7. hoagie111 says:

    Okay then, for the most part I have observed home schooling to be the best alternative to public indoctrination in leftist schools. BTW, child abusers are in public schools too in case you haven’t noticed and to tarnish home schooling on the whole because some perverts may commit a crime is like banning guns because some criminal will commit a murder. Bad people do bad things. Neither home schooling no gun ownership causes it.

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  9. Torcer says:

    Antifa – Anti Freedom Axis

  10. MAS says:

    Perhaps you could name one that resulted in a conviction by jury?

  11. Spiny Norman says:

    Essentially what we are seeing is the radicals of the 1960s being reincarnated in the Antifa crowd.

    The wannabe revolutionaries in skinny jeans have been thoroughly indoctrinated by ’60s radicals, so yeah, future “academics”.

  12. grayjohn says:

    I have nephews and nieces that are home schooled. None of them have been abused, all of them are brilliant. Blow it out your roid sanctuary. All you know is what you’ve been told. Silly person.

  13. JackisBack says:

    If you live in NJ, the communist ANTIFA of the NJEA is teaching your children to hate – God, Country parents and Whiteness while embracing Islam and Black Lies Matter.

  14. TED says:

    COULD BE??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TED says:



  16. TED says:

    LIKE I SAID, can you IMAGINE BLACKS setting on a roof waiting for BLACKS to save THEM….LONG WAIT.

  17. TED says:

    ANTIFA, the SAME level as pigeon CRAP!

  18. TED says:


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