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Aug 12 2017

Ashley Judd Triggered

This is what a feminazi looks like:

ashley judd

To see what a vengeful rabid moonbat looks like, trigger a feminazi by calling her “sweetheart” and complimenting her on her dress. Ashley Judd demonstrates:

No doubt Ashley and whatever fans she may have would have liked for the poor guy to lose his job over this. She really is a nasty woman, just as she bills herself.

On tips from Torcer and Mr. Freemarket.

57 Responses to “Ashley Judd Triggered”

  1. The LIEberal Media ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:


    Don’t laugh, this really happened:

    Fifteen Moroccan Teens Treated for Rabies After Having Sex with Local Donkey

    sorry I told you not to laugh and I can hardly type I am laughing so hard!

  2. FromNJ says:

    Ever wonder why Ashley Judd faded out of the spotlight?
    1. Her movies stopped making money.
    2. She’s a big loon.

  3. rick5515 says:

    Damn, she is fugly!

  4. Mimim says:

    CRA ,CRA, getting kind of long in the tooth

  5. seaoh says:

    BReaking !!

    One dead and 19 hurt as car mows down anti-fascists at white nationalist rally: Driver ‘intentionally’ accelerates into crowd and is arrested after riot cops use tear gas to break up violent clashes in Charlottesville

    Read more:
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  6. Frank says:

    Ashley Judd: a complete waste of DNA.

  7. FriendOfJohnnyM says:

    Actually, that’s what a washed-up, has-been, loony Liberal on drugs looks like.

  8. Jodie says:

    That’s going to be big on TMZ.

    I hope they caught the perp! /s

  9. Torcer says:

    This is her song now:

    Bing Crosby – Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1934)

  10. Trebuchet says:

    Apparently she’s trying for a second career since her film career died.

  11. Trebuchet says:

    Apparently she’s even uglier on the inside, which is saying something.

  12. Trebuchet says:

    So the Moroccan boys were rabid?

  13. Jimmy Flounderello says:


  14. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Poor donkey.

  15. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Well, her momma and sister are pretty good singers. Too bad she couldn’t sing.

  16. SLCain says:

    She looks really old. It’s no wonder she’s not cast in movies anymore.

  17. SLCain says:

    Feminists have made it so that a man would be a fool to ever compliment a woman on her looks, if he wants to be sure of keeping his job that is. The result is that women dress up for men, but can only ever be complimented on their appearance by other women.

    Thanks feminism.

  18. SLCain says:

    “This is what a feminist looks like.”

    Angry, bitter, and haggard?

  19. George Lortz says:

    Would it have made her happier if the employee had said ‘ Jeez bitch, that dress looks terrible on you’ ? There is just no pleasing insane moonbats.

  20. 127guy says:

    I found a solution to her “problem” – Colin Kaepernick!

  21. ICEvictim says:

    her mind has been idling in neutral for decades

  22. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    I ate breakfast at a local diner last week. The server called my “honey” more than once. Strangely, I didn’t have any urge to confront her over it, and in fact it I didn’t even really think about it until I read this. What is wrong with me?

    Maybe it’s because I’m not a miserable, self-important douche-nozzle with a giant chip on my shoulder

  23. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Thanks, that made my day.

  24. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    That thought occurred to me. Perhaps inspired by the made-up Lena Dunham American Airline flight attendant thing?

  25. William Morrissey says:

    Wow, has she aged especially poorly.

    I agree that it may be a double standard to judge a woman by her appearance as she ages, but it’s probably hard-wired into our genes. The features of a maturing man often convey responsibility and success; a maturing woman’s features denote decreasing fertility. In fairness, we’ll accept and admire a less-than-attractive man or woman if they have charisma, intelligence or some other redeeming factor.

    I watched the video with the sound muted. In Ms. Judd’s case everything about her screams “Norma Desmond with a house full of cats.” Maybe seeing her ex Dario Franchitti having a child with a younger, more attractive wife pushed her into lunacy.

  26. im4truth4all says:

    I suppose she would have liked a comment like “That dress looks like you washed it in the toilet.”

  27. RWDave says:

    The thing about lefties is that they are always finding ways to be happy and joyful.

  28. Richard Daniels says:

    They make such wonderful neighbors too.

  29. MAS says:

    Aww come on sweetie, you’ll be fine. Want a warmup hon?

  30. MAS says:

    She wears dresses? Seems kind of sexist to me…

  31. Sandy Reardon says:

    Her mom and sister have got to be so proud

  32. cieran58 says:

    The Captain of the Enterprise knows how to deal with this raving moonbat, self proclaimed “nasty woman”…

  33. Spiny Norman says:

    My ex-girlfriend (a real racing fan who actually knew what was going on) was once chatting up Ashley Nasty’s ex-husband, Dario Franchitti at Fontana Speedway some years ago (just as a fan, not trying to pick up on him), and had to cut off the conversation because Ashley looked like she would attack at any moment. She probably would have if the TV cameras weren’t there.

  34. Floridian says:

    Alas, no. Infidel vaccines saved them.

  35. TED says:

    FUNNY, a leftist JACKASS also looks like that!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  36. TED says:

    NOTICE how her neck is really straining to hold that EMPTY HEAD on her shoulders??!!!!!!!!

  37. Number 6 says:

    Another nutjob with a soapbox.

  38. sandyaz says:

    What a raving bitch. No, she set the tone for the exchange. She owns this. When the extremely rare case I get a woman patient that comes in with this hostile attitude, I do my best to smile and deal with them. I know they were born bitchy, live bitchy and will die bitchy. But, once in a blue moon, I will beg another co-worker to take the bullet and take them. It’s worth buying a co-worker lunch.

  39. apeiron says:

    I long ago ceased complimenting women on their appearance…I only compliment good behavior, character or ideas.

  40. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Yeah, Webb Hubble’s mug looked bad enough on a man.

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