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Feb 24 2012

Basketball’s Zillionaire Moonbats Shower Cash Upon Class Warrior in Chief

This is a dismal time of year for sports fans, with football over and baseball yet to begin. Some may get bored enough to try watching basketball. However, patriots are encouraged to search for other alternatives, in light of the rampant moonbattery that like thuggery characterizes the sport:

Former Orlando Magic star, and current Dallas Maverick, Vince Carter hosted the $30,000-a-head fundraising event for the president at his mansion in southwest Orlando.

With NBA All-Star festivities set to kick off in the city on Friday, the list of attendees included a veritable who’s who of current and former NBA players and executives — including Magic Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Paul, NBA Commissioner David Stern and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

That would be the same Mark Cuban who evidently inspired a Muslim terror attack by financing some of the most disgraceful anti-American propaganda ever filmed by Hollyweird.

The 70 guests at the event were seated on Carter’s personal, indoor basketball court, the Sentinel reported, helping to raise an estimated $2.1 million.

Preposterously, Obama used the occasion to spew class warfare rhetoric about “helping” the middle class that he is systematically grinding out of existence between the millstones of taxation and inflation, just as fellow socialist Vladimir Lenin advised.

Countermoonbats prefer baseball and football.

On a tip from G. Fox.

14 Responses to “Basketball’s Zillionaire Moonbats Shower Cash Upon Class Warrior in Chief”

  1. IslandLifer says:

    I put a boycott on professional sports as soon as they go on strike. So therefore I don’t watch pro anything anymore as golf and tennis just bore the snot right out of me. College is coming really close with their greed as well. These jackasses should just take all of that $$ raised and write one big check to the IRS.

  2. Karin says:

    I mis-read the small print and thought one of the zero-supporters said “Major League Scooter.”

  3. Sam says:

    Professional Bathing and Showering isn’t on there either, but I know that will be nowhere near the left hand side of that chart.

    Meanwhile, TurboTax Timmy! says that being rich (like a basketball player) means you must pay more for the “privilege of being an American.”

    Gee, I can’t wait until we start revoking citizenships of certain subgroups a la 1935.

  4. FrankW says:

    Umm where on the chart do the Best Ranger and Top Shot competitions sit?
    I have the strangest feeling they are in the bottom right hand corner.

  5. Brian_Boru says:

    I knew there was a reason I hated basketball.

  6. Alborn49 says:

    If there was never another professional basketball games it would be good for America. The sport is not what it used to be. And it is not better.

  7. Bloodless Coup says:

    Obama Failed To Appear In An Adminstrative Court Again Today. Instead Of Issuing A Default Ruling Against Obama For His Failure To Appear, The Motion For A Default Ruling Was Flatly Denied. In Addition To Their Letting Obama Off Scott Free, The Ballot Challenge Was Unanimously Denied. This Is Totally UNACCEPTABLE! We Need To Revolt!

  8. octa bright says:

    Look on the bright side. With in ten years of retiring most of these men will be dead broke. That which is acquired too easily is regarded too lightly.

  9. Sgt Stadenko says:

    That has always been true of professional sports, even when there was a color line.

    Magic Johnson is one of the very few big-time pro athletes who turned out to be a smart money guy: he’s far wealthier today than he was when he was an NBA star. He could probably buy the Lakers these days. The team would probably be better off if he did…

  10. BoJangles says:

    The problem with professional sports, as we all know but won’t admit, is that blacks should never be paid more than $50. per week. True, it would put all the supermarket tabloids out of business, but that’s a good thing. Yes, it would also hurt most of the country’s drug dealers and high-priced hookers. On the positive side, the crime rate would really drop.

  11. Bloodless Coup says:

    For the second time in recent history Obama failed to appear for an Administrative hearing.

    Instead of entering a default judgment against Obama and holding him in contempt of court the Administrative Officers in Indiana found in favor of an absent defendant and threw the case out dismissing all the evidence and testimony as hearsay and inadmissible.

    This is the second or perhaps third time that an Administrative Court has shown extreme favoritism towards Obama and extreme hostility towards the plaintiffs.

    Learn More Here

  12. Sgt Stadenko says:

    Was that sarcasm, or is “BoJangles” a moby?

  13. TexasDoc says:

    Please pardon my use of medical terminology, but Mark Cuban is a sphincter. I can’t stand the self-righteous, left-wing $h!the@d and I hope the next Republican POTUS puts Cuban in jail for tax violations. Let him share a cell with Big Bubba.

  14. Adam says:

    BoJangles= Moby.

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