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Jan 10 2017

As Far From the Wholesome Tradition Family as You Can Get

The alternative family arrangements championed by social engineers as part of their war on the tradition family do not always work out so well. For example:

A Montgomery County [Pennsylvania] couple acted out a hate-fueled rape and murder fantasy on 14-year-old Grace Packer, authorities said, charging the girl’s mother Sara Packer and her boyfriend Jacob Sullivan early Sunday in a conspiracy to kill her and dismember her body.

The conspiracy resulted in a dead child and charges of homicide, rape, rape conspiracy, kidnapping, and abuse of a corpse.

The information Bucks County prosecutors used to charge Jacob Sullivan came in Sullivan’s hospital bed confession Saturday as he recovered from a failed suicide pact with Packer a week earlier as authorities increased pressure on the couple following the discovery of Grace Packer’s body near a Luzerne County reservoir last year, District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said Sunday.

Prior to being dumped at the reservoir, Grace had been sawn into pieces and stored in an attic closet for 3 months packed in kitty litter.

This is the “mother,” former caseworker at Northampton County’s Children and Youth agency Sara Packer:

Sara Packer

Nice beard. You won’t be surprised to learn that Grace was adopted.

Yeah yeah, I know. Normal people rape, murder, and dismember children too.

On a tip from RKae.

9 Responses to “As Far From the Wholesome Tradition Family as You Can Get”

  1. RKae says:

    …caseworker at Northampton County‚Äôs Children and Youth agency…

    Damn. They should look into any unsolved cases of missing local kids.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    What is seen cannot be unseen.

    And Viagra ain’t going to help much.

  3. TED says:

    And you wonder why liberals are so grouchy…

  4. Mike_W20 says:

    Satanic shit.
    That’s the first “woman” I’ve ever felt like punching in the face.

  5. Artfuldgr says:

    Great annoying thing to block the image that is unpaid for and stolen from the source itself!!! makes it hard to do viral advertising for moonbattery… witout the extra work of alt print screen… duh.

    i can understand if the image wasnt stolen from the photographer and not paid for, but if your not going to give the photographer his or her $200 for use, what would you call that?

    people steal my fashion photography all the time…

    one only has to search my real name to find tons of famous people
    I had to end my job cause of the same kind of theft.

    but to protect your theft as yours? thats chutzpah…

  6. Artfuldgr says:

    I advise getting firebug and then removing the CSS and the images are easy, same works with pinterest… but eventually some site will come along and not do the annoying things that other sites do that drive traffic away…

    its interesting how people abandon the things that make them successful in their greed… wait till the photographer sues you for using images… under law its trebel damages… ie. 3X

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