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Jun 23 2016

Ben Carson Explains Why Trump Campaign Is Broke

Even in the most depressing election season in memory, we can at least turn to Trump surrogate Ben Carson for comic relief. Here Dr. Carson explains why the Trump campaign is broke. He says Trump supporters can’t figure out where to send their money:

Less hilarious is that Carson was one of the most respected figures in the country before he sold out to Trump, having served as a highly inspirational role model. Now look at him. He has become an assistant lackey to Vince the ShamWow Guy.

On a tip from Torcer.

45 Responses to “Ben Carson Explains Why Trump Campaign Is Broke”

  1. Grumpy Cat says:

    uh huh, right.

  2. MissAnthropy says:

    And perhaps you can explain why True Conservative Principles Ted Cruz just voted FOR allowing the warrantless collection of browser history and metadata.

    At this point the Cruzers are beginning to remind one of Slim Pickens riding an H-bomb all the way to the ground in Dr. Strangelove.

  3. Torcer says:

    Speaking of the good Doctor:

    Let’s put the 2nd Amendment ON THE TABLE and ask WHY do we NEED IT? – Ben Carson

    Let’s put the 2nd Amendment ON THE TABLE and ask WHY do we NEED IT? – Ben Carson
    Watch below at about the 1:15 minute:
    This could be sleepy-eyes Carson just blurting out irrationalities like he is often wont to do, but I have a feeling that this is actually a campaign trial ballon. El Trumpo already has shown that he’s on the side of the Democrat circle jerk last night, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s wanting to negotiate more on ripping up our 2nd Amendment protections. A trial balloon like this would let him see if the general populace shoots it down immediately with their menacing black “assault rifle” “military grade” AR-15s, or if they let the balloon fly fly away along with their Constitutional rights.
    Read more:

  4. MicahStone says:

    It’s “broke” in more ways than one !!!!

  5. johnnosk says:

    I thought that his campaign was self funded… Part of that Real Estate Mogul image that he’s using.

  6. pocketfrog says:

    That makes sense. How are Trump supporters supposed to donate to his campaign? It’s not like he has a websi- Oh, wait.

  7. Mogumbo Gono says:

    Dear Dave @Moonbattery,

    I liked your site a lot when it first appeared. It’s on my list of favorites. But something has gone wrong.

    What happened?? Did Donald Trump beat you up in grade school? Did he steal your girlfriend? Or maybe you’re just one of those folks that suffer from green-eyed envy at someone else’s success. Whatever the reason, there’s no excuse for joining the Democrat/Media attacks against Trump. You’re doing their dirty work. Why?

    Why are you buying in to all the anti-Trump talking points? So far, I have not seen a single example of anything that would make a rational voter prefer Hillary over Trump. No one here has ever posted anything substantive. It’s always nonsense like: “He’s dangerous!” Or, “He has no experience!” Or, “He’s unelectable!” Well… yeah — if his own side keeps ragging on him, then we’ll get Hillary.

    Your reaction is exactly what the mainstream media wants. It’s what Sanders and Hillary want. And you’re giving them exactly what they want!

    Why?? You didn’t react this way when Romney/Ryan were the candidates. And Donald Trump contributed $millions to their campaign. He not only gave plenty of his own money, he was a ‘bundler’ who went out and worked to get piles of money for Romney and Ryan — who turned on Trump for no credible reason that either of them have ever given. They’re snakes in the grass, no?

    Would you turn on a supporter who gave you millions of dollars? Romney did. Ryan did. Do you respect them for it?

    So, what’s your reason? So far, all I’ve seen is sniping; emotional invective based on nothing more than your presumed mind-reading skillz. You’re assuming you know just what Trump would do as President. How does that work?

    You refuse to face the fact that Donald Trump is the only rational choice we have. It’s either Trump, or Hillary. That’s the choice. Why are you constantly trying to hobble the one guy who can stop another 8 years of Obama’s policies??

    And the primaries are over. Voters have chosen their candidate. So either close ranks like the Dems and support the only choice we have, or you will be just as culpable for getting Hillary elected as all the other Trump nay-sayers.

    And stop it with your impossible litmus tests! Your obligation to your own principles requires that you support the candidate who most closely represents your interests. That’s not Hillary… or is it?

    You’re not stupid, you know the deal: There’s no love lost between Obama and Hillary. He could have her indicted in a microsecond if he wanted, and he probably wants to.

    But she’s promised to carry on Obama’s agenda; millions more illegals flooding in every year through open borders; amnesty for all of them, and the continued gutting and demoralization of our military, plus total neutering of the 2nd Amendment, and gutting of the 1st, 4th, 10th, and others. Is that what you want? Based on your incessant attacks against the only guy who can stop that, it seems you do prefer Obama 2.0.

    It’s time to quit complaining, and suck it up. Stop the constant attacks against Donald Trump. You didn’t do that to RINO McCain, and he would have been worse — doubled and squared! So: why Trump? I haven’t seen a single credible reason that passes the smell test.

    I’m sorry my candidate isn’t the nominee. Or yours. But American voters have decided, and if you don’t fight, and fight hard to elect the anti-Hillary, you’re going to get… Hillary Clinton and her Obama policies. You’ll get that good and hard. Is that what you want? Because that’s what it looks like.

    If you keep acting like the despicable Ryan and Romney backstabbers, then Obama’s chosen successor will be elected, and you will have millions more Islamists flooding in, the 2nd Amendment will be history, and every illegal who waltzes in unopposed will be put on the dole at taxpayer expense. Hillary’s amnesty will allow all their relatives to piggy-back in with them, and Obama’s politicization of the military will continue, and the UN will ratchet up its demands that America must pay ever more for the world’s refugees and problems, and grown men will be allowed to use the girls showers, and all the rest of the prog/lib crap will be shoved down our throats.

    And it’s because you and other litmus-test ‘conservatives’ let it happen, by jumping on the media’s anti-Trump bandwagon.

    Yeah, the guy has a combover. So what?? He’s the only candidate who’s produced real wealth, instead of taking it from others. And his opponent is nothing more than a traitorous criminal, who negligently allowed the names of our undercover operatives to be intercepted by enemy countries. But you’re nitpicking for the Dems by piling on Trump, instead of putting 110% into defeating Hillary. WHY?

    If she wins you will be just as responsible as anyone. Because you’re nitpicking about stupid, irrelevant non-issues — just like they want you to. They’ve got you head-nodding along with the New York Times:

    “Yeah, that Trump, he’s got no experience. He’s dangerous! And a racist! And a liar, too! And… (fill in the blank) _______________!”

    And all the while the same media is re-playing Hillary’s attack ads against Trump at no charge, and pretending they’re news, instead of free political support. Compare the Hillary/Trump coverage, and you’ll see how one-sided it is. Do we really need you piling on, too?

    Suck it up! That’s life. Either you start fighting tooth and nail to keep Ms. ‘Obama 2.0’ out of power, or you might as well shut down this whiny blog before she does. Hurt feelings are for princesses, snowflakes, and humanities majors. Get over it.

    There’s a way to put a big crimp in their plans — but there’s only one way. And it’s up to you, too. The rest of us can’t carry water for Ryan, Romney, Priebus, McCain, and all the other fake conservative RINO’s.

    Push back against the leftwing media! THAT’S YOUR JOB. Attack Hillary, not Trump! Can you do that, for less than half a year? Can you fight to win? Or are you going to continue giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

    We’re in a fight for our survival. If you keep wimping out by complaining about the best choice we have to keep the country from going over a cliff, then you might as well re-register as Democrats.

  8. pocketfrog says:

    “So far, I have not seen a single example of anything that would make a rational voter prefer Hillary over Trump.”
    Open your eyes, buddy. Donald’s a RINO who’s funneling his campaign contributions to himself.

    And as for his policies – as he said himself, they’re just suggestions.

  9. pocketfrog says:

    How much of those funds will go to Donald’s campaign – and how much will go to Donald?

  10. Grumpy Cat says:


  11. Grumpy Cat says:


  12. Steve Gilbert says:

    If Trump had 200 million dollars in his campaign fund then his critics would be belly aching about how he in the pockets of the super wealthy and isn’t really a man of the common people.
    Its all how you want to spin it.

  13. Tom says:

    You’re kind of late to the game with your redstate all-Anti-Trump, all the time false narrative…
    Trump raised over $11M IN ONE DAY…the first day he fund-raised, he collected $11M…..
    He’s not broke…as much as you’d like to believe he is…Oh, how you’d LOVE for that to be true.

  14. Tom says:

    More bat-shit crazy conspiracy theories from MISTER Bat-Shit Crazy…
    Your whack-job “theories” about how the whole Veterans’ charities thing was a SCAM from the beginning…how Trump was going to sacrifice his campaign, his name, his future so he could brazenly steal a whopping $5M and give a big “Screw You!” to the veterans have been shown to be so much smoke-blown-out-your-ass BS, so now you move on to your NEXT whiny little complaint.
    You’re losing the argument and your desperation is showing!

  15. Gex says:

    speaking of shamwow guys dave………how about posting another picture of that bruised arm……..oh my…….bwahahahahahaha

  16. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …Sad, how the mighty has fallen!

  17. Mr. Freemarket says:

    That’s right; he is his own man. He doesn’t need anyone else’s money.

    Now if he can just remember the combination to that safe holding all of his money, things will be fine.

  18. Mr. Freemarket says:

    How much did you send him?

  19. Mr. Freemarket says:

    You can’t spin being low on cash.

  20. Mr. Freemarket says:

    It isn’t a question of who he has already defeated. The questions are:
    1. Can he beat Hillary?
    2. If he does, how will he actually govern?

    The answers to both are neither inconsequential nor knowable at this point. They keep me up at night, too.

  21. pocketfrog says:

    My question is, how much of that money will go to Donald’s campaign, and how much will go to Donald?

  22. Artfuldgr says:

    He is showing that there is too much money in politics, he said so, he used his own money, and he has forgiven the debt and not getting paid back by the campaign as people claim

    Republican Donald Trump has forgiven nearly $50 million in loans he made
    to his presidential campaign, he said on Thursday, signaling to donors
    that future contributions will be used to fight Democrat Hillary Clinton
    and not to repay himself. The announcement that Trump will not seek
    repayment of the loans via contributions came amid concerns from his
    backers that he does not have enough money to fund his campaign for the
    Nov. 8 election.

    he is NOT seeing donations… so he is not getting money
    now CRUZ pac has renamed itself and fighting for Trump

    Yet another Donald Trump super PAC launches, this one with a link to Ted Cruz

    super PAC initially linked to Ted Cruz transformed itself Wednesday
    into a new big-money group backing Donald Trump, the latest twist in the
    confusing orbit of pro-Trump super PACs.

    The new group, Make America Number I, was until Wednesday known as Keep the Promise I, a group funded almost entirely by $13.5 million from
    Republican megadonor Robert Mercer. The super PAC will now focus
    primarily on advertising opposing HIllary Clinton as opposed to
    supporting Trump, according to spokeswoman Kristina Hernandez, a
    decision made to give Trump-skeptical donors more comfort in

  23. Artfuldgr says:

    the answers to both are never knowable by our assumptions supplied by a left liberal press that devotes 37 minutes to his hands, and 30 seconds to bengazi…

  24. Artfuldgr says:

    you can when you have a checkbook that can write a 100 million check, and a black amex card, and are not asking for OPM, while others bitch about him using OPM that he isnt using.

  25. Tom says:

    Gosh, I don’t know…perhaps you’ll have to wait for the FEC reporting?

    That’s Federal Elections Commission, and I believe they, per federal law, have requirements for reporting campaign expenses, fundraising, etc.

    You’re still operating under the delusion that Trump – already a very wealthy man – would destroy his campaign, his “brand” and his credibility in some cheap scam that would net him a few million dollars? Again, you seem to be “projecting” onto Trump the way YOU would do things if offered the opportunity, i.e. scam, cheat and steal…

  26. Mr. Freemarket says:

    So far The Donald has been making loans to his campaign, not actually making donations. I believe he has also been receiving a salary, too.

    To be worth a couple billion is quite different from being able to write a check (and being willing to write a check) for $100 million.

  27. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I don’t listen to the liberal press. I am only listening to quotes from Trump. That is what concerns me.

  28. MissAnthropy says:

    Just vote for Hillary then.

  29. Artfuldgr says:

    YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!

  30. Artfuldgr says:

    should i tell him that 1 million is only 0.1% of a billion..
    why would he be hated more for 0.1% of his total wealth?

  31. Artfuldgr says:

    it is, which is why he has no big pile of money from other people that the people who wanted less money in campaigns are complaining that there is less money in his campaign

  32. Artfuldgr says:

    the check comment is very true… as most people with lots of money are no “liquid”… but, with that much money, getting a loan against assets is not that hard and he has a huuuge line of credt… heck i have less than 100k in stocks and i have a 40k line of credit on that (my wife and istarted three years ago with 13k, added 10k each year, and now over 100k… )

    besides, this came out:
    Republican Donald Trump has forgiven nearly $50 million in loans he made to his presidential campaign, he said on Thursday, signaling to donors that future contributions will be used to fight Democrat Hillary Clinton and not to repay himself. The announcement that Trump will not seek repayment of the loans via contributions came amid concerns from his backers that he does not have enough money to fund his campaign for the Nov. 8 election.

    ultimately we shall see.
    but i know one thing. trump loves his family and family name so much, that he DOES care if it goes down in infamy, or calumny, and he will fight hard so that it doesnt so that in 200 years, its not considered bad…

    there are good sides to ego too…
    despite what the socialists communists say that hate individualism, which is ego without collective control

  33. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Like you say….we shall see.

  34. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I don’t actually want Hillary to win. I want Donald to be a better candidate.

  35. Artfuldgr says:

    at least your cogent and can talk… 🙂
    not like a lot of others… but my point was less to someone like you and more towards people who dont do any of that.

    but dont worry too much, we have had presidents who have been a lot worse on morals, and other issues too… lbj with his big dick crap… then there was the four with illigitimate children, and the name calling of the past would cause liberals today to blush,… despite their own filthy mouths.

    its just most are quite ignorant of that.

    but the truth is its about belief, and what we are used to is that the lefts crap does not come out in any proportionate way, which is how the left gets so many nasty people. join us, and be protected, and so on.

    well, very hard to do that if the candidate is bringing that stuff up, and they fall all over trying to avoid it. as they did post clinton speech…

    he isnt perfect, and you would be even more shocked at the stuff the left has said that was not reported or reported so little you dont hear it.

    trump is really our only hope…

    people didnt like churchill either
    they hated him before the war, celebrated him as the key to englands success, then abandoned and dumped him after when he wasnt useful (to them)

    i am willing to be that he does better than we ever thought as we have been living and raised mostly in a reality inw hich the left has defined the actions and terms of whats proper and works, despite the fact that the left is improper, and as venezuela shows again, doesnt work

  36. Tom says:

    Yeah, but at least old Slim was a-whoppin’ and a-whoopin’ and laughing…not all mopey and miserable and butt-hurt like these Sore Cruzers.

  37. Gex says:

    can he beat the hildebeast?….of course he can mr. freemarket
    will he?…..remains to be seen ….lots of factors to consider… many votes from the dead and illegals will the dems pull out of their butt…….how many GOPe types will vote against him cause they got their feelings hurt
    how will he govern?……don’t have a clue…..but i’m confident in saying that if he does get elected he will be fighting the brain dead liberals AND the brain dead GOPe types

  38. Mr. Freemarket says:

    As you point out, it is a very big bet.

  39. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “.how many GOPe types will vote against him cause they got their feelings hurt
    how will he govern?……don’t have a clue..”

    You see; there’s your trouble. You assume that everyone who doesn’t support Trump does so because “their feelings are hurt” as opposed to lack of confidence in how he will govern.

    Seriously….why would you support a candidate that you don’t have a clue how he will govern? How is that not a recipe for disaster? How is that not voting for another RINO, just like in the last string of elections going back 30 years?

  40. Steve Gilbert says:

    You can spin anything. That’s the definition of spinning a story.

  41. Mr. Freemarket says:

    When Trump advertisements are few and far between, and Hillary advertisements pepper the airwaves, the consequences of not having enough cash become real enough.

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