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Jan 22 2013

Assault Sling Mount

Here’s a lesson on “assault weapons” from the establishment media that in coordination with the Democrat Party has been attempting to incrementally disarm the American population. From the Chicago Tribune, via Everyday No Days Off:


People who know which end of the gun the bullets come out of have been using this bayonet/grenade launcher mount for attaching a shoulder sling.

Yet again we see that the “experts” should stick to their specialty: spewing statist talking points. Needless to say, you should believe absolutely nothing “mainstream” media idiots tell you.

On a tip from 88miker.

22 Responses to “Assault Sling Mount”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Well, it’s probably for the best that moonbats remain disarmed

  2. hiram says:

    Are they sure that that little doohickey isn’t for the shoulder thing that goes up?

  3. Bo-Jangles says:

    It’s quite obvious that in Dearbornistan, MI. the Muslims who now own that city have learned how to play the game. This court ruling will prove to them that not only is America a paper tiger, but it’s laws are designed to make it’s people look even weaker and dumber than they actually are.

  4. Sam Adams says:

    Damn…I’ve been wondering why my knife-thingy doesn’t fit that bayonet lug thingy. I already took that strap thingy out of the lug thingy….

    Should I use more duct tape?

  5. grayjohn says:

    My mama always said “Retarded is and retarded does.”

  6. grayjohn says:

    And only a moonbat would use a 2,000 dollar rifle as a spear. Damn the dumb be thick up in there…

  7. Metryq says:

    I read that too quickly and thought it said “ass in a sling” mount.

    And just above that is the auto-targeting sensor that will shoot around corners.

  8. forest says:

    That’s where I mount my photon torpedo.

  9. Henry says:

    This is in my top 5 things the legacy media does that really, really pisses me off. These kinds of stats and details about firearms are just straight facts. As a “journalist”, getting them wrong is just disgusting, either deliberately or out ignorance. When they do this crap, they might as well report that the sky is orange…

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    So basically, if you believe the Lefts anti-gun tirade about “military-style assault weapons“, what seems to bother them is not the weapon itself, but it’s “style”? So their argument is based on cosmetics? Would an AR-15 be acceptable if it were painted pink?

    Obviously, and as usual, their entire argument is a lie. They don’t (yet) have the courage to come out and say what they truly want, which is of course, a total, British-style ban on ALL guns. And, knowing that the country is now under the full control of the far-left, don’t think for one minute they have any plans to settle for anything less, nor do they plan to give up.

    And, as usual, their push for that total ban will be disguised and come in a pretty package so as not to upset the sheeple.

  11. Wizard45 says:

    Well, this little faux pas brings to mind two things
    1) My father’s defintion of “expert”: We all know that “X” stands for the “unknown” in an algebraic equation and a “spurt” is a drip under pressure, therefore an “expert” is an “unkown drip under pressure”.
    2) A local radio talk show host with a little facility for math calculated, using government and CPSC figures, the odds of being shot with an “assault rifle”. Would you believe one in 200 million? You have a much better chance of being struck by lightning; one in 135,000.

  12. whotothewhat says:

    I suppose there is no mount for a grenade launcher on a AR 15?

    Awww what am I going to launch my thermonuclear gernades with.

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I am actually surprised they didn’t think it was a clip for an optional beer can holder

    But for the ladies it could serve as a zombie deterrent (as a place to tie a gonad stringer and buck knife)

  14. bobdog says:

    Hey. That’s MY newspaper.

    Well, really, it’s my wifes. I stopped reading that trash newspaper years ago. I do find it handy when I’m cleaning fish.

  15. JustAl says:

    The truly stupid part is that if you buy a rifle such as the Yugoslavian 59/66, which is imported with an old style, end of barrel grenade launcher, and a folding bayonet, it is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to remove the grenade launcher or bayonet!!!!

    The federal government is not one of the problems with this county today, it is THE problem.

  16. forest says:

    C’mon, everyone knows that’s the Bible mount.

  17. KHarn says:

    =Mount for bayonet, GRENADE LAUNCHER=

    A lot of people don’t know this, but the flash-hider of the AR15/M16 was made 22mm in diameter so that it can fire the standard RIFLE GRENADE.

  18. Jester says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Reporters are IDIOTS!!!!

  19. TonyD95B says:

    RE: KHarn says on January 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm:

    “A lot of people don’t know this, but the flash-hider of the AR15/M16 was made 22mm in diameter so that it can fire the standard RIFLE GRENADE.”

    I did not know that. Then again, I never saw a rifle grenade when I wore green.

    Saw lots of the 40mm kind. I LOVE the MK-19!!!!

    I also carried an M16/M203. The M203 Grenade Launcher does not attach to the Bayonet Lug.

    BTW, GRENADES ARE NOT ILLEGAL. Another dumba## blanket statement from the Loopy Loony Lying Lowlife Liberal Loser Lemming-Like Left.

  20. TonyD95B says:

    Oh, and I almost forgot to note the larger and more blindingly stupid fact that they are pointing at the G-DD#MNED SLING SWIVEL…….

    …….that’s where I attach my dangerous “Assault Sling”, dontchaknow.

  21. Wyld_Goose says:

    This is what we get for engaging in the anti-survival-of-the-fittest over the last 2-4 decades. These are idiots who would have died early on pulling a TV down on their heads off of a old-school TV stand, spun themselves off of a merry-go-round and slammed into a tree (when is the last time you saw one of those at a playground) or burned themselves to death with an Easy-Bake-Oven.

    When you bubble wrap society it only allows the idiots to thrive and breed.

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