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Mar 05 2018

Applied P.C. Ideology: Frederick Demond Scott

Pour enough political correctness into the water supply and some of it will be consumed by crazy people who accept it at face value. White people are to blame for all the misery blacks have caused themselves? Then why not kill as many as possible?

A Kansas City man who allegedly once said he wanted to “kill all white people” and whom authorities say killed six white people at random has been indicted for three murders, a report says.

The African American suspect, 23-year-old Frederick Demond Scott, was indicted on March 2 for the murders of David Lenox, 67; Timothy Rice, 57; and Michael Darby, 61. The victims were among five found dead in and near the city’s Indian Creek trails nature area starting in August of 2016. All were shot, most in the back of the head and from behind.

Scott had already been charged with three other murders, bringing the total of charges to six, the Daily Mirror reported.

There aren’t many others reporting it. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of Frederick Demond Scott. Now a white maniac trying to kill as many blacks as possible — that would be newsworthy.

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