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Jan 13 2013

Australian Authoritarians Drove Up Criminal Violence by Confiscating Guns

“The cost of lost liberty can be measured in the loss of life.” Here’s why:

Having seen the results of firearms confiscation in other countries, we have no excuse for allowing authoritarians to impose it here, where the natural right to bear arms is prominently enshrined in our Constitution.

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14 Responses to “Australian Authoritarians Drove Up Criminal Violence by Confiscating Guns”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    Meanwhile, a few minutes north and east of here:

    This one was slow getting into the news, for obvious reasons.

    Police shot and wounded an armed suspect who was hiding out in a movie theater in San Diego, sending theatergoers at a Saturday matinee of ‘Les Miserables’ diving for cover.
    Officers say Tom Billodeaux, 20, of Escondido, California, pulled a handgun on them after they discovered sitting with 15 other people in the dark theater at Reading Cinemas Carmel Mountain.
    San Diego police armed with assault rifles stormed the cinema and went theater-to-theater looking for Billodeaux after he allegedly threatened his girlfriend and a bystander with a pistol and then fled into the megaplex.

  2. Skyfall says:

    “Having seen the results of firearms confiscation in other countries” is precisely WHY they want it here. Not because they want the crime/murder rate to go up…that’s just an ancillary side effect that we will just have to deal with for the bigger cause.

    For once and for all, the second amendment is for us to protect ourselves from THE GOVERNMENT.

  3. Jodie says:

    Bob Roberts says:
    January 13, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    “Police shot and wounded an armed suspect who was hiding out in a movie theater in San Diego, sending theatergoers at a Saturday matinee of ‘Les Miserables’ diving for cover.”

    Ban ‘Les Miserables’! /sarc

  4. johnnosk says:

    To counter the argument

    Australians own as many guns as in 1996

    This is from ABC Australia

  5. deepred says:

    Perhaps the downward spiral began when England started socialized medicine after WW2. The people got used to having “free” health care. Then they got used to being on the “dole”. Why work when the government pays you not to. The “bobbies” were unarmed, so why should the people. Besides the said, we aren’t like those savages across the pond.

    But finally, being part of the British commonwealth that still retains a monarchy if in name only. The people of Briton, Australia, and Canada still see themselves as “subjects” rather then citizens and willingly sacrifice their freedom for the illusion of security.

  6. Python says:

    johnnosck anyone who trusts anything that comes from the ABC is weapons grade gullible. The ABC is the TV mouthpiece for the government and epecially the Labour government. You cannot argue that home invasions have gone through the roof and the vast number of incidents literally don’t get reported. My son lives in Panania in west Sydney right amongst the muslims. 2 weeks ago I spoke with him and he was telling me about the gunfire that they hear almost every night. Copper Choppers over head most nights, drive-bys on a regular basis, a young guy on his motorbike pulled over by a carload of people who stole his bike at gunpoint just around the block. Things are not good and not getting better.

  7. Python says:

    We aussies do not see ourselves as ‘subjects’ deepred. We see ourselves ordinary people. WE do not bow the knee to the Monarchy. Many of us respect them but that is as far as it goes.

  8. johnnosk says:

    Ah, Python. The problem is that you live in Sydney, while I live in civilised area known as Queensland where between the crocodiles, sharks and bushland, nobody is dumb enough to break into any homes in the area!

  9. Veritas says:

    I knew the RAR in Vietnam. I can’t believe the Aussies have sunk so low as to become the serfs of the progressives.

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    Every single living thing on this planet has a God-given right to defend itself from harm. That right comes from God, not some elected lying crook.

  11. Andrew says:

    “We need to systematically reduce the number of guns in the community,” said Greens firearms spokeswoman Lee Rhiannon. “Right now in Sydney we see people being shot in drive-by shootings.”

    Ah-ha, so says the Australian Greens firearms spokes-Moonbat. Ban guns and the bikie and Lebanese gangs will stop shooting each other in drive-bys? Yes, she failed to mention who’s shooting whom. Possibly because of her pro-Palestinian advocacy.

    Who’s Lee Rhiannon? The leader of the Australian Greens Party who took the balance of power in the Senate in 2011. She’s the anti-Israel, anti-American (re Pine Gap)who went from Red to Green (pardon the tautology) in 1990 and is also the federal spokes-Moonbat for: a)Democracy; b)Local Government; c)Higher Education; d)Assisting on National Security; e)Women; f) International Aid and Development; g)Animal Welfare; and h)Forests. And now, of course, i) gun control.

    A regular laundry list of leftist causes.

    This Hilary Clinton look-alike was voted into power by the Australian youth and since the age of seven her life has been documented by ASIO (Australia’s CIA) due to her parents (and her) long membership/association with the Communist Party of Australia.

    Her quest for Moonbattery and Australia’s night of broken glass continues unabated.

  12. Python says:

    Sorry johnnosk I don’t live in Sydney my son does. I live in the country. I do agree about the crocs and sharks. At least you know they want you for a snack and you have to break into their home for that to happen.
    You and I are safe for the time being.

  13. deepred says:

    Dear Python, An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject.

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