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Nov 11 2011

Berkeley Brats Throw Occupy Tantrum

If anyone belongs to the 1% most privileged Americans, it is the pampered pinkos who predominate among the student body of UC Berkeley. But they’re far too fashionable to let that keep them out of the Occupy Wall Street party. Zombie reports:

A clique of privileged U.C. Berkeley students, upset that they’re the top 1% of elite students in the state and thus disqualified from participating in the Occupy movement, could no longer contain their frustration on Wednesday and threw an Occutantrum, attempting to “occupy” a few square yards of the 1,200-acre campus. The police dutifully played their roles in the street theater performance, showing up in riot gear and looking scary so the privileged students could shout at them and feel properly revolutionary, as instructed by their professors. Following the script, the police repeatedly removed the handful of occupation tents so that the students could feel sufficiently wronged by authority figures and thereby earn their “Berkeley protest stripes,” which have been a requirement for graduation since 1964.

Here’s video:

“The whole world is watching.” The tighter these infantile punks cling to their absurd self-importance, the harder everyone who isn’t a moonbat laughs.

The exciting climax:

Since the whole purpose of a protest is to elicit a vigorous response from the police, so the agitators can then scream “Police brutality!”, the whole affair worked out splendidly for both sides; the cops got the tents removed, and the privileged students got some bruises they can show off as proof of their radical bona fides.

Not exactly a Tea Party.

Kudos to Berkeley authorities for being sufficiently responsible to clear these spoilt brats out. If only grownups were running NYC, the whole distasteful phenomenon never would have degenerated to the point it has.

19 Responses to “Berkeley Brats Throw Occupy Tantrum”

  1. forest says:

    I’ve been waiting for them to start on college campus. Hopefully they get the off-campus druggies, bums and anarchists in there too. Much better than polluting the city parks. The greedy egghead Bentley-Bolshevik professors helped to create this mess.

    Time for the chickens to come home to poop.

  2. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    Dave, considering that both the faculty of UC Berzerkely, and the town’s elected officials are all front line material at any Occucommie venue, this strikes me as nothing more than a one act play put on by both sides, meant to advance this Marxist agenda.
    In Beerzerkely, the lunatics truly do run the asylum.

  3. forest says:

    “Another student leader, majoring in ‘How to Try Dressing Up Like Lenin But Only Succeed in Looking Like an Asshole,'”

    Always love Zombies captions

  4. Mickey Shea says:

    Check out the fag in the front line with his gay little
    Kung Fu moves (or is it Tai Chi). Useless adult infants
    playing out their revolutionary fantasies.

  5. TED says:

    Yes the whole world is watching and now we know why you wear masks, so later on they can’t point to video’s like this and say how infantile and brainless you acted in your college days. ROTFLMAO!!

  6. Lao' s Lonely Syphilitic Brain Cell says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t settled through interpretive dance!

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Sissy La-Las. The whole bunch. Kung-Fu boy was doing his female flinch maneuver.

  8. SgtZim says:

    That looked tiring! Firehoses and OC gas would be much more efficient and ensure all the precious snowflakes got a fair share.

  9. Laurie T says:

    “The whole world’s watching”????

    Yeah, they’re watching your pathetic little asses get beaten, and laughing at it!

    My response to their childish little “movement” is best expressed by Bender the Robot from Futurama:

    That says it all.

  10. 762x51 says:

    A little napalm should easily sterilize this infection. It needs to be applied LIBERALLY to the entire area to ensure effectiveness.

    Some marshmallows would be a nice touch.

  11. Beef says:

    It warms the cockles of my heart to see these poseurs get jabbed with a baton, surprised that strutting around threatening violence and refusing to be removed without force might actually provoke physical force.

    The liberal arts college here in my hometown actually requires their students to engage in some form of activism. They don’t actually need to have anything they want to protest about, they just need to get out there and bother someone.

    The kids in the video have no real idea what they are supposed to be angry about. First as tragedy, then as farce, then as whatever.

  12. Boo Radley says:

    It is a good thing that the genius off-camera was telling the police officers “You’re hurting them!” I’m sure the cops weren’t aware of that fact. After she let them know, and they still didn’t stop, she escalated the tongue-lashing to “Shame on you!” She really told those cops off.

  13. Spider says:

    The cops should start using mustard gas.

  14. Gerry says:

    Meanwhile, across the country, Occupy Wall Street – Harvard Profiles The 99% Protesters

  15. Zim says:

    I didn’t even see any blood. They are not hurt that bad….Those cops need to study films from Chicago police in 1968

  16. dimes says:

    “If only grownups were running NYC, the whole distasteful phenomenon never would have degenerated to the point it has.”

    That’s only if this were a genuine movement. Everybody knows all this was planned months ago by people who have more money and power than any of these manipulated bums combined.

  17. oldguy says:

    They have become a public nuisance. Maybe they should be spayed and neutered.

  18. Datou says:

    far too gentle. I’d recommend a stiff jab in the gut to knock the wind out then a solid nose-buster.

  19. John D says:

    MMMM- I LOVE busty chicks in Flex-cuffs!
    Oh, wait- that’s sexis——Nah, I LOVE it!

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