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Oct 16 2017

Australian Human Rights Commission Demonizes White Males With Ham-Fisted Propaganda

Here we see the Australian Human Rights Commission putting taxpayers’ money to work by convincing the gullible that white men deserve to be despised:

Irony is very trendy among progressives. Yet they don’t see the irony of basing their racist, sexist demonization campaign on cartoonish portrayals of white guys as racist and sexist.

On a tip from Steve2.

14 Responses to “Australian Human Rights Commission Demonizes White Males With Ham-Fisted Propaganda”

  1. Kevcar says:

    That video just pissed me off! All I could say after watching it was FY.

  2. JackisBack says:

    Maybe she stepped out to be with her black lover and the White man didn’t know she was a carpet muncher.

  3. Chi Huavara says:

    Well those moonbats really showed that white male patriarch!

  4. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Siince we are declared monsters, it is time to start devouring our enemies.

    In the real world, it would have been a black or hispanic molesting the white woman, robbing the white guy – and in more diverse nations – killing both of them. That would be a-okay.

    There can be no peaceful resolutions with peoples who have set about your extermination.

  5. Dingo says:

    What a lot of bullshit, I live here and the media and left are totally absorbed with identity politics. They create crap like this thats totally non existent , so they can feel good about themselves. Biggest hypocrites in the world believe me, they should just be ignored.

  6. MAS says:

    Ahh good, finally an elevator all to myself…

  7. Mohammad Izzaterd says:

    Govt. spending money trashing white males. Do they not see the absurdity, white males pay most taxes, and they use that tax money to trash them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    But Weinstein was cool for progressives until he got public…

  9. Richard Daniels says:

    Typical leftist propaganda. Sadly, instead of reducing racism, it will just encourage more racism on both sides. Blacks in general will feel justified in their racism by seeing this sort of nonsense. Whites will resent being insulted and will feel that bigots on their side are justified and start accepting racism into the mainstream.

    Honestly, I think this is exactly what Leftists really want.

  10. MarkInKansas says:

    The Australian Human Rights Commission has an online complaint form where one may ask them to investigate instances of discrimination and violations of human rights.

    The Australian Human Rights Commission should be investigated.

  11. Beware the whirlwind when the white men lose their patience with all this crap.

  12. J- says:

    IRL the black chick is walking slowly while the elevator is making the “the door is open too long” noise. Finally the guy let’s it close so the alarm goes off. The black chick puts it on YouTube and the guy is fired before he gets to his floor.

  13. Jo Jo Cintia says:

    And after the White man is marginalised you can have all the rape and daily beatings you want. Oooo, daily beatings. Nothing says equality like daily beatings.

  14. KHarn says:

    A couple of years ago where I worked, we had a “sensitivity talk”. While we were waiting for the presenter to get her act together, I quickly read through the eight page pamphlet they had handed out. I then held it up for my boss to see and said “There are at least six things in this that are sexist and racist.”

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