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Mar 20 2017

Attention Moonbats: You Can House Homeless in Your Backyard

Rich socialists like Bernie Sanders are stridently righteous about their love of the poor:

Normally they are content to help the poor by barking sanctimonious rhetoric in support of higher taxes (even though these taxes create more poverty by retarding economic growth). But here is a chance for them to do something to prove that their show of concern is not just a phony posture to cover their greed, and that they really do care about the indigent:

Multnomah County [Oregon] has a new idea to fight homelessness: Build tiny houses in people’s backyards and rent them out to families with children now living on the street.

Why are there no mini-houses in the backyard of any of Bernie Sanders’ three houses? Doesn’t he want more people to take his rhetoric seriously?

These would look great at Bernie’s new $600,000 summer house:


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27 Responses to “Attention Moonbats: You Can House Homeless in Your Backyard”

  1. Bob says:

    How many homeless has Bernie taken in? He made a lot of money running for president. New big lake house. He must be able to help a few of the poor with his own money right?

  2. Momster says:

    Anyone living in one of those tiny houses will definitely not be the sharpest tool in that shed. Neither will the tool who put it there.

  3. Kevin R. says:

    I see. The reason people are irresponsible hobos and bums is because other people aren’t providing them their needs.


    The left is always conflating peoples personal problems into “social” problems.

  4. rpp618 says:

    They’re reporting that each of these houses costs $75,000 to build! Good grief!

    The county will pay for the construction, but homeowners have to pay for maintenance for 5 years or they are billed for the construction cost.

    Here is my prediction, The “homeless” will trash every one of these houses rendering them uninhabitable in short order. Then they will complain loudly that their complaints about conditions are not being heard and no one is fixing them. The moonbat homeowners who agreed to this usurpation will face thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in repair EACH YEAR. Some might actually realize it is cheaper to break the agreement with the county and reimburse them. However, this will force them to sell their home to do it. But their home values, and that of their entire neighborhood, have declined precisely because of the homeless shacks. They will also find that they have rendered their own property utterly unsalable as long as that shack is there.

    Oh, and let’s not forget about the tools that go missing from their and their neighbors garage. The trash scattered in the street, and creepy figures following their children.

  5. geeknerd says:

    I heard a story that some folks found a favorite author homeless. They cleaned him up, got him an apartment and a job. A few months later, he was back on the streets.

  6. Mike says:

    $75,000? That’s $1250/ month rent for five years, or $41/night at the Motel Six for five years.
    Plus, how hard would it be to evict these guys if they started selling drugs from your “granny flat”?

  7. grayjohn says:

    Porta potties or slit trenches?

  8. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    I wonder how the plumbing is handled.. and the electrical hookups, the meters etc..
    It will be fun to keep tabs and see how this plays out.. I predict future regrets on the part of do-godder homeowners getting suckered into this scheme.

  9. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    You could buy eight of these playhouse cabins or Bernie’s house on the lake..

  10. Bodhisattva says:

    Bernie “B.S.” Sanders:

    We are living in a nation which worships wealth rather than caring for the poor. I don’t think that is the nation we should be living in.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass while you leave – on second thought PLEASE MAKE SURE IT DOES!

    His plan is to make us all equally poor… Well by US I mean NOT the elite, such as him… he wants to remain rich. Just the rest of us ordinary SHMOES. Or is it SHMOS… potatos, potatoes

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sure won’t be any in rich liberal Bill Gates’ back yard…

  12. Aaron In Raleigh says:

    Hard to believe there are moonbats that are actually signing up for this.

    I know their ideas are stupid, but I always thought they were just virtue signals to other moonbats and that they wouldn’t actually go through with it.

    I see some murders in their future and I won’t shed a tear.

  13. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Plumbing is simple. It starts with a Home Depot bucket and a garden hose. Electrical will be handled with an extension cord. After all…who needs more than 15 amps of power?

  14. Angierpoe says:

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  15. TED says: LEFTY FREE, the reason they call it HEAVEN!

  16. Depwavid says:

    Cue Lawrence ‘Frogman’ Henderson…

  17. MAS says:

    Yes Heaven has fool proof security with a 100% success rate of keeping unrepentant sinners out. When they do get there (great white throne judgement) it will be on bended knees declaring Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:11)…before being deported eternally.

  18. MAS says:

    Careful of the feces, broken wine bottles, and hypo needles when you mow your lawn…you surely know the urban outdoorsmen will not be doing any work Portland.

  19. Tchhht!!! says:

    Some bums are managing to panhandle enough to afford a beat up, broken down motor home. They park them in residential neighborhoods and move them every few days to avoid ticketing. We passed one the other day that had several gallon jugs of what appeared to be urine sitting on the sidewalk next to it. I imagine they just dump the contents into the gutter. Can’t say what they do with other bodily wastes.

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  21. Depwavid says:

    Another source says the micro-houses will be ‘fully plumbed.’ Ok, do they have separate water meters? How about electric meters? If so, who pays? And, if the homeless are homeless because they can’t afford standard housing, how can they afford micro-house rent? Classic example here of the Progressive habit of substituting emoting for thinking…

  22. TED says:

    With a SOUL as dark as theirs they are impossible to miss.

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