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Nov 12 2012


Maybe Sean Hannity and Charles Krauthammer have a point. If we abandon the concept of national sovereignty and open up the border completely by declaring amnesty again, these folks are sure to become so overwhelmed with gratitude that they will eschew welfare and vote Republican for generations to come. Sorry about the language:

On a tip from Rich.

19 Responses to “Aztlan”

  1. 88miker says:

    Sean needs to step down and make room for people like Andrew Wilkow and David Webb.

  2. YES WE CON! says:

    And from the College Profs and Elected Leaders of ‘our community’

  3. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    They can have California. They probably wouldn’t mind. Here in Texas however, we settled the issue of us being a part of Mexico back in 1836. It’s looking like the Lone Star Republic could rise again after this latest debacle of an election. I can only hope.

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Go ahead, bite the hand that feeds you.

  5. alecj says:

    Sean Hannity is a fraud. I cant listen to him anymore. He may have been conservative at one point but now he is all buddy buddy with some serious low life liberals. I dont buy his schtick and if i hear him talk about his 1001 blue collar job experience one more time ill puke. Its like even he doesnt believe himself at this point. He is way more Bill Kristol than Andrew Wilkow, which is sad.

    I agree that its time for new blood, but he aint going anywhere. His audience is half liberals who he kisses up to every day.

    He is an elitist New Yorker who got sucked into enjoying being famous and lost his soul.

  6. Rich says:

    Antonio Villaraigosa – Aztlan or Bust..
    and 38 milion, not 11..

  7. Dr. 9 says:

    Hannity, like the rest of the clowns on the Fox Commercial Channel, is all ego and mouth. The only thing those nitwits love is the sound of their own voices. I’ve noticed their addiction to “PC-speak” for a long time. And lately, they’ve been hiring “former” liberal reporters from CNN. Fox is not really what you think it is.

  8. ZZMike says:

    A few days ago, Rush proposed an instant, complete amnesty – with one proviso: they can’t vote for 25 years. (I’d make it 18, to match the legal voting age.)

    I wonder how quick the Left would be to agree to that.

    And if they won’t, it tells you exactly why they’d be against it.

  9. Rich says:

    Limbaugh is still talking about legalizing 40 million people who will become U.S. citizens and then qualify for eveything we do, as another 30 million work their way to the borders..
    USA gone over night!!

  10. Mikhail Evansky says:

    # Rich

    Rush is making a point there. He DOESN’T want to give any amnesty. He is just making the point that the ONLY reason the Left want to give amnesty to illegals is because of votes.

    In fact, Rush is one of the few staying conservative after all these years.

  11. Ummah Gummah says:

    @ alecj

    Don’t forget that Hannity grovels on the floor when his two “reverends” Jerckson and Fat Al show up.

    They refer to him as “that stupid cracka” behind his back and I can’t really say they’re entirely wrong.

    Boy, the guy is DUMB.


  12. AZRon says:

    Screw it, I give up. The Government (R and D) is determined to pander for more votes ad infinitum. Until term limits are enacted, nothing will change.

    Let ’em all in. Legalize heroin, meth, and pot. Legalize gay marriage, child porn, and abortion for those problematic children up to the age of 15. Legalize free sex-change operations for pre-teens. Just make damn sure that nobody is allowed to recite the pledge of allegience, or display a cross anywhere. Also, since Christmas is a whitey holiday…no trees, no presents, no children (why weren’t those carbon producing bastards aborted?). No clinging to guns and religion, no love, and no faith in a higher power except for the state. Self-reliance? What the hell are you thinking? They’re here to help.

    My only demand would be: errant claims of racism and political correctness end NOW, and I am allowed to kick somebodys teeth in due to the content of their character without regard to their skin color.

    Anybody know a good boot store in the DC area? I may need a few pair.

  13. Bloodless Coup says:

    The problem is, with Obama’s re-election, and with a refusal to enforce the use of voter ID laws AND E-VERIFY “these people” have already won.

    They are now a permanenat majority.

    Without co-opting the votes of hard working, family oriented, anti-abortion hispanics, the GOP has NO CHANCE of winning another election EVER AGAIN.

    That is the BLEAK reality.

  14. TED says:


    Wonder how bad they would want it if all the give-aways were gone!?

  15. Winston Smith says:

    This reminds me of the people who vote Libertarian as if it mattered in the least in regards to Presidential elections. Even when Ross Perot got 19% of the popular vote in 1992 he got ZERO electoral votes. What do Libertarian candidates get? 1% maybe 2% at most. Of course it doesnt help that Libertarian Presidential candidates say they are Pro Gun but Pro Gay, Pro Small Government but Pro Drug.

    As for the illegal immigration issue simply sticking to the position that all 10-40 million illegals and their children all need to be deported is simply not realistic and will result Democratic Presidential victories forever. Sure, in a perfect world circa 1984 it might have worked. But in 2012 it has about as much chance of happening as the Moonbat Messiah and Joke Biden being abducted by aliens and the speaker of the House become President and issuing the order to deport them all. Even if such a thing happened the logicstics behind it would be staggering as would tbe opposition behind it. Sure many say a shooting civil war would be a dream come true, but in reality it would result in America splitting in several pieces – which is exactly what the neo marxist controllng the UN would love to see as the result would several new weakened nations comprising what used to be the US.

    The positions of Hannity and Krauthammer are not simply amnesty and continued open borders. To say that is simply mindless hysterics. A candiate further to the right of Romney and Ryan would have lost by an even wider margin as a lerge number of independents simply would have not voted at all.

    In a perfect world I wouold sent them all home, the adult illegals would be deported. They could leave their over 18 kids behind since they were born here and take their under 18 kids back home at which point when they turned 18 they would enter the US as citizens. They would be banned from reentering the US for 10 years at which point they would have to apply for entry like legal immigrants and pay a hefty fine for each year they were illegally here. And any employer that hires an illegal startiing in 2013 would face a $50,000 per violation fine. With no jobs the illegals would be forced to go home. And it doesnt matter if they are from Mexico, China, Germany, Greece or Spain. But thanks to idiot voters the Moonbat Messiah is in charge for the next 4 years and theres not a thing the Republican House can do about it except make hollow symbolic votes. Sadly, Fact is over 50% Americans simply dont care about illegal immigraation.

    The new hispanics are often Catholic or Christian and can with proper outreach be convinced conservative philosphies in social and fiscal areas are the way to go. If just 50% of them can be won over, Democrats will be screwed. With no outreach during the campaign 81% of Hispanics voted for the Moonbat Messiah because Democrats were on the ground reaching out to them. Hispanics view Republicans as the enemy because some actually hate anyone who isnt white. I hope its just small number – if not America will tear itself apart and it really is Game Over.

  16. TED says:

    I don’t get it, they hate Mexico because it’s full of Mexicans and smells like ass. Yet if they take over the Southwest who do they think it will be full of then? Then what will they want, Canada? Liberals are so silly!

  17. Rich says:

    If you understand the concept of AZTLAN it will give you a better picture of how Mexicans(not a race) are taught when it comes to the USA and the gringo..
    Novoa tells Manning that under the Virgin Quadalupe
    they consider themselves Palestinians rather than Christian Catholics..

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