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Apr 29 2012

B. Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction

If you want to find weapons of mass destruction, there’s no need to travel to the Bekaa Valley to look for the ones Saddam Hussein hid away. Comparably damaging WMDs are on open display in Washington in the form of Obama’s punitive tax policies. Allen West explains:

Obama can get all the money he wants from Ben Bernanke’s printing press. The purpose of taxation is not to raise revenue so much as to hurt his ideological enemies — as the Redistributor in Chief made clear even before his catastrophic election, when he announced he would raise capital gains taxes even if they resulted in lower revenue, so that he could inflict his Marxist conception of “fairness” on capitalists.

On a tip from Shawn.

11 Responses to “B. Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction”

  1. LMMA says:

    What does it take to impeach a man who has the JOD in his pocket pulling his starter. It takes an election. once he’s out, we can get a look at the real damage he’s hiding. Make no mistake. We are in for a world of hurt. But he’s gotta go.

    Our news media is just as guilty. Far left extremists with total agenda. That reporter who edited Zimmerman tape is the responsible fire starter! And just YouTube MSNBC HOST GETS SHOOLED..

    I never thought we would have open communists among us. The world fears our way of life because we preach individual thoughts and ideas can change the world. The rest of the world wants to be ruled in one form or fashion. Muslim radicals want Sheria Law is it? Where we are punished, severely I might add, for a humans interpretation of what has offended Allah. Or punishing the Tibetans who help all living things for heavens sake.

    I want peace at home. I don’t want to be labeled a racist because I thing it isnt a great career choice to tattoo your neck and face, sorry idiot. Or if an officers do a great job why are thy called racists. I figure it may be to late. The enemy of my country are printing our children’s text books and heading up the class. Google Chicago classroom video on first amendment rights.

    Time to go Grizzly Adams into the woods.

    Once thy shut off support to these people because we can no longer give out money that simply doesn’t exist, the war will begin. They will not be denied free care. Will not. Sighted in and ready to defend mine. Left with no other choice.

  2. Rich says:

    please understand that both sides of the aisle are guilty of crashing the economy – yes Obama regime spent 5 tillion bucks but so did Bush!!
    West signed NDAA(indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial)

  3. Anon-y-mouse says:

    Why the fuck isn’t this man President?

  4. White_Polluter says:


    Both Sides….I think if you look a little a little closer you can discern that there is one side who uses language in a more Orwellian way. One side who says “investment” when it means “taxes”, who says “fairness” when it means “theft”, one side who has not let a crisis go to waste. When you figure this out, take your gun and stop shooting yourself in the foot, and get on the West Express.

  5. Rich says:

    Polluter- you are playing their game.. you are a Republican aka conservative first!! dont get me wrong – the Dems are commies!! but you need to take a better look at the Republicans and the Global groups they are associated with.. if you can look the other way as West and the Republicans assist in the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights thru passage of NDAA, EEA, CISPA etc etc – you deserve what you vote for!

  6. -sepp says:

    Hey Rich…Bush spent 5 trillion in EIGHT years while Obama spent even more in HALF the time!
    What do you think he’ll do with 4 more years without the burden of reelection on his mind?
    The man has a history of wanting to bring America down and so does EVERY associate of his current AND past!

    We all thought Kerry or Gore would sink us…Obama has proven to be a torpedo to America’s midship and…the coup de grace he’s hoping to fire in November and put us under and unrecoverable no matter how many hatches we close.
    This azzhole is a catastophy for America who has every enemy we have cheering for him.

  7. Kevin R. says:

    It isn’t “the power elite vs the people.” That’s been the Populist Party line for over a hundred years and is a very anti-intellectual argument of watered-down Marxist class warfare.

    The problem is collectivism vs individualism, the idea that the government is the center of society vs the idea that each individual is an end in themselves and the role of government is to protect individual rights so that we can live our own lives as we each see fit. The problem is that one side thinks “Liberty” means the government provides you your needs so that you are then “liberated” to live your life without worries, and the other side understands that Liberty means freedom from tyrannical government so that we can live our lives on our own terms, free society and all it’s blessing will thrive, and we will continue to live in civilization and have a civilized world to pass on to our progeny.

    The collectivists are, in all actuality, engaged in a civil war against against the Republic. The Obama administration and it’s economic policies as pointed out by Allen West are some of the weapons they are using in their civil war against the Republic.

    They know they’re engaging in a civil war against the constitutional Republic.

  8. Rich says:

    Kevin – you just ignored Everything I posted concerning NDAA and CISPA and the so-called conservatives..

  9. Kevin R. says:

    Actually Rich, what I said was that you shouldn’t use the terms of an anti-intellectual political movement to identify the key issues of the day. Those terms don’t go to the core of what is involved.

  10. Rich says:

    Kevin.. what are these terms that you are talking?
    you are purposely clouding the issue of the destruction
    of our rights and liberties by both parties.. read sections of NDAA – PLEASE……
    does indefinite detention without trial compute!!
    it sure as hell does for West and your republican sellouts!!!!

  11. Kevin R. says:

    My republican sellouts, I’m “purposely clouding the issue,” what terms am I talking about…

    Rich, you are a very insulting person.

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